“Well, Natasha, I do not know about you, but I thought that the food was quite lovely,” Josh remarked to his beautiful wife, who could not help but agree. The couple was seated at one of the fanciest restaurants in town, enjoying a special date night between the two of them. As Natasha looked around the restaurant, she noticed that there were not that many other people dining with them. This gave her an idea. A coy smile spread across her face as she fleshed out the details of this plan in her head. Josh could see the smile spreading across her face. “What is it, babe?” He asked her quizzically, wondering what she found so amusing.

“Oh, it is nothing, darling,” Natasha reassured him, “I was just thinking about how I had such a wonderful evening with you tonight, and how much I want to repay you for your thoughtfulness,” she said with a wink. Now, it was Josh’s turn to smile. He thought that when his wife suggested repaying him for his thoughtfulness, that meant that they were going to have sex when they got home. Although Natasha’s idea of repayment did include sex, she had a slightly different idea in mind of the setting in which the repayment would occur.

Natasha and Josh spent the next few minutes making small talk and admiring the decorations that lined the luxuriously decorated restaurant. Suddenly, the sound of metal hitting the ground rang out in the restaurant, and Natasha remarked “Oh, I think I dropped my fork on the ground.”

Josh watched with curiosity as his wife got down on all fours and disappeared underneath the tablecloth to pick up the fork that she had dropped on the ground. His eyes widened with surprise, though, when he felt the sensation of her hands moving up his inner thighs. Josh looked down and lifted up the tablecloth. He saw his wife looking back at him, a coy grin plastered across her face. She held her finger up to her lips, signalling Josh to keep quiet while she repaid him for his thoughtfulness this evening.

Initially, Josh was hesitant about the idea of getting pleasured by his wife in public like this. After all, this was one of the fanciest restaurants in town, and he did not want to get banned all because his wife thought it would be a good idea to suck him off. However, the more he thought about it, the more the idea of getting sucked off in public like this turned him on. Josh looked around the restaurant and, like his wife, he noticed that it was uncharacteristically empty this evening. He reassured himself that, because the restaurant was less busy than usual, the chances of him and his wife getting caught were lower and that he had nothing to worry about.

Josh ate the food that was on his plate and acted like nothing was amiss, meanwhile, his wife was below the table, getting ready to use her mouth to bring him immense amounts of pleasure. Natasha unzipped and unbuttoned Josh’s pants, revealing the pair of underwear he was wearing underneath. Even though the underwear, Natasha could see the outline of her husband’s growing erection. She licked her lips with desire and started to jerk Josh off at a tantalizingly slow pace. For Josh, there was something that was so arousing about the fact that he had to maintain a straight face and act like nothing was going on while his wife was jerking him off underneath the table of one of the fanciest restaurants in town. At one point, their server stopped by the table and asked if either or he or his wife would like their glasses of water refilled. “Oh, no thank you,” said Josh, “My wife and I are almost finished eating, she is just using the bathroom before we go,” he explained. The server nodded his understanding and walked off, meanwhile Natasha was pulling her husband’s erection out of his underwear.

The sight of Josh’s throbbing, veiny cock never ceased to arouse and amaze Natasha. She regarded his dick with wonder and delight. Her mouth watered with desire. She wanted to do nothing more than to wrap her plump full lips around his shaft and bring him so much euphoria. First, though, she wanted to tease him so that the pleasure would feel that much better.

Natasha gently flickered her tongue at Josh’s sensitive frenulum. His cock twitched and jumped every time she did this, and Josh found it increasingly difficult to maintain a straight face. He wanted to moan so badly, but he knew that the other patrons of the restaurant would look and stare if he did. Instead, he continued to chew his food. He figured that, as long as his mouth was closed and chewing food, we would not be able to moan.

When Natasha finally wrapped her soft and plump lips around the head of his cock, Josh had to bite down on his tongue to forcibly stop himself from moaning out loud. Natasha bobbed her mouth up and down his shaft, taking him deeper and deeper down her throat. The sensation of his wife’s tight, wet throat around his cock felt heavenly to Josh, and it quickly became too much to bear. Josh knew that he was going to cum soon, and he panicked as he tried to make his orgasm quiet. He placed his hand over his mouth and pretended to cough in order to mask his grunts and groans as ribbons of sticky, salty cum shot out of the tip of his dick and coated his wife’s throat. Natasha made sure to put Josh’s dick back in his underwear and pants before coming out from underneath the tablecloth a moment later. Now, she had the dropped fork in her hand, and she pretended as though nothing had happened between them, continuing to eat like normal.

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