Tabuu Wrap-up: Edging is not only an amazing sexual experience, but it’s also great for self-care and it will help you deal with sexual shame. You deserve it!

If you’ve heard about edging but you never took it a step further, that changes today! Edging consists of bringing yourself to the brink of your orgasm, and then stopping, only to begin again. Edging makes you feel… There are no words to describe it. The feeling of almost coming, but then pulling back and starting again once you’ve calmed down a bit is just delicious. And once you’re ready to allow yourself to orgasm, it will be mind-blowing.

Why Edging Is for You

Edging can have many different purposes. It’s a great form of power play, teasing, orgasm denial, foreplay, and it’s very effective if you want to increase your sexual stamina as well. But more importantly, it can be a form of self-love and healing.

If you experience sexual shame, whether that’s because of past experiences with partners, the way you were raised, the sexual education you received, etc., edging will allow you to move past it and finally let it go. If you’re detached from your sexual being, edging will allow you to connect with it and enjoy yourself.

Not to mention edging is an amazing way to explore your personal pleasure and take your sweet time with it. When you’re edging, you’re communicating to yourself that you are worth the effort. For people with severe sexual shame that’s a very difficult thing to accept, which is why they deny themselves of their sexual pleasure by avoiding it or checking out.

What edging does is maximize your pleasure and bring it to the next level. However, it’s important to note that edging is not about orgasms. Some people get more pleasure out of the process and they decide not to come in the end. In other words, orgasms are not always the main goal of edging.

That may have something to do with the fact that having an orgasm is not the only way to experience pleasure. If you think you can stand it, you should try edging without having an orgasm in the end. For those who are quick to have an orgasm, this can be a bigger challenge. However, it can be done and it’s a great exercise.

I have my own history of sexual shame, guilt, and trauma, so it’s hard to pay so much attention to myself. But every time I do it, it’s always 100% worth it. The times I’ve accomplished to say to myself “you’re worth it” and truly believe it, I’ve had the best orgasms of my life.

To give you some context, my preferred approach to pleasure is to stimulate my clitoris with a vibrator. When I do that, the point is to get off as quickly as possible so I can enjoy the relief that comes with it. As you may already know, orgasms are amazing for your mental health. They make you feel relaxed, happy, and they feel amazing.

But when I’m edging, the experience is entirely different. In edging, bringing myself to the brink so many times just makes the sensation stronger and stronger. When I finally orgasm, it knocks me right out. That’s how powerful edging can be. Not only is edging amazing and it feels incredible, but it also allows me to deal with my sexual shame very effectively, not to mention it soothes my anxieties!

How You Can Start Integrating Edging to Your Life

The great thing about edging is you can do it on your own or with a partner. However, edging should be something you start doing on your own. Just like masturbation, you must make time for your edging sessions. You don’t want to rush, be interrupted, or have that deadline constantly popping up in your mind.

Your edging sessions are your me-time, so create an ambiance your yourself. Light some candles or dim the lights, get comfortable, wear something sexy for yourself, draw a bath, etc. Do whatever makes you feel sexy and good. In other words, pamper yourself! After all, masturbation is about self-love and making love to yourself, so act like it.

You can begin your edging session however you want. Personally, I like massaging myself and touching my body. It doesn’t only help me relax and get in the mood, but it also makes me a lot more aware of myself. I also focus on my breathing and I slow it down. You could also do this in the bath and treat yourself to a nice bath bomb or you could even just meditate and do yoga to get your blood flowing.

Whatever you do, simply make sure it’s something that allows you to become more aware of your body and the things you’re feeling. If you want, you can also use tools to help you get in the mood. Whether that’s a sex toy or inspiration in the form of pictures or movies is completely up to you.

If you want to use sex toys, I recommend you start with something simple, like a vibrator. In fact, simplicity is key when you’re a beginner to edging because the point is to control your orgasms. If you make it difficult for you, you might fail and become frustrated with the process. Try avoiding most of your erogenous areas at first. Once you’re more confident and you’re more in control, you can play with them a lot more.

You need to take your time when you’re edging. You don’t want to rush through things, especially when you’re just beginning. Go slowly, as slowly as you can stand it. Tease yourself and be delicate. Then, start escalating things more and more. Follow your own rhythm, listen to your body, and have fun.

Sexual pleasure is extremely beneficial. Not only because it feels good, but also because it improves your mood, allows you to relieve stress and tension, and it clears your mind very effectively. You deserve it!


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