Tabuu Wrap-up: Light up your inner exhibitionist with some cheeky fun outdoors!

It’s summer, so your inner exhibitionist might be ready to come out and play. The heat is sizzling, the weather is fantastic, and the longer nights make for the perfect environment to have fun and healthily explore your exhibitionist desires. To help you do that, here are 5 sexy ideas!

1. The Beach

Sex on the beach is not only a great drink, but it’s also a great activity to engage in.

If you’re feeling nice, take advantage of those beautiful summer sunsets and find a secluded spot at the beach where you can cuddle, enjoy a nice little picnic, and make passionate love. Isn’t that romantic?

The sunset, the sound of the waves, a little champaign, and your partner doing something you shouldn’t somewhere no one can see. Another option would be to bring some excitement to that midnight stroll under the stars. Just watch out for cops because they regularly patrol the beach!

If you’re feeling naughty and you don’t mind getting a couple of stares from strangers, day-time sex on the beach is another possibility. Just make sure you find a secluded spot away from children.

2. The Car

Cars are very convenient for quickies and sex on-the-go when you can’t find a secluded spot and you’re feeling hot.

If you’re nice, park in a semi-secluded area (not totally secluded because cops find that very suspicious), stay in the car, roll up your windows, and get bendy.

If you’re not so nice, don’t stay in the car. Get on top of the hood, the trunk, or get creative. The sky is truly the limit. Just have fun and don’t get caught.

3. The Backyard

If the possibility of getting caught by passersby is not a turn on for you, what greater place to let your inner exhibitionist out than your own backyard? It’s a comfortable, familiar place, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get hot. Plus, you’ll have the fond memory of great sex whenever you have a cookout and who knows where that may lead once everyone’s gone home.

If you’re on the nice list, sneak out when everyone’s asleep and get to it. But if you’re on the naughty list, why not be a bit more adventurous? Try the front yard, the balcony, or the terrace. The thrill is worth it!

4. The Great Outdoors

If spending more time outdoors is good for your health and so is sex, why not bring the two together? This will be particularly appealing for couples who enjoy outdoor adventures. I know you already know a good spot, you’ve thought about it!

If you’re feeling nice, plan a camping weekend, pitch the tent, and make good use of it. You could also find a spot off one of your favorite hiking trails and have fun there. Just make sure you’re out of sight and you can find your way back again.

If you’re feeling naughty, hiking, running or biking trails may be more appealing to you. Make sure you stay off the trail, so you don’t interrupt anyone’s workout and they don’t interrupt yours.

5. The Pool

Let’s face it, the pool is a great place to cool off and get hot. If you’re nice, private pools will be ideal. But if you’re naughty, why not go skinny dipping or sneak into the public pool after closing? Just be careful, don’t get caught!


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