Tabuu Wrap-up: The Vagina: Mysterious and interesting so we thought we’d share a bit more with you!

Some time ago someone told me vaginas were like snowflakes—beautiful and unique. And yes, vaginas are individual enough, but they still have a lot in common with each other. Whether you’re curious about your own vagina or you’re a man who’s looking to understand the female reproductive organ a little better, these 10 facts will help you grow your knowledge. There’s a lot to learn about vaginas, and if you don’t know where to start, this list of facts is a great way to get into it. So, let’s get started!

1. There’s More Than One Piece of the Puzzle

It seems like the entire world, except gynecologists, when they say “vagina” they mean the entire package, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, the term refers to the inner canal found between the vulva and cervix. It doesn’t refer to all the fun stuff on the exterior, such as the labia, clitoris, and perineum. However, that’s the common term for the entire reproductive system, it’s just good to know that there’s more than one piece of the puzzle.

2. The Penis and the Clitoris Are the Same Thing

Yes, that’s right! Science has taught us many things about our bodies and one of the most interesting things is that the tissue of which the clitoris is made of is the same kind of tissue that makes up the male penis. Ovaries and testicles are also made up of the same tissue, and so is the foreskin and clitoral hood. In other words, we’re cut from the same cloth, just made into different shapes. This fact is amazing for some people because they don’t even think of the reason why the penis is so sensitive and such a great source of pleasure for men.

3. The G-Spot Is Not a Joke, It’s Real

Remember when people used to think the G-spot was just a very popular myth? It was such an elusive thing. Men couldn’t find it, women couldn’t find it… No one could prove it existed, until now. Now we do have proof that the G-spot is not some sort of prank someone started a long time ago to confuse men. Researchers from the University of L’Aquila found the G-spot back in 2008 and it turns out it’s located on the front side of the vagina at the deepest part of the clitoris, close to the belly button. So, the G-spot was in front of us the entire time! Who knew.

4. There’s a Second Important Spot

The anterior fornix erogenous zone, also known as the A-spot, has been recently found to be one of the hot spots in a woman’s body. Its role consists of increasing lubrication and stimulating orgasmic contractions that are so intense you’ll be thanking God for it. According to Desmond Morris, a professional sex researcher, the A-spot is the equivalent of a man’s prostate.

So, if you’re on a mission to find your G-spot, challenge yourself even further and go for your A-spot as well. You just have to head toward the G-spot following the upper wall of the vagina in direction to the cervix, where you’ll find a bit of tissue that’s tender and oh so sensitive.

5. The Vagina Is Mighty

We’ve all heard the rumors about how vaginas can be so powerful and strong. And yes, they do have their own kind of mystical power, but there are some seriously strong women out there who bring a new meaning to the word. Take Tatyana Kozhevnikova as an example. This incredible Russian woman holds the record for the strongest vagina… Yes, you read that correctly. This woman can lift up to 30 pounds using nothing but her vagina.

How is this even possible, you may wonder. Well, vaginal walls are made of muscle, also known as contractile tissue. This muscle can be trained with exercises so it can contract strongly. If you’re not up for training your vagina for weightlifting, you can still train your vagina so you can have better orgasms. Did someone say Kegel exercises? Oh yes! And we have an article to help you get started on that!

6. The Vagina Is Not Multi-Purpose

Penises are like the Swiss Army Knife of reproductive organs. By contrast, vaginas are the only parts of a woman’s body that are designed for sexual pleasure. And that’s just fine! We experience pleasure differently as men and women. Our vaginas can do many other amazing things, such as bringing life into this world. No biggie!

7. Vaginas Can Fall Out

WHAT?! Okay, calm down, let me explain. It’s known as vaginal prolapse and it’s a severe case where the vaginal canal can actually fall out through the vagina’s opening and it’s solved with surgery. Don’t panic, though, it’s not likely to happen to you and it’s prevented by kegel exercises, diet, and exercise.

8. Multiple Orgasms Are a Real Thing

Multiple orgasms, much like the G-spot, are not a myth and it’s a gift that’s bestowed upon women. Thank you, vaginas! We can have orgasms non-stop. And to prove that, many people around the world test their capabilities in events where they masturbate nonstop. Back in 2009, Deanna Webb achieved the world record for 226 orgasms. In contrast, the male title was only for 31 orgasms.

9. Women Can Ejaculate Too

It’s not possible for all women, but some can ejaculate and it’s completely normal, so it’s not something only men can do. As you orgasm, your vagina may release a milky fluid and it can reach great lengths; as much as 10 feet!

10. We Don’t Have to Worry About Size

Vaginas are 3 to 4 inches long, on average, and erect penises can be up to 5.7 inches long. That would be an issue is women’s vaginal canals wouldn’t expand up to 200%, so there’s room for any kind of erect penis they choose to have in their lives. So, no worries guys! It will fit.

The amount of misinformation available about vaginas is astounding, especially considering we live in a society so centered around women’s bodies. You would think that means we’re better informed, but no. Hopefully, today marks the beginning of learning more about this amazing organ, whether you’re a man or a woman. What matters is you have a better understanding, starting now!


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