“This is Jarryd reporting in on day eleven of my investigation,” I said, speaking into a recording device while I looked up into the starry night sky., “Over the past eleven days, I’ve seen little more than a handful of bizarre, flashing lights in the sky,” I finished before turning off the recording device. I was a member of a research team that was hired by the government to conduct covert operations in order to find evidence of extraterrestrial life visiting earth. Over the past decade, the number of UFO and alien sightings being reported in rural America had grown exponentially, prompting a secretive governmental investigation. I now found myself entrenched in a remote and mountainous area that was known to be a hotbed of activity and reports. The rest of my team was scattered all over the mountainside but were so far apart that we would most likely never come across one another during the course of this night. I had been camped out in these mountains for eleven days, and I was supposed to stay there for fourteen days. Life in the mountains was rough, to be sure. The internet access was shoddy, and the cellular service was even less reliable. This meant that if I ever found myself in an emergency where I needed one of my team members to come to my aid, I would most likely not be heard by anybody. This meant that I needed to be almost entirely self-sufficient while I was out here. I had been given fourteen days’ worth of food to ration out, but this would not be enough, but the rations were meager and not enough to satisfy a tall, muscular man like myself. To compensate for the lack of nutrients in my rations, I had been forced to become an expert in the local ecology of the area. I knew about all the edible plants, fungi, and animals that I might come across while I was out here, and I had even gone foraging a few times, coming back with a handful of berries, some edible flowers, and crawfish that I found in a nearby stream. I was perhaps the best-prepared survivalist on my team, but I was still wholly unprepared for what I happened across that night.

It all happened at around two in the morning. I was making my way through a swath of land, examining the sky and the ground for any signs of extraterrestrial life. For exome inexplicable reason, the hairs on my arms and legs were standing up, and it felt like my body was on high alert, even though there was no reason to be. I was making my way through the dense, untouched foliage when a sound caught my attention. It sounded as though it was coming from far off in the distance. The sound was similar to a generator or something like that and, at first, I thought that I had accidentally stumbled across some campers. Just to be safe, though, I jotted down the event in my field journal and attempted to follow the sound to its source. I followed the sound for another few minutes, listening to it grow louder and louder. Finally, I came across a clearing in the woods, and I found the source of the sound. When I saw what it was, I hurriedly crouched down in a nearby bush and attempted to document it without being noticed. In front of me was a medium-sized spacecraft. It was oval-shaped, and lined with bright lights. The spacecraft was making the humming noise. Standing outside of the spacecraft were three figures who appeared to be nearly four feet tall. They were looking at the spacecraft intently, and I got the impression that they were inspecting it for some reason. I got out my camera and took a picture of the craft for documentation purposes. The flash was off and the camera was silent, but as soon as I snapped a photo, everything changed.

A blinding beam of light shot out at me, and the bush seemed to just disappear. I was now exposed, and the three beings turned to regard me. In the blink of an eye, I was suddenly inside of the ship with the other beings. It felt like I had teleported inside of the craft or something like that. One of the beings started to approach me and I slowly backed away from it until my back was against the wall of the craft. That was when I noticed that the interior of the ship was much bigger than the exterior made it look. Another being approached me, and this one had some sort of apparatus in its hand. I tried to back away from this one, but I could not. It felt like my feet were glued to the ground. That was when I noticed that I was completely naked. The being attached the apparatus to my dick, which was somehow fully erect, and flipped a switch located on the apparatus.

The apparatus tightened around my cock to feel like the tightest pussy that I had ever been inside of. The apparatus moved and gyrated in a way that was more pleasurable than any sex I had ever had before. The machine felt so good, that I was orgasming within seconds. My ball sack tightened up and I drained the entirety of my load inside the apparatus. Afterward, one of the beings removed the apparatus from me and pressed a button located on its side. The apparatus dispensed a vial containing my load, and the beings inspected it for a few moments. Satisfied with my sample, they all looked at me, their black eyes piercing directly into my soul. I blinked and when my eyes opened, I was laying on the ground of the clearing. It was noon, now, and there was no sign of the ship. My recording device, field journal, and other equipment were nowhere to be found.

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