Tabuu Wrap-up: Training your sexual stamina to last longer in bed is not just about physical exercise, it’s also about communicating with your partner and understanding what they need.

If you have a penis, picture the sexual scenario of your dreams. It could be a long, taking-your-time kind of session, or it could a passion-fueled quickie. Maybe you’re thinking about something kinky or leaning towards vanilla. Regardless of what your fantasy may be, one thing’s for sure. You want to have control of your stamina.

One of the most common beliefs about sex is that the longer it goes on for, the better it is. The more pleasure you and your partner will experience. When it comes to having intercourse, men better perform until everyone is happy. It’s not just about their pleasure.

And even though many men are waiting for me to say this is a myth, I have to say there’s some truth to it. Sexual stamina is not something that concerns only men, but also women. And while it’s not something that will ruin your sex life, as many believe, it’s still a complex issue and it should be addressed if your sex life is suffering because of it.

What Is Stamina?

When we talk about sexual stamina, we refer to how long you can last during a sexual encounter. More specifically, sexual stamina refers to the amount of time your penis can hold an erection before reaching climax. Now, your sexual encounters shouldn’t come to an end when your penis is done. Not by any means! There are many other ways to keep the party going, penetrative sex is just one of them.

However, it’s common for sex to be done when you’re no longer erect. Which leads us to the question: how long should we last? Are men supposed to stay hard for hours? Is that something partners want? What if I don’t last very long? Is that a problem?

Well, the answer to many of these questions can only be found by communicating with your partner. Mainstream society convinces us that intercourse is supposed to last for hours. But there are many ways to satisfy your partner and intercourse is only a slice of that. If you want to make sure you satisfy your partner, you need to have open communication about your sexual desires and then things you enjoy the most in bed.

The truth is that while many people want their man to last for a long time, not everyone has an issue with it. For some people, long sessions can be painful or uncomfortable, for others it’s super fun and they enjoy it very much. So, figuring out what works for you as a couple is a matter of haven an open discussion.

It’s also important to acknowledge the medical aspect of it, such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, which can complicate things for many men out there. We underestimate just how different our bodies, capabilities, desires, and turn-ons are. The sexual interaction you have with your partner will vary from one partner to another. We all have unique sex drives and stamina. However, it is true that it takes longer for women to reach orgasm. Once the vulva is aroused, it can take up to 20 minutes, with the right stimulation, to reach climax.

But instead of worrying about your stamina matching that of your partner’s what you should focus on is finding a happy medium. In other words, the perfect amount of duration that will satisfy everyone whenever that’s possible. You don’t need to measure your duration with a stopwatch; that’s not where pleasure lays. Instead of focusing on the clock, you should be focusing on each other.

The Physical Aspect of Lasting Longer

Once you sit down with your partner and consider each other’s desires and needs openly, you can start working on improving your sexual performance and stamina. Luckily, there are many great things you can do by yourself or with your partner that will help you gain a better understanding of your sexuality. As well as how you can interact as a couple in the most pleasurable way possible.

If you want to improve your sexual stamina, it will take some training. Not just physical training, but also mental training. Your emotional and physical skills must be on the same page because these two parts of your being work together when you’re engaged in sexual activities.

When it comes to the physical aspect of lasting longer, one of the best things you can do for your sexual stamina is masturbating. You need to explore different masturbation techniques, not only with your hands, but also with masturbators, and understand how breathing techniques can make a difference. Masturbating is the best way to understand how your body responds to stimuli, which is what allows you to gain more control. Here’s how you can get started:

  • When you’re using your hands: Using your hands for masturbation will allow you to understand when you need to speed things up and when to slow them down, when to apply more pressure, and when to let go. Your hand and your penis are your two points of contact, and as you engage with them, you’ll be able to discover which areas are more responsive and what kind of stimuli turns you on the most. The point of masturbating is to become more familiar with your sensations and your experience when you orgasm so you can learn to control it. When you feel like you’re coming, instead of letting go, apply pressure at the base of the penis’ head so you can stop yourself and keep going. The idea is to do this multiple times before you allow yourself to climax. This is known as edging.
  • When you’re using a masturbator: Masturbators allows you to explore your sensations the same ways as explained above, but it brings things to a new level. Why? Because it mimics penetration. This will allow you to explore your experience in different penetrative scenarios, which will help you gain more control. Masturbators are great tools for edging, which is when you bring yourself to the edge of orgasm only to stop and then doing this many more times. It feels incredible and it allows you to gain more control and improve your stamina.
  • Breathing technique: Believe it or not, controlling your breathing will allow you to have more control over your orgasm. The idea behind a breathing technique is to help you slow down you’re breathing when you’re getting too hot and bothered so you don’t come earlier than you want. Controlling your excitement is the best way to increase your sexual stamina.

We recommend you put at least two of these exercises to practice. Combine the breathing technique with edging, whether you’re only masturbating with your hand or you’re using a masturbator. Make a habit of it and you will gain more control of your body over time. Enough to have more stamina during sex, if that’s something your partner enjoys.

The Psychological Aspect of Lasting Longer

Now that we discussed the physical aspect of lasting longer and what you can do to improve your sexual stamina, we can’t forget about the psychological and emotional aspects of it. This is where communication comes in. As a couple, you must understand each other’s desires when it comes to intercourse and the entire sexual experience.

It’s important to remember that sex is about more than penetrative action and how much you last. It’s also about connecting with your partner and exploring pleasure as well as the potential of your bodies.

When you improve your sexual stamina, the impact goes beyond sex and being better at it. You also get more confident and your self-esteem grows. When you teach yourself to control your orgasm, so you and your partner are both satisfied, it feels amazing. You’re able to provide a fulfilling experience, so it definitely makes you feel better about yourself. But that can’t happen without some physical and psychological work.

Training your sexual stamina comes down to the fact that you need to understand your body and also the body of your partner. You need to determine how compatible you are in bed and work from there. If you are not very compatible, there are ways to get there! All you need to do is explore your sexuality together and speak openly about what you desire.


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