Tabuu Wrap-up: You want to massage your man’s prostate but you don’t know how? Here’s a quick little guide for you!

When you hear the prostate, also known as the P-spot, is the male G-spot, it’s only natural to want to learn more about it. After all, if your partner has put in the work towards finding the G-spot and learning to stimulate it the way you like it, it’s normal to want to return the favor. If they’re up to it!

The prostate is very similar to the G-spot in many ways. For one, it can also be massaged from the inside and the outside of the body. The biggest difference between the two is the location. The P-spot is 2 to 3 inches… inside the anus.

So, why would you want to give P-spot stimulation a try? Well, the prostate is responsible for producing men’s ejaculatory fluid. When we focus on conception, this ejaculatory fluid does something that’s very important. It protects the semen from the vagina’s acidity, allowing it free mobility.

Massaging the prostate will allow you to give your man a longer, more intense orgasm than ever. Not to mention it’s also good for his health because, according to studies, P-spot stimulation reduces the risk of prostate cancer. It definitely can’t hurt!

The first thing you need to give your guy a prostate massage is consent! It’s important he’s willing to do it. After all, not every man wants you to go through the back door. But if they do, you’ll need a high-quality lube and a latex glove or a condom to cover your fingers. Here are a few tips to help you have a smoother, more pleasurable experience:

  • Even if you are using a glove or a condom, make sure your nails are clipped and filed. Remember, the tissue down there is very sensitive and the last thing you want is for your nails to cause damage.
  • Don’t neglect the warm-up! It’s important you get him aroused and hard, so do it in a way you know he loves. Foreplay will allow him to relax, so don’t rush through it.
  • Find a position that’s comfortable for him. Most men like to lie on their backs and have their partner between their legs, so give that a try.
  • Lube up your fingers and rub them together to warm up the lube before touching your guy. This will prevent a temperature shock that will most likely make him tense up his muscles, including the sphincter muscles.
  • Use your fingers to stimulate his perineum by providing pressure. The perineum is the space between his anus and his testicles and it’s a hotspot. 8 different muscles come together at this point. On one side of the muscles, there’s the root of his erection, and on the other, there’s the prostate. So, provide him with a nice, circular massage and play pressure so you can stimulate the prostate from the outside.
  • When and if he wants more, reapply lube and massage the outside of the sphincter with your fingers.
  • When and if he wants to go deeper, use one of your fingers to gently pull one side of the sphincter toward the spine. This will make sure your fingers can enter smoothly, without causing any muscle resistance.
  • You can curve your finger or point the sex toy you’re using towards the navel, then gently move your finger or the toy for a nice massage.
  • Always start slow and then you can increase speed or pressure as you see fit. Just make sure he’s always comfortable. Communicate with him, have fun with him, watch his responses, listen to his breathing, etc., do whatever you need to make sure you’re following his lead. Don’t work past any limits.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully given your man a great prostate massage!

It may take you guys a while to find a nice rhythm and technique, but the process is a huge part of the fun. After all, you’re exploring something new. It will take a bit of effort and getting used to, but it will be very rewarding in the end. It will spice things up a whole lot!

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