Tabuu Wrap-up: Becoming the master of your G-spot is only possible if you experiment. Here are some tips to help you get creative!

Is there anything more elusive than the G-spot? Women’s magazines all over the world make it out to be this magical hotspot that can make anyone orgasm with just a little stimulation. Once you learn how to find it, you won’t need anything else. Right?

Mmm… Not really, no. That’s not how it works.

If mastering one’s G-spot was as easy as using one technique that fits us all, then it wouldn’t be such an elusive erogenous zone. The truth is becoming the master of your G-spot is not an easy task. It requires you figuring out what kinds of sexual stimulation you respond to the best. And that takes time and effort!

It’s also worth noting that the G-spot is not the Holy Grail of female sexuality. Finding it is a process and it might take weeks of self-exploration, practice, and experimentation. Once you find it, contrary to popular belief, there’s no guarantee you’ll actually like the sensation. Some women don’t, and others don’t even feel anything. In other words, G-spot stimulation is not a universal thing that will work for all women equally. And that’s perfectly fine!

So, what can you do to determine if G-spot stimulation is something you enjoy or if you’re even doing it right? Well, the only answer is to try different techniques! There are many methods you can use to stimulate your G-spot and see what works. After all, there’s not a one-size-fits-all technique when it comes to this.

Becoming the master of your G-spot comes down to how much you experiment with it. To help you get started, here are 4 mind-blowing G-spot stimulation techniques that can change your life!

1. Forget About the “Come Here” Technique

The G-spot is exactly three inches inside the anterior front wall of the vagina and it feels like a spongy nub. Most guides to stimulating your G-spot will tell you that you must reach the area with two fingers and then bend your fingers in a “come here” position so you can tap the hotspot for stimulation. Though that’s a good technique, everyone’s different, so the light “come here” tapping won’t work for everyone.

Some women enjoy a firmer, steadier, more rhythmic pressure that feels more like “GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE” than “come here”. For other women, an even more intense and forceful approach is required. However, that kind of approach is draining and it will take a lot more strength, which brings us to our second technique.

2. Sex Toys Will Make a Great Difference and Give Your Wrists a Break

Sex toys are a lot of fun and they make for great tools. There’s a big chunk of the sex toy market that’s focused on toys that are specifically designed for G-spot stimulation. These wonderful products allow you to stimulate your G-spot while allowing you to preserve your strength and stamina.

But how to choose the right toy? After all, there are hundreds of sex toys to choose from and many different types to consider. In general, women like insertables that are curvy and feature a large, bulbous head. G-spot dildos are also very popular. But perhaps the best option is the kind of sex toy that’s truly versatile.

Vibrating sex toys, for example, offer a lot more variety than other kinds of toys. This is particularly important for women who are barely discovering their G-spot. The LELO MONA Wave is a great example. Many women swear by it and it has many different features. Its design is perfect for G-spot stimulation, it vibrates, and it also makes a curling motion you will 100% love. Not to mention it’s also great for clitoral stimulation!

The bottom line is this kind of toy is perfect because it will allow you to experiment. For example, many women enjoy vibration on their G-spots, but others don’t. With a toy like this, you’ll be able to try many different things and experiment on your own, which will allow you to discover what you really love and also what you don’t!

3. Begin With a Clitoral Orgasm

Before you even consider stimulating your G-spot, you need to be at the height of arousal and have your erectile tissue at the peak of engorgement. Jumping right into it may cause discomfort or get you absolutely nowhere. This is why you need to begin your journey with a clitoral orgasm first! This will allow you to be aroused and relaxed enough to truly enjoy your G-spot stimulation.

Anxiety and stress can really put a break on pleasure, so you need to make sure you’re living in the moment. If your mind is elsewhere or you’re too worried about your G-spot, you won’t be able to enjoy the moment. Relaxation is essential but relaxing can also be a problem if you think about it too much. Giving yourself a clitoral orgasm will lower your inhibitions and help you enjoy the ride a lot better.

4. Lean Deeper Into It

The objective of experimenting with yourself is to feel amazing, have a ton of fun, and discover what you respond best to. Some women swear their G-spot is not the most erogenous zone in their bodies. Sometimes the right spot for many people is deeper inside. And it’s known as the A-spot.

The A-spot can be found past the G-spot, close to the cervix. The circular area will also have a spongy texture, and when it’s stimulated, it can produce powerful and intense orgasms. Technically, this is not G-spot stimulation because it involves another spot entirely. So, why is it on the list?

Well, it’s on the list because the main goal is to explore penetrative stimulation that will make you feel amazing. Luckily for us women, there are many different pleasure centers in the vagina, so the G-spot is not the only hotspot worth exploring. Don’t limit yourself to exploring only your G-spot! Instead, seek for maximum pleasure by exploring your body’s entire sexual potential.

When you’re engaging in any type of sexual activity, it’s important not to be goal oriented. When you make orgasms your sole focus, you forget about actually having fun and enjoying the ride. Your focus should be your sexual exploration and allowing it to take you wherever it may lead. If you’re too focused on one single thing, you will be closing yourself off from other experiences.

The techniques we’ve discussed here today can allow you to have a successful G-spot orgasm right off the bat or they can inspire you to find your own techniques. There’s another possibility. You may try these techniques and discover your G-spot is not one of your hotspots. Either way, you’ll learn something very important about your sexuality and your personal pleasure. Trying is a great part of the fun, no matter the outcome. So, whether these techniques lead you to mind-blowing G-spot orgasms or not, the ride will still lead you to happiness. Whatever you do, whatever the outcome, enjoy yourself and have fun with your sexuality.

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