Tabuu Wrap-up: Striving for better and more can sometimes lead you to forget the great things you already have.

When you really think about sex advice, you’ll notice it’s mostly focused on you and what’s in it for you. Sex advice centers around how to get better orgasms, how to feel more pleasure, how to be better in bed, sexier, more adventurous, etc. We’ve all read the articles about these things, am I right?

And there’s nothing wrong about focusing on pleasure when it comes to sex or wanting to be better at it. We encourage that type of thing on this site because we know the results are worth it.

However, if your only focus is on pleasure, you will miss important things. Things such as looking at what you already have instead of looking for what you’re lacking. We don’t even think this form of gratitude has anything to offer to our sex lives, and we don’t just neglect it as connected to sex, but also in every other aspect of our lives. We neglect gratitude, period.

I say gratitude, you may say appreciation or thankfulness. What’s important here is that we come to terms with the fact that we don’t take the time to sit down and do it. How often do we take a moment to appreciate ourselves, our bodies, our qualities? How often do we appreciate our partners, their bodies, their qualities? We must inject gratitude into our sex lives because it will allow us to create mutually beneficial relationships.

Do you want to get started? Here are a few things you should keep in mind about gratitude:

1. It Makes Us More Appreciative of Our Bodies

Sometimes when we think of body appreciation as related to sex, we focus only on appreciating the body of the person we’re with. But what about our own bodies? What if sex began with appreciating each other’s bodies deeply?

When it comes to sex, it’s very easy for us to critic our performance and compare ourselves to others. But if we start practicing gratitude, it will allow us to appreciate ourselves, our bodies, and our abilities without comparing ourselves to anyone else.

How does this improve your sex life? Well, it’s no secret to anyone that the way we feel about ourselves and our bodies has an effect on our performance. Sex is linked to how we feel, what kind of mindset we’re in. So if we’re constantly self-deprecating, thinking about our flaws, thinking that we’re not sexy enough, it will affect sex.

What if, as an experiment, you stopped thinking about how much you dislike your butt and you just appreciate it instead? What if we express gratitude about our body and the way it allows us to feel pleasure? What if we come to terms with the fact that our partners love our bodies? What if we express how much we love theirs? Trust me, it will make a difference to let go of so many insecurities and practice gratitude to become more aware of the positives and the reality of our bodies.

2. It Makes Us More Appreciative of Our Partners

It’s easy to be critical about our own bodies, but we never stop to consider that it’s also easy to turn a critical eye at our partners. Gratitude won’t only allow us to appreciate ourselves, but also our partners, which is just as important. If they also feel good, it will show.

Not to mention being grateful is a form of mindfulness that allows you to live in the moment rather than living in your head, always looking at the things you think are missing, never acknowledging what is and what you have right now.

3. It Inspires Us to Be More Giving

If you’ve ever focused on being grateful for anything at all, then you know it creates a lovely energy. The kind that turns on a light inside you and inspires you to being more giving to the people around you. When it comes to our partners and sex, gratitude allows us to let go of expectations, which often keep us from appreciating what we have and living in the moment, and enjoy our partners for what they are.

Being more giving will work in your favor. Why? Because partners are more likely to provide more pleasure in response to the pleasure they receive from us. If we go above and beyond for them, they will do the same for us. They will be inspired to rise to our level, whether in the spirit of gratitude, reciprocity, or obligation, it’s not important, you both gain from that.

4. It Leads to More Passionate Sex

When you’re so grateful for your partner and you’ve shown them that gratitude and appreciation, they will do the same for you. This will put you on the same page, you’ll have all this energy, all this drive to touch each other, experience each other, and pleasure each other.

This leads to more passionate sex, more spontaneous, fun, adventurous sex. Gratitude changes the way you think about sex; it stops being a competition where you have to be the sexiest, best lay ever, and it becomes a more intimate experience where the focus is on one another.

5. However, Beware, Because It Can Be Abused

It’s important to consider how gratitude can be abused because it can happen! If we’re not careful, gratitude can become an excuse for accepting behavior we shouldn’t accept from a partner.

Gratitude is not about doing whatever your partner wants without checking with yourself and your boundaries. Gratitude is about developing deep gratitude and appreciation for yourself, which leads to better sex because you become more connected with your body and your desires. When you teach yourself to be more respectful of your body and what you deserve, it will effectively translate into your sexual relationships.

Gratitude can have an incredible effect on your sex life, as well as many other important aspects of it. Not enough people understand how important it is to think about what they already have, so that’s what I encourage you to do!


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