The murmur of the spaceship soothed Lyna. Botanical delights towered and draped all around her from the ceiling as she swung in her hammock. It was a tropical forest in outer space of her own design. A pair of quail waddled below and finches chirped in some trees. The gentle creatures and earthy fragrances reminded her of where she was from.

Corporate executives tried to persuade her not to bring so many specimens, but she lectured them about the microbes in the soil and ecosystems being essential until they buckled. Now, every wall on the ship was alive with some sort of vine or herb installation.

Sunlight threaded in through the windows. Lyna reached up, slid her finger on the wall and rotated a dial next to it. The spaceship rotated at the angles she specified until the foreign suns disappeared from sight with a star-lit abyss drifting into view. The shades of green softened her peripherals.

She grabbed a contraption from a shelf by the hammock and pulled it into her lap. She connected a tube from it into the vine above her and pressed a button. Nutrients and enzymes flowed through the tube and saturated the soil.

For a moment nothing happened. In a flash, shoots emerged from the vine, cascading down the Lyna’s skin. The vines stretched at the pace that rain might slow drip across pavement. The leaves and buds brushes against her skin and she shuddered as they drew maps across her skin. Her fingers moved to unzip her uniform, feeling a heat simmer below the surface.

She pulled the zipper down a few inches when the teleprompter beeped by the door.  Flustered, she sat up and pressed the button again. The vines stopped expanding, but still surrounded her like a cocoon. Lyna pulled them off her skin, careful to be gentle and walked to the device on the wall. The floors were freezing against her bare feet.

She swiped the screen and Athen’s face filled the screen. The captain. He was looking up at the camera smiling. She pressed her hand on the door prompting it to open. Dim light creeped in. After-hours settings were in effect.

“What are you doing here?” She noticed a can in his hands. It was a teleport capsule.

“Early shipment,” He said. “I wanted to bring these for you in person. The seeds you requested.” Lyna’s face lit up with confused delight as she took it from him.

“Thank you. This could’ve waited thoug -”

“And these,” Athen interrupted. He reached beside the door on the floor out of view and pulled out a pot of peculiar flowers. Her eyes squinted for a second from confusion before she recognized them and her jaw dropped.

“Are those from the Mylar constellation?”

“Yes,” he looked at her with laughter in his eyes.

“You said it could take years before they approved us to grow it on the ship,” she whispered.

“Yeah, well, that was on record,” he said, amused at her astonishment. “May I come in? This is technically contraband you know.”

She grinned at him and let him by. The door swept shut. They stood in the darkness. The weight of his gaze made her flushed and it took a second before the trance broke.

“Oh right, I’ll just switch the on the lights.” She turned, setting the capsule down and was about to click the switch when she felt his hand on her shoulder.

“No, wait.” She turned around to look up at him. He craned over the bizarre flowers to give her a kiss. The trance stole over her again, the sense that she could spend hours with him. He set the plant down behind her and brought her to him by the hips.

Athen pulled her hair back gently to shower kisses on her neck and on the skin exposed by her partially unzipped suit. She moaned below her breath feeling his arms tense around her. They remained fused together as he moved them over to her hammock. He weaved them under the canopy, past the youthful trunks and understory plants.

Lyna’s hands pressed into his shoulders as they spiraled. He reached for her ass with both hands, lifting her up onto him. Her legs wrapped around his waist and she could feel his erection through the thin fabric. She moved her hips against it until he was breathless.

He set her on the hammock and unzipped the suit. It gave way and she peeled it from her limbs, taking her time. He did the same until they were both naked, taking the sight of one another in, breathing heavy. She grabbed him and seized his lips with her own, swerving her tongue along his own and past his teeth. His chest was smooth but for a patch of black hair and hard against her breasts.

His fingers pinched her thighs and she squirmed in surprise. He found the heat radiating from her pussy like a summer afternoon in Alekwa with a storm on the horizon. His fingers traced the edges of her pussy making her clit harden. Sweat slid down the back of her neck as he cupped the inside of her with two fingers. Her moans broke against his chest, as he tried to shove more fingers inside.

She was used to men not knowing how to touch her pussy, often neglecting to investigate before fucking. Athen rubbed her clit and pushed into her again and again until the hammock was drenched. She grabbed his hair and ran her tongue across his neck, trying to simulate the motion she wanted in her pussy. He pressed and pinched to the tempo.

Lyna pulled his fingers out before she came and grabbed his veiny cock. She guided it into her pussy one centimeter at a time. He responded with steady thrusts that slammed her into the wall. He held on two both ends of the hammock and swung her in small orbits against him. His cock was angled up and ramming the back of her pussy.

His hairy legs were damp with sweat. The sopping sound of their thrusts escalated until Athen let go of the hammock and grabbed her at the waist. He grabbed her so tight, she was having trouble breathing. Before she could respond, his cock flicked a hot current of cum inside her.

He groaned into her hair, spasming as she reached down between them to pinch her clit and teased the edges of where his cock plugged her up. The thought of being full of his cum inspired her fingers to pick up where they left off. He kissed her and played with her tits.

His cock was still hard and he moved slow, still deep. Lyna’s fingers struggled until her pussy gripped him full force and she sailed into a supernova that blasted her with relentless heat. Her nails dug deep and he grunted as she worked her hips. She slowed as the sensation dissipated and leaned against him.

He laughed into her hair and pulled back to look at her.

“Any chance this hammock is big enough for the two of us?”

“Only if I get on top,” Lyna said, smiling.

“I don’t know if there is anything I want more right at this moment,” he said, chuckling as she made space for him to join her.

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