Tabuu Wrap-up: Looking for ways to cope with holiday stress? Bring a little play to the bedroom!

There comes a time when you figure out Santa’s not real and soon enough you’re in charge of buying presents for everyone. For many people, the holidays are still a magical time full of joy, but for others, it’s a very stressful season simply because you’re in charge of organizing so many different things and making sure everyone’s happy.

And one of the first things that suffer because of all that stress is your sex drive and your romantic relationships. I propose this year you do things differently. Instead of allowing the stress of the season to wear you down, why not try something new in the bedroom? Play and have fun, it’s the best antidote against stress.

1. Remember Massages?

Trust me, we know how stress can eat away at your sex drive and desire. However, you don’t have to let that happen! Instead, find ways to unwind with your partner. One of the best ways to do that is to give each other massages. Remember those? Not only are they relaxing and soothing, but they can also be a great for foreplay. When massages start to focus on your erogenous zone, every holiday worry in your mind will slip away. So, dim the lights or light up some candles, get a nice scented oil, and start rubbing the stress away.

2. Try a New Position and Make It a Tradition

During the holidays we reconnect with our family, so why not reconnect with our partner on an intimate level as well? It’s the perfect time to try a new position or a kink, and make a tradition out of it! It won’t only reduce stress, but it will also allow you to have a little adventure in the bedroom.

3. Be Naughty

Who says being naughty every once in a while is a bad thing? It’s actually very liberating to let the naughty side of us come out and play. So, get a hot lingerie set and allow yourself to look and feel sexy! Wearing something that makes you feel smoking hot will not only take your mind off stress, it will also make you feel more confident and daring.

4. Try Spontaneity on for Size

Quickies are a great way to battle stress, but they’re spontaneous in nature, so you need to be willing to live in the moment. Plus, it’s very exciting to steal your partner away and have a quick, passionate session. Just make sure you pick a quiet spot and have fun!

5. Bring in the Toys

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to give yourselves new toys. If you’ve always wanted a sex toy, whether that’s a vibrating cock ring, vibrating panties so your partner can control them, dildos, etc., there’s no time like the present. Sometimes that little extra stimulation can make a big difference.

6. Make Board Games Sexy

One of the best ways to cope with stress is finding diversions, so why not play together? But instead of going with the same old board games, why not get new ones that are much sexier than that? For example, there are sexy card decks and other sex games you can find to help you warm up the engines. You won’t only have silly fun together, you will also try new things and enjoy a different kind of foreplay.

Now, take these tips and put them to practice! The holidays don’t have to be this sex-deprived, stressful moment. You can turn things around, just remember to make time for fun and sex. After all, they’re the best stress-relievers you could ask for!


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