Tabuu Wrap-up: Women are built for pleasure so hone your skills for multiple orgasm madness!

Some women tap into their multiple orgasms very easily, while others don’t even think their bodies are capable of that because they can’t seem to experience more than one orgasm. For this reason, it may surprise many women to find out that female anatomy is made for multiple orgasms.

Men need a recovery period before they can go again, but that’s not true for women. We don’t need a break. In fact, many women remain aroused long after coming and we can experience orgasms two or three more times. How? That’s the question we’ll be answering today!

Learn to Multiply Your Pleasure

Though multiple orgasms don’t make a satisfying and fulfilling sex life, they still add to one’s sex life and they allow us to spice things up. Learning to give yourself multiple orgasms or learning how to give them to your partner only takes a little bit of guidance and patience!

One of the easiest ways to make sure you provide more than one orgasm to a woman is to pay attention and dedicate time to foreplay. It’s very difficult for women to experience several orgasms and it takes them longer to reach arousal. This is why it’s so essential to spend more time building up anticipation and excitement.

When you focus on her arousal, it will make her sexual desire stronger, which will make it easier for her to come more than once. Of course, arousal is something you need to maintain during the encounter.

There are many ways to help your woman have multiple orgasms, but G-spot and A-spot stimulation are the easier ones to provoke more than one orgasm. And we haven’t even gotten to the clit yet!

G-Spot Stimulation

The G-spot is one of the most popular topics of conversation and we’ve all heard of it. However, finding it can be difficult, not to mention not everyone gets pleasure out of it. The easiest way to find the G-spot is to insert two fingers in the vagina and go upward until you reach the front vaginal wall. Once you find it, you will feel a kind of spongy nub of tissue. That’s the spot.

If you want to provide her with an intense G-spot orgasm, all you need to do is point your fingers upward and put your fingers in a hook position. Then, apply a little pressure and get into a rhythm she finds pleasurable. Just keep in mind that not all women are aroused by G-spot stimulation, so pay attention to her reaction before you continue because you could cause discomfort instead of pleasure.

A-Spot Stimulation

Not many people have heard of the A-spot. It’s certainly not as popular as the G-spot, but it can be a great source of pleasure for women. This spot is also inside the vagina and it’s close to the cervix. It can be difficult to find as well and it can’t be stimulated with your fingers. However, you can use your penis.

Two sexual positions will make it easier for you to reach this spot, namely the cowgirl position and the missionary position. If you’re trying the missionary position, place a couple of pillows under her back so you can have a better penetration angle. If she likes being on top, then try the cowgirl position. Because the A-spot doesn’t become super sensitive like the clit, it allows many women to have more than one orgasm through deep penetration and A-spot massaging.

Deep Spot Stimulation

The deep spot can be found beyond the G-spot and the A-spot, so it’s also close to the cervix. It’s difficult to reach this spot without causing some discomfort, but when it is reached, deep spot stimulation can provide powerful and intense orgasms. Penis stimulation or using a vibrator will help you reach the deep spot, but you can also use two fingers.

Understand Your Partner

Understanding the person you’re with is very important when it comes to providing pleasure through sexual stimulation. Knowing your partner is key because you need to understand what they like, what makes them tick, what they want from you. Your partner’s pleasure is not your responsibility because you don’t live in their skin. It’s their responsibility to talk to you about what they enjoy and how they like to experience pleasure.

What you can do is make things easier for them. Talking about sex and one’s desires can be awkward, especially when you’re not used to it. That’s why, as a partner, you should open the lines of communication. Show interest, ask them questions, and lead by example as well. Be open about sex, pleasure, and desire. This will truly make a huge difference!

Once you understand what your partner enjoys, it will be easier for you to provide the kind of experience that will lead to multiple orgasms and intense pleasure. Having sex is a big part of what makes a relationship happy and healthy, so you both need to make sure you’re enjoying it.

Sex is supposed to be a fun experience where you get to connect on a more intimate level. Have fun with it, let go of everything else, and focus on each other. Once you do that, your sexual relationship will improve tremendously. If you want your partner to enjoy multiple orgasms and you want to have a mutually satisfactory experience, these tips will help you get there.

Women’s bodies are made for multiple orgasms. They are riddled with erogenous zones that create intense sensations. All you need to do is find those zones and learn to stimulate them in a way your woman is happy with. The more you’re open to experiment and explore your partner’s body, the better your sexual experience will be.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, try new things, use sex toys to your advantage, and broaden your horizons. Trust me, it will be worth it!

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