Gemma was an amateur boxer, hoping to one day make it to the big leagues where she could box her opponents on television. In the meantime, she had to settle for the undercard matches that she often found herself fighting in, even though they barely paid her enough money to make her rent at the end of the month. Because Gemma was an amateur, she was in the gym pretty much every day for several hours a day. She was currently under the wing of a coach, who was helping her hone her craft. They stood at opposite ends of the ring, ready to go into the second round of their sparring match. Thankfully for Gemma, it was just her and her coach, a man named Tony, in the gym today. This made Gemma feel much better because when they were the only ones in the gym, it took a lot of the pressure off of her as she felt like she did not have to perform in front of an audience.

Gemma and Tony stepped toward each other and tapped boxing gloves, signaling the start of the second round of their sparring match. Tony was an amateur boxing veteran and, even though he was over a decade older than Gemma, he danced around her and dodged her punches with ease. This frustrated Gemma and she started to get more aggressive with her punches. Instead of trying to land punchy, strategic blows, Gemma started trying to go for brute force. She swung with wild abandon, hoping to eventually catch her coach off guard and clobber him. Tony was smart enough to know this, though, so avoiding her heavy-hitting punches was quite easy for him.

“Gemma, watch out, you are getting sloppy!” Tony warned as he continued to easily move around Gemma’s punches. Because she was swinging so wildly, she often did not have her hands up to defend herself, and Tony took advantage of this. He landed two left hooks on her cheek and followed it up with a brutal uppercut to the chin. Gemma staggered backward and struggled to regain her composure. She knew she was getting sloppy, and she knew that she needed to bring her hands up to defend herself, but she was so lost in her desire to land a single hit on her coach that she did not bother to do this thing. This had been a problem that Gemma had struggled to correct for many months now. It was part of the reason why she was still competing in the amateur leagues. She knew that if she could not learn to control her rage-fueled impulses, then she would never make it out of the underground boxing scene.

Gemma took a step back, trying hard to regain her composure. However, Tony put some pressure on her with a barrage of punches. Gemma was backed up against the ropes of the ring, leaving her no choice but to absorb the full impact of his blows. Gemma tried to absorb the hits with her arms and hands, but this only worked for so long. She took several hits to the head and, by the time Tony backed up to let her get her footing again, she had a headache and a bloody nose.

Gemma rushed her coach, thinking that a quick series of strikes would surely catch him off guard. However, Tony was prepared for this, and Gemma was moving a bit slower than she thought she was because of all of the punches she had taken to the head. Tony used his leg to perform a masterful sweep on his student, knocking Gemma off of her feet. As Gemma head toward the mat, Tony pounced on her. By the time Gemma hit the mat, Tony was already on top of her, a scary reminder of just what a dangerous situation she would have been in if this were a real match.

Gemma still had some fight in her, though, so she writhed around in an attempt to get her coach off of her. This is where Gemma had a major advantage, because Tony had never been very good at pinning opponents. The tables were quickly turned and it was now Gemma who was on top of Tony. She was straddling his hips and pinning him to the ground with her full body weight. This is when Gemma noticed something quite peculiar that made a smile grow on her face. She did not know for certain where or not she was imagining things, but she could have sworn that she felt Tony’s dick twitch with excitement. She bucked and gyrated her hips, mimicking a riding motion, and felt Tony get harder and harder beneath him. Now Tony knew that Gemma knew about his erection, and the mood between them changed immediately. They both worked at a lightning-quick speed to remove their boxing gloves and sparring gear. It was just them in the gym, today, so they did not have to worry about being seen by anyone.

Now that they were naked, Gemma could take the time to admire her coach’s sexy body, and Tony could take the time to admire Gemma’s beautiful physique. Gemma was thoroughly impressed by how attractive Tony looked. For being his age, and for being in as many fights as he had been in, he still looked very sexy. Gemma lowered her dripping wet cunt down onto Tony’s cock and started to ride him in the cowgirl position. Tony grabbed a hold of her thick, curvy hips, and groaned with pleasure as she rode him. It was not long before the sensation of Gemma’s tight, wet cunt wrapped around his cock caused Tony to cum. He came deep inside of Gemma, and afterward, Gemma collapsed on top of Tony. The two cuddled on the mat until Gemma joked “By the way, I am going to chalk that up as a victory for me,” and they both laughed heartily

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