Tabuu Wrap-up: If you stop looking at foreplay as a chore and you start paying more attention to it, you will enjoy better, more intense orgasms than ever before!

There are many more people in the world who don’t think much of foreplay than people who actually see it for what it is: an opportunity. An opportunity to connect with your couple. To make them feel loved. An opportunity to impress. When you pay attention to foreplay, you won’t only enjoy more intense orgasms, they will also happen quicker and more often than ever.

For women, foreplay is a must. Around 60% of them think it’s very important and they love it when men pay attention to it. Not to mention it intensifies the bond between two people and it expands pleasure and desire. If you want to be a way better lay, here are the do’s and don’ts of foreplay everyone should know.

DO Tease

Foreplay can go on for as long as you care to extend it. It can go on hours and it can begin days before you come together with your partner. Wait, how can that be? Well, all it takes is being provocative. In other words, be a tease. When you send sexy texts and sexy pictures from time to time, you’re building anticipation for when you actually see each other. And if you already live together, provoking each other during the day will make for explosive sex during the night.

DON’T Skip It

Your engines are hot and you’re as turned on as can be. At that moment, it can be tempting to skip foreplay and get right down to business. But that’s not what you want to do. Being able to control yourself is a huge part of what will make coming, when it actually happens, that much more pleasurable. Think about it like this: eating icing on its own is good, but eating it with cake is much, much better.

DO Prepare

Foreplay is not just about building up expectation and desire. It’s also about knowing what to do when the time comes. Otherwise, it will ruin the mood. So, be sure to prepare! Not only by thinking about what you’d like to do but also by having condoms, toys, lube, etc., at the ready.

DON’T Rush Through It

Rushing through foreplay is the worst thing you can do. Foreplay is about connecting and that connection can’t happen if you’re doing everything in a rush. Take your time, do things slowly, deliberately, linger, and enjoy yourselves as much as possible.

DO Explore Each Other

You must know each other’s bodies and what makes you tick, so take the time, during foreplay, to explore each other well. Use your hands, your lips, your tongue. Touch yourselves everywhere and find each other’s hotspots. The body is full of erogenous zones and everyone’s different, so take the time to know this about each other.

DON’T Be Excessive

It’s fun to play with toys, spend on lingerie, and more, but it’s not always necessary for great foreplay. Setting the mood with the right lighting or the right track can be enough. Just be yourself, don’t try too hard!

DO Pay Attention

Sometimes we make mistakes. Not every move is going to work! That’s why you need to pay attention to your partner’s reaction. You can be too slow, too fast, too toothy, too grabby, etc. If you want to find the sweet spot, pay attention, and adjust your approach on the go.

DO Communicate

It goes without saying that communication is very important when it comes to sex. You need to be able to be open about what you like and you don’t like to each other. Otherwise, you won’t be able to unlock your full potential in the bedroom. Be verbal and, when you need to, have a conversation about your desires and fantasies.


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