Tabuu Wrap-up: A little creativity can go a long way to making your sex life hotter, without the chance of getting burned!

Personally, I have a hard time during the summer. I don’t like the heat at all, I don’t think sweating is fun, and being warm makes it very difficult for me to fall asleep. Heat and humidity are not my friends and they make me miserable during the summer, but I can’t complain to anyone about this. There’s nothing I can do!

As you can imagine, I hate being touched when I’m hot. I have an issue with my sweaty skin coming in contact with someone else’s sweaty skin, which just makes me feel hotter and more flustered than before.

That sucks for me because I enjoy being close to my partner, it’s just during the summer I truly believe our bed becomes one of the hottest rings of hell and it feels like I’m being punished. I don’t sleep well and I don’t enjoy touching, so summer is a big bummer for my sex life.

Luckily, I’m here to say there are ways to enjoy sex during the summer if you’re like me! All it takes is a few adjustments to your home, if possible, and a little bit of creativity so you can have hot sex without feeling like you want to die!

1. Install A/C

If it’s too hot for you to even want to have sex, let alone get creative about it, perhaps you should invest in an air conditioning system. If that’s not possible for you, consider getting fans. Like, a bunch of them and point them all towards your bed. You’ll manage to actually sleep during the summer, and get a little freaky too

2. Engage in Temperature Play

Oh yeah, temperature play is a thing. It’s similar to sensory play, but temperature play only requires ice cubes. You can have your partner glide ice cubes across your skin and do that for them as well, get a massage with ice cubes instead of massage stones, and so much more. As I said, it takes a bit of creativity, but ice cubes will go a long way. Just be careful with the ice around delicate tissues and avoid them altogether!

3. Shower Sex

If you’ve never considered shower sex, now it’s the time. Cold or cool water won’t only make you more sensitive, it will also be very refreshing. Just be careful and take precautions so you don’t slip and fall, which won’t only kill the mood, it can also cause serious injuries. Pick a safe position and go about it nice and slowly, leave the more vigorous sex for safer environments.

4. Skinny Dipping!

Skinny dipping can be a great way to get your freak on while still remaining nice and cool. You can go skinny dipping in a lake, a beach, a river, a pool, whatever, and get close under the water. The drawback to this is that privacy is not guaranteed, especially if you’re in a public space. So, think things through and take precautions. Do this in your own property if you have a pool or access to a private beach, but if you want to do it elsewhere, choose a time of the day that’s not very active, find a spot far away from people (and kids!), and be discreet.

5. Try New Positions

The easiest way to reduce the amount of heat you have to withstand from your partner’s body during sex is to try new positions where there’s less body contact. For example, doggy style is a classic, but you can venture beyond and find more challenging positions to try. Who knows, you might even find your new favorite position in the process!

6. Consider the Sex Swing

Trying new positions is not the only way to reduce contact during sex. Enter the sex swing! You’ll be able to find very simple sex swings as well as fancier models. The one you choose will depend on your budget for it; the fancier it is, the more expensive, so keep that in mind. Regardless of how simple or fancy your sex swing is, you can be certain it will allow you to have hotter sex, try more complicated sex positions, and avoid your partner’s heat.

7. Consider Moving

If nothing works and your home is as hot as ever, you may be living somewhere that’s simply too hot for you! If this is a big issue for you that affects your life beyond sex, you might want to consider moving somewhere the weather is nicer!

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