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The door creaked open with its usual jingle. Vince was organising the cigarettes and pre-roll wrappers. He was large and hairy. A dark shadow of sweat stained the back of his t-shirt.  His hair was black, short and messy. I could still turn around if I had any sense.

Walking into the store was always a gamble. I should say no one of these days but the temptation always rings in my ears and makes me wet. He wasn’t classy or honourable. Gus was greasy, persuasive and full of filthy ideas. He didn’t deserve my young, fresh pussy. Yet, he had me snapping back on his cock like a rubber band twice a week.

“Welcome to Vince And Go. I’ll be right with you,” Vince said in his best salesman voice. No one would dare tell him that his voice was gruff, intimidating and reminded even the nicest people that there were other marts in the area.

“Oh, I know you will,” I said. I made sure to deliver that attitude that he loves. He looked over at me with amusement.

“A little early aren’t we?” He snapped his fingers at the guy stocking shelves. I didn’t know his name. A new hire by the looks of it. I hadn’t even noticed him when I walked in. “You must be enjoying our little sessions.”

I watched the new hire walk over to the sign and flip the switch before walking to the door and locking it with a deadbolt and a chain.

“I have some things to get done later. Thought I would get this out of the way.” The more dismissive I was with Vince, the better. Anything to get him stiff and pissed off enough to fuck me.

“Come here, then. I have a job for you.” He beckoned me over with his beefy tan hand. I never asked him where he was from but would have guessed Cuba. I clicked over to him in my strappy black heels. Tight frayed jean shorts and a tucked in tank top revealed my shimmery curves. No bra. Again, Vince had his preferences.

When I was within reach, he flipped me around and shoved me against the counter. The exposed key on the cash register scraped my tits before they crash landed on the warm plastic. Lottery tickets blared their enticing offers underneath. Sweat was already collecting in my tit gap. I expected the other guy to leave but he just watched us with a smirk on his face.

“Sandra, meet Chris. We go way back. I thought he could join us.” Vince had bent me over and pulled my shorts down. I heard the smacking sound of him licking his fingers before lodging them past my thong and into my pussy. I groaned as he plunged them in deep and forcefully.

“Oh, is this the surprise you talked about?” I panted as he clamped his other claw on my hip and backed me onto his fingers. My pussy lubricated his grimy immense hand, swallowing it to the knuckles.

“Depends on you.” He kept up his assault until my pussy was slick and gaping wide. I moaned and licked my lips. Chris had his dick out and looked at me with a question in his eyes. I had let people watch before but a three-some was new territory. At least, with Vince. I motioned for Chris to come over. He smiled with appreciation.

His dick power drilled passed my teeth. I almost gagged at the girth of it. His fingers tugged my shirt up on both sides, releasing my tits to hang over the counter. They perked up from him rubbing my nipples and squeezing.

Vince pulled his fingers out. That’s when I heard paper tear and smelled latex. He yanked my thong to the side and lodged his wrapped cock in my pussy. I backed my hips up against him in greeting as I sucked Chris off. Chris was less stocky than Vince but still towered above, sheltering me from the harsh fluorescent lighting.

My pussy ached from the deep strokes. Vince really enjoyed banging my pussy up. My muffled moans caressed Chris’ cock as he slapped my titties from side to side. Vince pulled out. I groaned in protest but Chris rocked harder into my mouth. I heard a wet squishing sound behind me before Chris approached me again. My pussy tingled with anticipation.

Instead, I felt the lube-lacquered tip of his cock at my asshole. He pressed into me with a grunt and I jerked back against him. I wanted to bite Chris’ dick off when I felt the initial pain, but it subsided as soon as Vince started rocking past the entrance deeper inside me. My tight ass stretched to permit him and I moaned as he worked me.

No one else had permission to fuck my ass, that is, except for Vince. I knew he was up to something when he slapped on a condom. We had passed the condom stage a while back. He raged into me and my ass swallowed him to the hilt. His balls teased the edge of my pussy lips and I clenched my ass in response.

He let out a hiss as I clenched harder. Chris started groaning and popped his dick out of my mouth. Cum spat from the head onto my lips and tits. He watched the show and plunged the tip onto my tongue for the last of the load. I gulped it down and he let out a ragged sigh as I licked his head clean.

Vince smacked into me causing the register to ding a little. I continued to suckle on Chris’ cum-bathed cock as a distraction from the sting. Vince’s balls were hard now and felt what were like rubber bullets on my inner thighs. The squelching noises coming from my lubed-up ass reached a fever pitch as Vince buried his cock deeper.

Chris’ dick slipped out of my mouth and I bit my lip. He slapped my cheeks with his slippery limp cock when Vince let out a howl. I clenched my ass one more time and didn’t let up while he unloaded. My ass was burning hot and slippery. I sagged against the countertop, breasts heaving. Vince gave my ass a light spank while he was still inside me.

“That was your surprise,” he told me as his dick slipped out of my ass. He was chuckling between pants. “Man, your ass knows how to pump me dry. How was the lip service, Chris?” I wanted to smack him but was too exhausted.

“Excellent,” Chris said. He sounded like a surfer bro. He stroked my cream-blasted chin and ran his thumb over my bottom lip. I sucked it, feeling sluttier by the second. Maybe they would be up for another round? My pussy still quivered, waiting for the ultimate climax. “I would go balls deep in her any day.”

“Well, why don’t you come around and try me out,” I blurted before I could stop myself.

“I would love to take a look,” Chris replied. He glanced at Vince with hope in his eyes. Vince pinched my ass and laughed.

“What the heck,” he said. “It’s about time I get to watch.”


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