Tabuu Wrap-up: So many things to do with your tongue, but where to begin?

Our tongues allow us to do so many things. Thanks to them, we’re able to speak and communicate, taste food, and do some mischievous things that play an important role in our sex lives. The tongue is the main part of the mouth’s erogenous zone, and it can turn you and your partner on in an instant. It excites desire and increases euphoria, which is why you will benefit from these 5 tricks!

1. Send Some Libidinous Signals

Body language is magic, which is why you don’t always need to speak to tell your partner what you want. Licking and biting your lips are great ways to express your interest and be seductive. You can also part your lips ever so subtly and pout a little if the situation calls for it. Whatever you do, make sure you’re subtle and strategic about delivering these libidinous signals. There’s no guide book for this, though, so just follow your gut and be confident.

2. Use Your Sensual Voice

Speaking and communication your passion and desires in a sensual voice is a big part of foreplay and it can make a huge difference. Start with innocent compliments about how your partner looks, their style, their smile, etc., and then take your flirting up a notch. Enunciate, speak softly, and look them in the eye. Let yourself be guided not only by your desire but by the body language between you two. Feed off the vibe and use it to build up your sexual tension until you can’t take it anymore.

3. Expand Your Kissing Technique

There are many types of kisses and if you only stick to one, you should expand your repertoire ASAP. Use soft kisses, nibbles, subtle licks, and use your hands; run them through their hair, touch their chest, etc., kiss their neck, and look for the spots that will increase arousal. Once you’ve excited desire, things will get a little more heated. Enter French kisses, more aggressive licking and suckling, etc. Simply read your partner during your makeout sessions and discover what works. Also, read the mood and adjust your kissing technique accordingly until you get to where you want to get!

4. Give Great Oral Sex

Once you’ve warmed your partner up, you shouldn’t dive right into intercourse. Take your time, and give them great oral sex. Slowly hint at what you want to do with deliberate, slow movements, and then get to it! Use your fingers, relax your tongue, and follow the beat of your own drum. Work your way up and down, look them in the eye, and talk to them, ask for feedback! If you’re both in the mood, you can also incorporate props, such as ice cubes, whipped cream, and whatever else you want to bring into it. Just remember, it’s not a race! Take your time and enjoy yourselves.

5. Remember to Reconnect

When you’re having sex, it’s easy to get lost in your little bubble of pleasure. So much so that you forget to connect with your partner! Take a moment to reconnect during sex and kiss, look at each other, remember you’re with one another, lick them, touch them, whisper to them, etc. Do this, and it will make your sex that much more rewarding. Tongues have many different uses, it’s just a matter of getting a little creative!

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