I was sitting in my office I heard someone knocking at my door. It was Sebastian, a student of mine. “Hi Professor Sasha, I’m here because I emailed you about my grades,” Sebastian greeted me.

“Well, Sebastian, you just missed my office hours, but I suppose I can still squeeze you in. Take a seat,” I instructed the young, athletically-built man. I gestured for him to take a seat in one of the chairs in my office and he did. Once he was seated, I turned my attention back to my computer and pulled up Sebastian’s grades. He had emailed me about his grades earlier the week, essentially lamenting that his grades were very low in this class. He told me that he wanted to meet with me during my office hours to discuss how he could possibly raise his grade in my class in the weeks before the end of the semester. “So, Sebastian, tell me about why you disagree with the grade you have in this class,” I suggested to him, expecting to hear the normal student spiel about how he felt that he had worked hard all semester long and how he thought he that his hard work should be reflected in his grade. However, he did not say this. In fact, he surprised me by expressing genuine remorse for his poor academic performance and owning up to his mistakes.

“I think that the grade that I have in this class is correct, I am just wondering if there something I can do to raise the grade since it is so low. I know that I have been a lousy student all semester long and I know that I barely did any work for this class, but I am sorry and I promise that those habits and that work ethic are more representative of the old me. Moving forward, I vow to be a more attentive and engaged student. The problem is, I have failed so many classes this year that my parents are threatening to pull me out of this college entirely if I fail just one more class. I am currently failing all of my other classes, but I am speaking with the professors in those classes to raise my grade in their classes, and this is the only class I have left that I need to raise my grade in. I am begging you, Professor Sasha, please give me a second chance and allow me to show you what I can achieve when I really put my mind to something,” Sebastian groveled. I could tell that he was being serious, and I felt bad for him. His eyes were welling up with tears and his upper lip was shaking with nervousness. Clearly, going to this university meant a lot to the young man, and I did not want to be the one to ruin that opportunity for him. On the other hand, though, it was clear that he still needed to learn that his actions had serious consequences, and sometimes those types of lessons are best learned the hard way.

“Why are you failing my class? I know you admitted just now that you have not done any work for this class, and I see you sleeping all the time during my lectures, but why? What else is taking up so much of your time that you have to sleep in my class?” I asked him, trying to figure out if I could offer him any form of help. He did not respond, and it took me quite some to figure out why. I finally realized why he was not answering me when I followed his line of sight. He was staring directly at my cleavage. He seemed ashamed to be ogling me like this, but another part of him acted as though he could not help himself. I regarded him with surprise, especially because my cleavage was not even that obvious at the moment. I was wearing a button-up shirt that I thought did a good job at concealing my ample bust, but apparently not. “Are you serious, Sebastian?” I asked him incredulously.

The young man shook his head and a look of disgust washed over his face. “I am sorry, Professor Sasha, but I just find myself daydreaming about your breasts so often. It is like I can’t even focus on anything else because all I can think about is your boobs!” He blurted out, his cheeks flush with embarrassment.

I thought about it for a moment before coming to a risky conclusion. “Listen, if you do not tell anybody about this encounter between us, I will let you fuck my tits, since you fantasize about them so intensely,” I told him, hastily taking off my shirt and bra. Sebastian’s face lit up with excitement and he made sure the door to my office was locked before proceeding.

Just a few moments later, I was lying on my back on my desk with my pillowy, soft tits hanging out for Sebastian to enjoy. He was straddling my chest, and his cock was positioned between my boobs. He squeezed my tits together to create some friction while he bucked and thrust his hips. He seemed to be experiencing an intense euphoria judging by his moans, and I enjoyed that he was so captivated by my tits. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Sebastian was quick to cum, but he surprised me with the sheer volume of his load. He plastered my chest with his cum, sighing with satisfaction as he looked at the mess he had helped make. “Alright, now, Sebastian, get yourself cleaned up and if you manage to stay awake for my lectures for the rest of the semester, I will consider raising your grade,” I told him. He was beaming with happiness when he left my office. I, on the other hand, had a thick, creamy load that I had to clean off of my chest.

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