I yawned groggily and turned my phone on to check the time. It was nearing midnight and I was still in the university library with Scarlet, who was my group member for a group project that had been assigned to us. Scarlet seemed to prioritize parties and hooking up with random guys over getting a good grade because that was exactly what she did while I was toiling to complete my end of the project. While I was staying up late at night to complete my part of the project, Scarlet was in some stranger’s house chugging beer after beer. Because of this, Scarlet had gotten on my nerves and I did not want to be in this library with her any longer than I had to. The only reason I was here in the library with her in the first place was to make sure that she actually did her share of the work.

To make matters even worse, the professor for this class was very strict with her grading policy and insisted that we receive a group grade for this project instead of an individual one. This meant that if the quality of the project suffered due to Scarlet’s incompetence, then I was going to get a bad grade as well. This was opposed to the individual grading system, in which I would only be graded for the quality of the work that I did, and Scarlet would only be graded on the quality of work that she did. I far preferred the individual grading system over the group grading system as it just seemed more equitable that way but, unfortunately for me, the professor preferred the group grading system.

I took a sip of tea and looked over Scarlet’s shoulder to see how much work she had gotten done. Throughout the entire afternoon, evening, and now night that we had spent in the library, Scarlet had managed to type up a whopping three paragraphs for a report that was supposed to contain a minimum of fifty paragraphs. I always thought that the youth undoubtedly typed faster than their counterparts in the older generation, but Scarlet was doing a fantastic job at convincing me otherwise. I could have sworn that I have seen my grandmother type at a faster pace than her. It took her multiple seconds to type out single-syllable words, and she often made spelling and grammatical errors that had to be corrected. On top of all this, every few minutes, she would check her social media and spend another ten minutes scrolling through all of the posts that her friends had made.

“Holy shit, is it possible for a person to type any slower?” I asked, my frustration and anger reaching a boiling point. I was so thoroughly annoyed with Scarlet, and with the situation that I found myself in, that I just could not hold my tongue any longer. Immediately, I regretted letting my anger show because all that did was incentivize Scarlet to respond, and the time we spent bickering with each other could be spend on completing this project.

Scarlet gave me a side-eyed glare. I could see her clenching her teeth and, just to spite me, she began to purposely type slower than ever before, which only furthered my frustration. I felt like I was so close to just tearing the hair out of my head at that point. “There, how is that for slow, loser?” She asked, venom dripping off of every syllable that left her mouth. Scarlet could see that I was getting even more frustrated, so she decided to capitalize on this and really dig into my nerves. “God, Bobby, you are such a pathetic loser. Do you even know how to have fun?” She asked me rhetorically. Now she was not even typing on the keyboard at all.

I rubbed my temples and told her “Yes, dumbass, I know how to have fun, but I also know how to balance my schoolwork and my social, which is something that nobody has ever taught you, or if they did, it certainly did not get through your thick fucking caveman skull”. I recognized that I was being extremely harsh, but it just felt so good to be harsh toward the person who was endangering my grade.

“Oh yeah? Well since you know so much about having fun, show me. Fuck me right here in this library and prove to me that you know anything about having fun,” She told me. My jaw dropped to the ground with the surprise. Before I could even ask her what she was talking about, she spread her legs for me. She was wearing a skirt, but with her legs spread like this, I could see that she was not wearing any underwear. Her cunt was glistening wet, and it looked too good to resist. There was nobody else in the library with us, so I figured that we could get away with it if we were quiet.

I pulled my dick out and positioned myself between her legs as inconspicuously as possible. I really wanted to hate-fuck her at that moment, so this was the perfect outlet for both of us. I thrust into her hard and deep, my balls smacking against her skin as we fucked passionately and roughly in the library. Her cunt was so tight, and I was already so desperate for some sort of stress relief, so I was quick to cum. I pulled out at the lost moment and shot my load all over her skirt. That was when Scarlet gave me a devilish smile and said “Oh my god, you just made a mess of my skirt! Now I have to go home and change because I can’t look like this in the library,” and before I could protest, she was packing up and leaving. There was no way we were going to finish this project on time.



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