The hot droplets of water fell from the shower, and Emma brought her full lips to mine. We shared a sensual, passion-filled kiss underneath the running water of the shower. I desperately craved her touch. I needed to feel the heavenly sensation of her skin against mine.

Emma and I remained locked in the impassioned, erotic kiss for a few more minutes. I felt her feminine hands making their way through my soaking wet hair, softly brushing my locks to the side. After about another minute of kissing, I parted my soft and juicy lips to allow my gorgeous lover to slip her soft and wet tongue inside of my mouth. She used her warm and inquisitive tongue to expertly navigate my mouth. Our tongues intertwined and performed an elegant dance with each other. I was able to taste her and she was able to taste me. The whole experience was so wonderfully erotic that shivers of euphoria ran all up and down the length of my spine. The hot, rushing water from the shower was starting to create a thick fog of steam that quickly filled up the bathroom. It only took a few minutes for Emma and me to be obscured by the rolling clouds of steam. The steam only served to heighten the experience, though, because it made everything feel even more mystical than it already was. Emma looked like even more of a goddess to me, now that she was surrounded by a hot swirling mist of water vapor.

Eventually, Emma decided to move her lips down from my mouth to my soft, exposed neck. She continued from my neck down to my collarbone. During this journey, she kept planting wet, impassioned kisses on my skin. These kisses interspersed between nibbles and licks, as well as hickeys. I closed my eyes and whimpered lightly, soaking in the ecstasy of the experience.

Emma continued her campaign of kisses, making her way from my collarbone to my soft and ample bosom. She was looking up at me, staring intensely into my eyes. I could see the desire and the flames of passion burning in her irises, and that turned me on so much. She was watching me closely to try and read my body language so that she could see how she was performing, and whether or not I enjoyed her technique. She placed her lips over one of my erect nipples and immediately got to work with her mouth. Her eager and wet tongue moved expertly around the sensitive flesh of my nipple, getting my nipple rock hard with arousal. She also made sure to use her teeth to gently graze my nipple, which flooded my body with sensations of euphoria. She also used one of her hands to play with my other nipple. She pinched and rolled my nipple between her thumb and her forefinger, mixing the pain with pleasure to create a wonderful experience.

She continued to play with my voluptuous tits for a few more minutes until she decided that she wanted to move down between my legs. At a tantalizingly slow speed, the goddess-like young woman made her way down my torso until her pretty face was positioned between my legs. At this point, her mouth was so close to my greedy, horny cunt that I could feel the warmth of her soft breath against my sensitive clit, which was enough to provide me with light sensations of bliss. I spread my long, shapely legs far apart so as to give Emma easier access to my dripping wet, desperately horny cunt. I then proceeded to lift one leg over her shoulder, and I let out an ecstasy-filled moan as she expertly employed her mouth and tongue to provide me with the most amount of pleasure I had felt in a while.

Emma moved her tongue in wide arcs over my clit, lapping up and licking at the river of juices that were gushing out of my cunt. With every successive revolution, these arcs became smaller and smaller until, finally, Emma was flicking her tongue directly at my swollen, eager clit. My moans had gotten so loud by this point, but I didn’t care about how loud I was. I was just lost in the pleasure of this magical experience.

My lover continued to eat out my delicious, soaking wet cunt for a few more minutes. Afterward, she got back up on her feet and pinned me up against the shower wall, a lewd grin creeping across her beautiful face. We interlaced our legs until we were locked in the scissoring position. I’d always wanted to try this position with another woman before, but I‘d never gotten the opportunity. Now, though, I got the chance to live out that fantasy, and I was so excited.

Emma and I rubbed our clitorises against each others’ smooth, soft skin while the steaming hot shower water soaked into our skin, relaxing us and working to undo any muscle tension in our bodies. After just a few minutes of scissoring, I felt as though I was getting close to a powerful orgasm. My legs began to tremble and the pleasure began to grow within me until it could be ignored no longer. “Emma, I am going to cum for you!” I cried out passionately, and that was when Emma told me that she was on the verge of cumming as well. Knowing that I turned her on so much that she was about to cum sent me over the edge, and the pleasure derived from the scissoring caused Emma to cum. We orgasmed at the same time, our moans and whimpers filling up the bathroom. We trembled as we experienced the peak of our passions for each other.

When we finished recovering from the orgasm, Emma turned the shower off. We both got out and toweled off. Afterward, I followed Emma to her bedroom, excited to cuddle her for the next few hours.




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