Tabuu Wrap-up: Sex toys can make your holiday season better than ever, so take the time to consider getting them!

Trust me, we know how stressful the holidays are. Of course, it’s a great feeling to bring everyone together, see everyone happy, and have fun as a family. However, putting all that together is exhausting and chaotic. There’s a lot to be done from Thanksgiving all the way to New Years, and at times it can feel like you’re in hell.

But that’s where sex toys can come in and make everything better. In a big sense, sex toys are magical and they allow us to decompress, experience pleasure, and let go of all the stress we’ve been building up in the holiday season.

Today we want to give you one of the best presents you’ll ever get: six different ways to use your sex toys so you can survive the holidays and have a way better time than ever before. We all need something to decompress when things don’t go well or when everything seems too overwhelming to deal with. Turn to these tips to find a moment of peace until the season is over and your life goes back to normal, and even after that!

1. Orgasms Turn Your Mood Around Every Time

It seems extreme, but the truth is that orgasms are the answer to any problem you may have. You can carve that in stone! You’re having an awful, no-good day? Masturbate. Your head is killing you? Masturbate. You can’t get over a nasty hangover? Masturbate. You’re dealing with an unreasonable guest during the holidays who’s driving you nuts? Masturbate.

Holidays are all about cheer and happiness, but not if you’re losing your mind about whether your dad is going to have a few too many or your mother-in-law is going to enter a bickering contest with someone at the table. Masturbation releases feel-good chemicals that will turn your mood around before dinner, so get your favorite vibrator and allow yourself to relax.

2. It’s Important to Have Me-Time

During the holiday season, it seems like you’re never alone. You hardly have a chance to have some me-time. In fact, you don’t even think about being alone because you’re too busy doing a million other things. You’re doing a world-class balancing act with family, work, dinners, office parties, gift shopping, chores, etc.

You’re juggling a million tasks and they all need to be done. There’s no room in your mind for some time alone. But you must make it a priority! Your sex toys can provide that break and they will never make you feel anything but amazing. So, say you’re going to take a 10/15/20 minute “nap”, and take that well-deserved sexy break.

3. Stress Will Go Straight Out the Door

At this point, stress goes hand in hand with the holiday season and it’s almost unavoidable. Luckily, you have something that’s better than a Xanax: a vibrator and it will lead your stress right out the door. Orgasms are magical against stress; they’re nature’s biggest gift, and you can access them whenever you need them.

When you orgasm, your brain releases oxytocin and dopamine, two of the best feel-good hormones we have. Dopamine is a reward hormone and oxytocin is the love hormone. When they’re released, they’re known to relieve stress, pain, and make you feel more loving and connected to your partner or yourself. So, if you feel like you’re losing your mind, for God’s sake go masturbate immediately!

4. It’s a Great Little Exercise

Sexual activity elevates your heart rate, increases the production of different chemicals, and it also increases your blood flow. That means, you’re getting a little exercise and you’re burning a few calories in the process. During the holiday season, you take any calorie-burning activity you can get and having fun with sex toys is one of the best.

Sources vary on how many calories you actually burn during sexual activity because it depends on many different factors. But no one denies that calories are indeed burnt and that’s good enough. The more work you do, the more calories you’ll burn, so that’s something to keep in mind. Burning calories is as good an excuse as any!

5. It Allows You to Reconnect With Your Partner

Because the holiday season is so hectic, many important things are put on the backseat for a while. Sex and connecting with your partner are commonly one of those things. But sex doesn’t lose importance just because you’re going insane with holiday-related tasks. If anything, it becomes more important than before because you need to support each other.

Sex is the most intimate act we engage in as couples, and during stressful times, it’s more essential than ever. With everything going on during the holidays, reconnecting and coming together becomes vital. You need that spark to keep you sane and to enjoy each other. Your sex toy collection can facilitate things and spice things up as well.

Plus, the holidays are a great way to give each other secret presents and get new sex toys for each other. Trying something new is always a great way to connect and have fun, so it’s an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

6. Sex Toys Make for Great Presents

Sex toys are so great and so positive that they’re something you can gift to anyone in the family. Needless to say, no children and grandparents probably won’t have any use for sex toys either. But think about your sister, sister-in-law, cousins, nieces, friends, etc. They could all use a new sex toy.

If you have a very close relationship with these people or you’re brave enough to do it, I say sex toys make for great presents everyone can enjoy. They might be surprised and laugh about it a little, but trust me, they’ll use it and their lives will improve. So, be prepared to receive a lot of gratitude!


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