Tabuu Wrap-up: Every body is a map, and if you want to kick your foreplay up a notch, you need to explore your partner’s most erogenous zones.

Our bodies are complex and they’re all unique. They’re also riddled with erogenous zones. For example, many go weak in the knees when lips meet their necks. However, if we do the same things during foreplay and we only pay attention to one area, it soon becomes… underwhelming. If you want to surprise your partner, here’s are 6 super underrated erogenous zones every should explore.

1. Understanding Erogenous Zones

The word “erogenous” comes from ancient Greek. “Ero” derives from Eros, which is the Greek god of erotic love, and “genous” means to generate or produce. Therefore erogenous translates to the generation of erotic love.

Erogenous zones are the parts of the body that are most sensitive to sensual touch. There are primary erogenous zones in the body, which is where nerve endings are found, such as the clitoris and the head of the penis.

There are also secondary erogenous zones and their erotic significance is founded on sexual conditioning. For example, if a partner kisses you passionately while they squeeze your hips, that may become an erogenous zone. That’s why we all have different erogenous zones.

2. Toys Are Great Tools for Discovery

To find each other’s erogenous zones, you and your partner need to explore each other’s bodies. That’s where sex toys come in because they can be great tools for discovery. Vibrators are not only to stimulate the clitoris; they can also be used on other body parts and there’s no rule against that. In fact, vibrators can help you tickle your partner’s neck, back, or thighs, taking playful massaging to the next level. It’s no coincidence vibrators are often marketed as “body massagers”.

3. Play with Feet

Paying attention to the feet as an erogenous zone is not only for people with a foot fetish. In fact, the feet and the toes are highly sensitive, and touching them can produce an amazing response. Feet are very stimulating, so it pays to give them some attention unless your partner doesn’t like feet play in the least. Feet play is not for everyone, but you can give it a shot. Start with a soothing massage and find out of your partner responds to your sensual touch in that area.

4. Pay Attention to the Back

Many people don’t think it, but the back is a very erogenous zone and it’s quite a large one as well, so you have a lot of room to play with. You can massage your partner, slowly trace your fingers up and down their back, kiss their back and linger in areas that your partner responds to, not to mention you can engage in some sensory play as well using ice cubes or a feather.

5. Don’t Forget About the Abdomen

Another very erogenous zone is the abdomen, so make sure you stimulate this area as well. Trace your fingers up and done, kiss their tummy, lick it, engage in gentle sucking, all these things can have amazing responses. You can also massage the area! Whatever you do, it will send tingles through their body if you do it right!

6. Show the Butt Some Love

Paying attention to the butt can also be very pleasant and it can take foreplay to the next level. It feels amazing, so don’t be afraid to put a firm hand on the butt and grabbing it when you’re kissing. You can also do some spanking if your partner is up to it. But if you’re with someone who enjoys a more gentle touch, you can gently grab their butt or do whatever your partner enjoys the most. Simply show the butt some love and focus on how things feel. Leave your inhibitions at the door along with your clothes!

7. Knees and Elbows Can Be Sexy

Knees and elbows are not particularly attractive, but when you discover how erogenous they can be, you might change your mind. The underside of the knees and elbows contain many nerve endings, which means sensual touch can be well received in those areas. You can massage them using oils or lotion and if your partner enjoys it, you can go a little further and nibble on them!

8. The Brain Is Also an Erogenous Zone

According to research, the brain is the most important, biggest erogenous zone in our bodies. Now, it’s impossible to touch the mind with your own hands, but you can still stimulate the brain in many different ways.

Sex is about connection so you want to make sure you create the kind of environment where that connection can be created. Dim the lights, look at each other in the eye, touch each other, explore each other, stimulate each other in as many different ways as possible, and communicate! Communication is key when it comes to stimulating the brain, it’s not just about visuals. Whisper to each other, moan in each other’s ears. Tease each other before you even come to the bedroom and you’ll see what a difference all this makes.

Sex Is About Sensation

Sex equals sensation and our body offers many different possibilities. We are full of responsive areas that light up when stimulated and they allow us to experience more pleasure. Of course, not everyone has the same hot spots. That’s why it’s so important to explore your partner as best as possible.

Become familiar with what their bodies respond to and what they find most pleasurable. If you both make an effort to do that, your sexual experience will become a lot better than ever. Don’t shy away from playing with each other’s bodies and becoming familiar with them. That’s the only way to get to a place where you can enjoy each other completely.


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