When Tony entered his home and found his wife, Crystal, sitting in the living room with another man, he was pleasantly surprised. Today was Tony’s birthday, and Crystal decided that she was going to make one of his greatest sexual fantasies come true. Tony had a cuckold fetish and loved to watch his wife get passed around and used by other men as though she were just some sex toy who was only there to please them. Crystal was also very submissive and loved being degraded and used, so this worked out perfectly for them. However, despite their commonalities in fetishes, they had never actually gotten the opportunity to live out Tony’s cuckold fetish until now. Crystal enlisted the help of Tony’s best friend, Kenny, to be the bull who was going to fuck Crystal while Tony watched. The fact that Tony was going to watch his best friend roughly fuck his wife on his birthday made the whole dynamic that much hotter, and Tony could feel his erection growing in his pants. Kenny and Crystal were both already naked on the couch. Kenny had his hands all over Crystal’s tits and Crystal was giving Kenny a slow, teasing handjob. She was moving her hand up and down his thick, twitching a shaft at a speed that was slow enough so that Kenny did not cum but was fast enough to keep his dick rock hard while they waited. “Hey, babe, happy birthday! How about you take a seat so we can get the festivities started,” Crystal suggested, and Tony eagerly obeyed. He sat down on a couch on the opposite side of the room and started to rub himself through his pants while Crystal and Kenny started to fuck.

Crystal got on her knees on the floor of the living room and kept her hands behind her back. She looked up expectantly at Kenny. Her tongue was sticking out and waiting for Kenny’s girthy, veiny cock. Kenny slapped Crystal’s tongue and cheek with his cock before letting Crystal suck on and play with his balls. Crystal took Kenny’s full balls in her mouth, getting them all nice and covered with spit as she used her tongue to play with them. While her mouth was filled with Kenny’s balls, she wrapped one of her hands around the thick, erect base of his cock and began jerking him off. A large bead of precum dribbled out of the head of Kenny’s cock and dripped onto Crystal’s forehead. Once Kenny’s balls were glistening wet from their thick coating of spit, Kenny pulled his balls out of her mouth and smeared them all over her face, ruining her makeup. “That is it, you like that, don’t you? You like it when I smother my spit-covered balls all over your face, don’t you? Tell me, do I have a bigger dick than your husband?” Kenny growled.

Crystal giggled and responded “Oh yes, that feels so fucking good. You have such a big cock, Kenny, I do not think Tony could ever compare to you! God, I just can’t wait to get that beautiful fucking cock deep inside of me so that I can finally know what it feels like to be fucked by a real man,” Crystal said. She then proceeded to run her tongue along the length of his shaft, getting his dick all wet and covered with spit.

Tony was loving every minute of this. He especially liked it when they talked dirty to each other and when they disparaged him. At this point, Tony had pulled his cock out of his pants and was jerking himself off as he watched his best friend face fuck his wife. Kenny had a hold of Crystal’s face and was using his grip to hold her in place while I brutally fucked her throat. Crystal was gagging and spluttering with strands of spit mixed with precum running out of the corners of her mouth and dripping onto her tits. Kenny loved the feeling of Crystal’s wet, needy throat wrapped so tightly around his cock, but he wanted to know what her cunt felt like. After about ten minutes of pounding Crystal’s throat hard and deep, Kenny and Crystal switched positions so that he was ramming his large, veiny cock deep inside of her cunt.

Crystal was now positioned so that she was bent over, with her head in her husband’s lap. Kenny had grabbed a hold of her arms and was pulling on them while he fucked her from behind. Crystal’s mouth was so close to her husband’s dick, but she did not wrap her lips around his dick. She instead chose to humiliate him by making fun of the size of his dick and how he was unable to pleasure her sexually. This only turned Tony on even more and he found himself jerking off even faster. He loved the fact that he was so close to the action, yet he could not participate in it.

“Oh fuck yes, I am going to cum all over your best friend’s cock! This is what a real man feels like, Tony! A real man can actually make me cum, unlike you!” Crystal cried out as she careened over the edge of orgasm. Her whole body quivered as she experienced a full-body orgasm. Her cunt spasmed erratically around Kenny’s cock, and the pleasure from this sensation caused Kenny to cum deep inside of her, emptying his load inside of his best friend’s wife. After they recovered, Crystal and Kenny shared a deep and impassioned kiss, as though they were lovers or something like that.

“Put that pathetic excuse for a cock away, Tony” Crystal castigated her husband as Kenny collected his things to leave. “Do not think this is over, either,” Crystal continued, looking deep into Tony’s eyes as she informed him “You are going to be eating his load out of my cunt soon enough,” and Tony’s eyes lit up with joyous excitement.

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