I sat in my car, wondering if I was really about to go through with this decision. It seemed reckless, but this was something that I had fantasized about for so long. The building stood before me, unassuming in its appearance. However, it was what happened on the inside of the building that made it so special.

The interior of the building was infamous, as it was nearly constantly used for some sexual purpose. Sometimes, the building was home to large orgies and gangbangs that last all night long. Other times, it hosted smaller swingers’ parties. Today, however, the building was going to be used as a glory hole destination, and I was going to participate. I found out about this place when I was going through a website that listed job openings in my area. Employers were able to post a job opening, as well as the requirements that an applicant needed to have in order to apply. Seeing as I was fresh out of college and looking for work, this job opening appealed to me greatly because of how few requirements there were. According to the user who initially posted the job opening, the only requirement for this job was that the applicant had to be female, free of any sexually transmitted diseases, and willing to be on their knees for an entire day, sucking off strangers’ cocks. I applied and got accepted pretty quickly, which excited me because of how large the payment was. For just a day’s work, I would be rewarded with nearly ten-thousand dollars in cash. I had never even had that amount of money in my bank account before, let alone in cash, so the prospect of earning such a grand amount excited me. Now, however, it was almost time for my first day on the job, and I was beginning to feel doubt in my mind.

I opened my phone and checked the time. The clock was counting down to when I would need to be in the building and on my knees, ready to suck dozens of dicks. I debated one last time whether or not I should go through with this. Ultimately, though, I decided that I was going to do it. After all, the opportunity to make nearly ten-thousand dollars in one day was too good to pass up. I stepped out of my car and walked inside the building. I had to go through the building’s back entrance so that I could get to the glory hole room without being seen by the guys who would soon be sticking their cocks through the glory hole ready to be sucked. The whole point of the glory hole was that a stranger was sucking off another stranger, so it was imperative that none of the guys ever saw who was sucking them off. I could hear them, though, as they conversed amongst themselves and made small talk. I found myself getting turned on at the thought of giving a blowjob to multiple strangers in a single day. There was something that was just so sexy to me about being used as a sex toy. I could feel the excitement building up inside of me as entered the glory hole room.

The glory hole room was a medium-sized cubicle. It was pretty compact but big enough so that I could stretch my arms out to their full wingspan in it. There were a number of holes in the walls of the cubicle. The guys were going to stick their dicks through the hole, allowing me easy access to them. There were multiple holes so that I could please multiple customers at once, ensuring maximum efficiency. Even though none of the guys on the other side of the cubicle could see me, I still felt as though it was the right thing to do to get naked. After getting completely naked inside the cubicle, I dropped down to my knees. Now, all I had to do was wait. I was constantly checking my phone, eager for my shift to start.

As soon as my shift started, several guys pushed their dicks through the holes in the cubicles. They were all different lengths and girths, but they all looked good to me. Some of them were veinier than others, and some of them were hard while others were soft. I got to work right away, wrapping my lips around one cock and wrapping my hands around two others. I chose to suck off the longest cock that was presented to me because I really wanted to show off my deepthroating skills. With the other two cocks, I jerked them off at a tantalizingly slow pace, twisting my hand in a corkscrew motion as I moved from the base of their shafts up to the tips.

I spent a handful of hours on my knees. I tried to keep count of how many guys I had sucked off and how many I had jerked off, but I lost count when the number of dicks I had taken went into the thirties. I eagerly accepted dozens upon dozens of thick and creamy loads. Some guys emptied their balls deep down my throat, while other guys preferred to shoot their load all over my face. The guys that I jerked off came all over my hands, and the feeling of being coated with sticky, salty seed turned me on so much. At the end of the day, my body was plastered with a thick layer of cum and my knees were red from being on the ground for so long. However, it was all worth it because when I opened the door to leave the cubicle, my payment was sitting right there on the ground in the form of a hefty wad of cash. This may have been my first day on the job, but it was not going to be my last.

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