Tabuu Wrap-up: When it comes to sex toys, manufacturers are all competing to see who can make the best sex toy in history. Wanna hear a secret? It doesn’t exist!

If you’ve ever heard anyone speak highly of a sex toy or read reviews online that make you go “Cool! That sounds like what I’m looking for, I’m going to buy it!” only to find that, in the end, the sex toy doesn’t work very well for you, this guide is exactly what you need. The reason popular sex toys can let you down is this: all bodies are different.

Some people only achieve their orgasm through external stimulation, some prefer internal stimulation, some need a combination of both, some people only like certain positions or scenarios, and the list can go on and on for miles.

Even though sex toy manufacturers are trying their best to create the best sex toy in history, the truth is they’re pursuing something impossible. There simply can’t be one toy that works perfectly for everything. There is no one Holy Grail of sex toys for everyone, but there is one for you. To find it, all you need to do is learn what to look for, so here are some tips to guide your way!

1. Gotta Start at the Bottom

First thing’s first: have you ever given sex toys a try? If the answer is no, you want to start with a simple, inexpensive sex toy such as a bullet vibrator, a dildo, or a masturbation sleeve. You can find these products at any sex shop or online retailer of your choice. Don’t let anyone up-sell you on your first time; simply get a basic sex toy to test things out and see if you like it. Once you do that, your journey has begun!

2. Find Something Better

Once you get familiar with the basic sex toy you chose, you should have a pretty good idea of what you like. For example, if you enjoy the vibration, you might want to upgrade to a toy that offers more power, vibrating patterns, etc. In other words, once you find what you like about your sex toy, you can find a sex toy that does it better. The point of sex toys is to learn about yourself, what you like, and your pleasure. Then, use that information to upgrade your sex toy!

3. Look For More Power

Granted, some people truly love gentle and soft vibrations, but others really need more power. If your first sex toy showed you how much you love vibration and you found yourself wishing it was stronger, then it’s time to get yourself a more powerful vibrator. High-quality vibrators will offer not only more power but also deep and intense stimulation. So, do your research and find the right fit for you!

4. Always Make Sure Your Toy Is Body-Safe

It doesn’t matter what your budget is, you need to make sure your toy is 100% body-safe. Body-safe sex toys are often made of better quality materials and construction. Not to mention they won’t expose your genitals to toxic chemicals. The last thing you want is for your sex toy to be a source of stress, discomfort, pain, or health issues, so make sure you pick one that’s nice and safe.

5. Get Yourself Something Fancy

If you really love your sex toy but you want to try something new, you might want to consider something fancier and more high-tech. Applying technology to our products has made our lives better in many ways, and sex toys are not an exception. Some sex toys on the market can be controlled via an app and can even be paired with virtual reality content. Imagine that! So, if you want to make a big upgrade, getting yourself one of these toys could be it for you.

6. Consider Having More Than One Sex Toy

Just because you absolutely love the one toy you have, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy another type of toy that can provide a different kind of stimulation. Not to mention you could use multiple toys at once! Think about it. You could use a dildo for thrusting and a clitoral vibrator or a prostate massager at the same time. How amazing would that be? The world is truly your oyster, so make the most of it and don’t limit your pleasure.

7. Play With Someone Else As Well

Though sex toys are often marketed for playing alone, they are great when it comes to heating things up in the bedroom with someone else. They bring a different element to partnered sex and they allow you to spice things up in a different way. For example, using a vibrator during intercourse can truly blow your mind! And that’s only one example. Remember there are many different types of sex toys and they all have something different to offer in the bedroom. In short, sex toys can be an incredible way to reconnect with your partner, especially if you’ve lost your edge in the bed!

8. Don’t Give Up!

Whatever sex toy you decide to play with, remember there’s no right way to climax. Something may work for many people but it may not work for you, and that’s okay! It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. What it means is you shouldn’t give up. You should continue experimenting and trying new things. Explore your body freely and enjoy the process. Remember it’s about you and what you like, so stop comparing your sexual experience.

Sex toys are a lot of fun but remember: there’s no holy grail for everyone, but you can find your own. All it takes is a little sense of curiosity! Have fun with the process and don’t hold back. Trust me, it will be worth it! The journey is half of the fun, so, go freely and explore your body.

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