“Please, Mistress, I need you to dominate me. I need to be your submissive pet,” my husband, Martin begged me. I chuckled to myself as I ran the tips of fingers ever-so-gently across his skin, watching the goosebumps form all over his arms. Martin was completely naked and lying on our mattress flat on his back. His arms and legs were spread so that he was laying in the starfish position. Each of his limbs was tied to one of the bedposts. In addition to all of this, he was blindfolded.

“Is that the best you can do, my pet? That does not sound like convincing begging to me,” I teased him, tracing my fingers around his nipples. I looked behind me and saw the assortment of toys that I had gathered to use on him. He had no idea what he was in for, and I so badly wanted to use those toys on him, but I wanted to hear him beg, first. I wanted to hear the desperation in his voice as he groveled pitifully.

“Please, Mistress, I am begging you to dominate me. I need you to make your submissive, slutty, pet. I will do anything you tell me, and I will do so gladly. I am just a worthless fucking toy who is only here to serve you and worship you. I will worship the ground that you walk on if you want me to, mistress. I will be your loyal, subservient pet” He said, his voice transitioning from its usual baritone timbre into a whinier sounding pitch. This was how I knew that he was transitioning into the mental headspace of a submissive. Domination and submissiveness were physical, as well as mental phenomena. I had to mentally prepare myself to dominate Martin, and he had to mentally prepare to be dominated.

Now that I was satisfied with Martin’s begging, I decided that it was time to use one of the toys on Martin. Even though the item I was about to use on my husband was not traditionally used as a toy, I was excited to use it on him and see his reaction nonetheless. All around the bedroom were scented candles that I had lit in order to set the mood. I grabbed one of the candles and held it over Martin’s torso. The candle had been burning for a few minutes, so that wax was all melted and in liquid form. Slowly, I rotated the candle on its side so that the hot, molten wax would drip onto Martin. The hot beads of molten wax fell from the candle onto Martin’s skin. I watched with delight as his muscles tensed up in surprise. The wax splashed against his skin, giving him a brief burning sensation. The burning sensation was only mildly painful, though, and the wax cooled and hardened quite quickly. I loved watching Martin’s skin turn red as I dripped the wax all over his torso. I dripped it on his stomach, his upper chest, and even his nipples. Every time a bead of wax hit his skin, he quickly sucked in his breath and tugged on his rope restraints, almost as though he was trying to get free. I knew that Martin was not trying to get free, though, because if ever I did something that made him too uncomfortable or made him want to stop, there was a safeword that he knew he could say in order to get me to stop whatever I was doing.

I continued dripping wax all along my husband’s body, making him thank me for it all the while. Eventually, though, I decided to move onto something else. There was just something that made me so wet about watching Martin’s reactions to my movements around the room. He could not see me, but he could hear me whenever I walked around. Any time he heard me walking around, he would turn his head in that direction, trying to ascertain what I was doing. Sometimes, I would just walk around the bed aimlessly, just to make his mind race with questions.

The next toy I decided to use was a flogging whip. This was a whip that had multiple leather strips attached to a handle. When I flicked my wrist, the leather strips would smack against Martin’s skin, administering unto him a stinging sensation. I liked using the flogger a lot because I did not have to flick my wrist very hard in order to deliver a considerable sting. I also liked using the flogger because I knew that this was Martin’s favorite toy.

As I flogged Martin, whipping him on the torso over and over again, he showed me just how much he liked being flogged. His cock began to grow and harden before my very eyes without anyone even touching it. It was like magic. The more I flogged Martin, the harder his dick got. Eventually, he was throbbing powerfully and his whimpers were starting to blend into moans. “Oh, do you like that, you dirty fucking slut? Do you like being whipped like this? How about I whip you even harder, would you like that?” I asked him rhetorically. I immediately started flogging him with even more force and watched with surprise as precum began to flow freely from the tip of his dick. I flogged even harder and suddenly, he announced that he was going to cum. This caught me by surprise and I did not have time to stop flogging him. Before I could react, his cock was shooting hot spurts of cum all over his stomach. Nobody was touching his cock, yet it pulsated, and rivers of cum flowed from its tip. Afterward, I remarked “You came without my permission, and that is pathetic. You will have to be punished for this,” but deep down inside me, I had a feeling that he was probably looking forward to whatever punishment I had in mind.

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