Tabuu Wrap-up: Quickies are a great way to keep the flame burning hot, but don’t forget how important it is to take your time in bed!

When you’re a busy person, you tend to do things at a faster rhythm and you get very used to just getting things done. But if you don’t check yourself, soon enough, you’ll be rushing through sex without even noticing it. Either that or you haven’t learned to control yourself and truly enjoy the moment.

Whatever the case may be, know it’s a mistake! It’s important to take your time not only knowing your partner’s body but also becoming familiar and comfortable with them. You also need to relax and take your time to truly get into your sexual experience and enjoy it at a deeper level. Quickies are great, but when you take your time, amazing things can happen and your sexual pleasure can be brought to the next level. Here are a few tips to help you get back to basics!

1. Location Is Everything

If you want to relax and really focus on building your pleasure, the location needs to be right for you and your partner. Whether you’re having sex in your bedroom or anywhere else, just make sure you’re comfortable.

Not to mention you also need a patient partner. Sex is different for men and women. When you’re on top of him and you’re slowly riding him, he’s not getting as much pleasure from it as you do. But if he will enjoy watching you from below, and if he’s very generous, he will let you just go at it. If he’s not very generous, you need to talk to him because chances are he simply doesn’t understand how much you enjoy it.

2. Don’t Worry About Taking Too Long

Many women worry about taking too long to orgasm. We’re conditioned to believe we’re supposed to come as soon as men give some attention to our vagina, whether that’s orally or through intercourse. But that’s simply not how it goes. Women need to focus and truly enjoy themselves to reach their orgasm.

That’s the biggest difference between men and women. Men don’t need much to reach ecstasy. That’s not to say we shouldn’t pay attention to their sexual pleasure. But women are different, we need more. We need to take more time, we require more stimulation, and we all respond to different things.

3. Wet Is Good, Wet Is Great

When we’re the ones leaving a wet spot on the bed, our first instinct is to feel embarrassed. But being wet is good, it’s great! For most women it takes a lot of time to even get there, so don’t be embarrassed by that. When you’re as wet as can get, it means you’re turned on the highest level and you can have an amazing vaginal orgasm without doing much more than riding your partner. You can also combine your vaginal orgasm with a clitoral orgasm by bringing a vibrator into the action. It will be divine!

4. Allow Yourself the Pleasure

Once you reach your climax, you will be done. You will feel so much pleasure and be so happy, that you’ll forget about everything. This is the kind of pleasure you shouldn’t be afraid to allow yourself. And as a partner, it’s the kind of pleasure you should allow the other person to have. You won’t always have the time or the sexual drive to engage in slow sex and truly take your time with it. So, when you do, make the most of it. Come, and come hard, be exhausted by the end of it!

5. It’s a Unique Experience

I’ve you’ve never really taken your time to enjoy sex and make it all about your pleasure as a woman, then you’ve never had this unique experience. Vaginal orgasms are amazing, but they require you to be focused and to be allowed to chase that thrill however you see fit. Having the right partner for this is a must. If you don’t have the kind of sex that allows you to have this unique experience, then discuss it.

Communication is the only way a couple can understand each other and it will make a huge difference in the way you have sex. Once you understand what makes each other go wild, you can tailor your experience to that. You won’t always have mind-blowing vaginal orgasms, but it can happen more often if you’re both on the same page.

There’s a time for spontaneous quickies, but there’s also a time for the kind of sex that takes hours, that leaves you exhausted and in complete bliss, so make time for it!


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