Tabuu Wrap-up: Our bodies naturally respond to the right kind of stimulation. However, triggering an intense sexual response is not as simple, it’s something we need to learn!

Our bodies’ sexual response comes so naturally when receiving the right stimulation, we don’t even think about it. The body knows what to do. But triggering a more intense response is something we need to learn. Do you know how? That’s right! Through masturbation.

When we’re on the topic of self-love, we speak very little about sexual exploration. But knowing how your body responds to stimuli is very important. Otherwise, how will we teach our partners to please us? We couldn’t possibly. That’s why today we’re going through 10 things that will allow you to understand sexual response a lot better.

1. It’s Not Only About You

If you never learn how to please yourself and if you don’t study your body and your own pleasure, you won’t be able to do the same for your partner. If you want to be the best lover you can be, you need to learn not only how to please yourself, but also how to please your partner. And they need to do the same!

2. You Can Learn About Pleasure

Contrary to what many people think, pleasure doesn’t always come naturally. The truth is that it can be and it must be learned. Whatever you do, you’ll never reach the limit of your sexual pleasure. There are simply too many things to try and many ways to explore pleasure, so you’re never really over. The more you learn about yourself and what makes you tick, the more you’ll be able to learn about pleasuring yourself and what it takes for you to orgasm. And the more you’ll be able to push the limits and experience more and more pleasure.

3. You’re the Boss

Your pleasure is your responsibility. It’s not the responsibility of anyone else and you can’t expect anyone to magically know what you need. You must teach them! It’s on you to let them know what works and what doesn’t. This is why learning about your personal pleasure and being able to communicate openly and honestly is so important in a relationship,

4. Men Tend to Know Themselves Better

On average, men understand their sexual pleasure a lot better than women. Why? It may have something to do with the fact that they spend a lot of time with themselves, if you know what I mean. They experiment with their penises a lot, or at least they did back when they figured out how penises worked. As a result, they have a better knowledge of their bodies than women. We must catch up!

5. Masturbation Leads to Better Sex

If you do a little research, you’ll find many women of different ages are frustrated with their sex life. They can’t orgasm; not through intercourse, mutual masturbation, or oral sex. Some women have never even experienced an orgasm.

What these women tend to have in common is that they tend not to masturbate or explore their sexuality on their own. And that’s the problem! Orgasms are something women need to teach themselves through learning and self-exploration. Again: once you learn to do it on your own, you can guide your partners a lot more effectively.

6. Women Who Masturbate Orgasm More Easily

When you make masturbation a regular thing, you may be able to orgasm with your partner a lot more easily than before. The more knowledge you have about your body, sexual response, and the process that leads you to climax, the easier it will be to get there. So, you might want to make masturbation a regular habit. Or better yet, a daily habit!

7. Don’t Forget About 1`Sensual Pleasure

Sensual pleasure is not the same as sexual pleasure but it requires just as much attention. Men tend to ignore sensual pleasure and focus more on genital stimulation. But only focusing on genital stimulation keeps you away from a ton of intimacy and pleasure. In other words, you focus only on orgasming instead of looking at the whole picture. Sex is about more than just coming, it’s also about intimacy, connection, and overall pleasure, and it should always be the complete experience.

8. Find Your Personal Pleasure Map

All bodies are different and we all experience pleasure in our own way. So, to enjoy sexual pleasure, you need to find your personal pleasure map. This can only be done through self-exploration. Remember, you are responsible for your pleasure. Discover your pace and allow yourself to experiment so you can discover the sensations that suit you best. Once you have a good idea of your personal pleasure map, you can walk your partner through it!

9. Know Your Body and Theirs as Well

As important as it is to know your body, it’s also very important to know the body of your partner, and they should do the same. The more we know about how our bodies work and what makes them feel good, the better our sex life will be and the better lovers we will become.

10. Begin Exploring

If you understand how important exploring your own pleasure is, then you need to get started! Make time for this. You don’t want to be interrupted or have anything on your mind. Lock the doors, turn off your phone, play nice music, light some candles, or dim the lights. In other words, create an ambiance for yourself. Relax, take a warm bath, and then start playing with yourself.

When you are playing with yourself, you must pay attention to the way your body responds to stimuli. In other words, listen to your body. Touch yourself in any way you want, play with pressure, speed, use your nails, pinch yourself, etc. Do whatever feels right for you and touch yourself in any way you want to.

The only real rule is that your touch must provide pleasure and you should reach every possible erogenous zone in your body. Your personal sexual exploration needs to be wide and detailed. Touch yourself everywhere and try different techniques. The idea here is to discover what you like most. Do you enjoy light touch? Or do you prefer to be more heavy-handed? Do you enjoy soft caresses or a little pain and roughness?

As you explore yourself, you need to make mental notes of what feels good and what doesn’t. Also, take your time! Go for as long as it feels good and don’t rush through anything. Enjoy! Plus, it’s important to keep in mind it will take more than one session to learn what you like, which is why we recommend you make a habit of this. Getting to know your body is important and it will directly contribute to your happiness and sexual fulfillment, so make it a priority!


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