Rosanna the Elf Queen looked up at the rising blood moon. She communed with the gods and goddesses of her tribe while the Court of Divine Elves watched intently. The gods and the goddesses told her everything she needed to know about tonight’s blood moon. After several minutes of whispering in a long-forgotten tongue, Rosanna’s eyes began to shift from their normal green color to red. This was a sign that the gods and goddesses were imparting unto her visions of the future, as well as visions of the ritual she must conduct in order to complete the ceremony of the blood moon tonight. The Court of Divine Elves continued to watch her closely, whispering amongst each other about what visions she might be receiving. It took a long time before the color of her eyes returned back to their normal green color. “Oh Great Queen, what visions have the gods and goddesses imparted unto you?” One of the members of the Council of Divine Elves asked Rosanna immediately after her eyes reverted back to their normal color.

“There is a great and plentiful harvest on the horizon, but in order to secure it, I must conduct the Ritual of the Ancient Winds of Verigstein” Rosanna the Elf Queen announced, stirring up quite the controversial reaction within the Court of Divine Elves. The Ritual of the Ancient Winds of Verigstein was a very old and arcane ritual. It had all but been abandoned because it was rarely ever used and there were many other rites and rituals which could effectuate the same end goal. According to Rosanna, though, the gods and goddesses insisted that she perform this ritual on the night of the blood moon in order to secure bountiful agricultural reaping for her tribe. Thus, seeing no other option, Rosanna the Elf Queen and the Council of Divine Elves moved forward with the ritual.

The Council of Divine Elves formed a circle around Rosanna the Elf Queen, who was seated at one end of a ritualistic altar that was shaped like a table. In the middle of the stone altar was a pit, and inside the pit was a cleansing fire that was burning away any of the evil spirits that would try to interrupt the ritual. Surrounding the altar were various berries, tinctures, potions, and scrolls that were meant to gain the favor of different gods and goddesses. Suddenly, the Grand Chief Shaman of the great elven tribe stepped forth, approaching Rosanna the Elf Queen. He wore a typical shamanistic mask that worked to conceal his face from any of the gods or goddesses so that they could not spite him at a later date. “Heavenly Queen Rosanna of the Elves, who did the gods and goddesses of this tribe assign to be your partner for this ritual?” asked the shaman.

“It is a virile, but a virgin, elf named Hagganoph” Rosanna the elf queen said in a quiet voice. It seemed as though the events of the upcoming ritual were moving her emotions immensely. A rush of whispers spread through the crowd as they attempted to identify Hagganoph the virile, but a virgin, elf. Finally, they found him. He was but a common foot soldier among the ranks of the elven army, yet he was chosen to be the queen’s ritual mate. Hagganoph stepped forward and sat at the other side of the altar. The Great Chief Shaman and his chorus of singing vice-shamans began to chant low, growling hymns.

The Great Chief Shaman dipped his fingers into a bowl of red paint that was only used for rituals like these. He used his paint-coated fingers to mark symbols and runes on the skin of both Hagganoph and Rosanna. Suddenly, Rosanna the Elf Queen’s irises turned crimson red once more, a sign that she was receiving more visions. The Great Chief Shaman knew what visions she was receiving and he handed her his field grimoire. As per the instructions of the Ritual of the Ancient Winds of Verigstein, Rosanna the Elf Queen was now receiving visions of runes and rites that she had to inscribe inside of the grimoire for the ritual to officially start. Upon inscribing these symbols, the runes and rights began to glow in the night, and the smell of burning paper filled the air, yet the grimoire remained fully intact. The ritual was started.

Rosanna the Elf Queen shed her clothing, getting completely naked in front Hagganoph, who remained rather perplexed as to what was going on. Rosanna the elf queen removed Hagganoph’s clothes from his body, tossing them into the cleansing fire. Underneath the deep red glow of the blood moon, and with the hymns of the Ancient Winds of Verigstein being chanted all around them, Rosanna and Hagganoph began to make love on the altar. Their love was intense and carnal. Hagganoph thrust himself powerfully in and out of the Elf Queen, her moans competing with the chanted hymns for sonic supremacy of the area. After a few minutes, Hagganoph grunted loudly, filling his queen up with his potent seed. The fertility of his seed in her womb was meant to reflect the fertility of the land and the bountiful harvest that they were about to experience.

After Hagganoph spilled his seed deep inside of his queen, the ritual needed to be finished, and there was only one way to do this. The shaman handed Rosanna the Elf Queen a ceremonial dagger and, before Hagganoph could react, Rosanna had killed her lover by plunging the blade deep into his heart. His lifeblood spilled down onto the altar, staining it a deep red color. It was a sacrifice demanded by the blood moon, Verigstein, and the gods and goddesses of the tribe. Rosanna the Elf Queen removed the blade from her lover, pushing his lifeless body into the cleansing fire to ensure that his spirit would not come back to harm the tribe. With that, the ritual was completed.

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