Tabuu Wrap-up: Fancy an amazing orgasm? Explore edging with these fun tips!

If you’ve heard about edging and you’re interested, this is the article for you! Edging is a trend that consists of bringing yourself or your partner right to the edge of orgasm, stopping cold turkey, and then doing it again, over and over. The idea behind this is to teach yourself and/or your partner to reach orgasm in a way that’s mind-blowing and explosive.

As an added bonus, practicing edging consistently over time can help men prevent premature ejaculation and give a boost to their sexual stamina. If you want to give edging a try, here are 6 tips that will help you reach a better orgasm.

1. Do It on Your Own First

If you’re interested in edging as something you can do with your partner, you want to do it on your own first. When you’re having some me time, bring yourself to the edge of your orgasm and then slow stimulation down or stop it altogether. Do it again, and again, and then let yourself come. Pay attention to your body and what it feels like when you’re about to climax so you can practice self-control more effectively and gain more control over your orgasm.

2. Get Extras

Once you’ve done it a few times and you’re certain you’re comfortable with the basics, you can get some extras to make your edging even better. For example, lube is a great idea if you want to expand your edging beyond two rounds. Of course, you can get other useful things such as anti-chafing lotion, plumping and delay creams, a plush masturbator, etc., whatever you want!

3. Mix Things Up

When edging, you want your pleasure build up to be slow and steady, not quick. This is why you need to mix things up and experiment with less direct ways of stimulation. For women, this means you shouldn’t focus as much on your clit anymore and go for your G-spot or A-spot instead. Play with your rhythm, movements, and breathing so you can become familiar with the way your body reacts to that stimulus.

4. Speak About What Works for You

If you’re edging with your partner, it’s a great opportunity to gain more awareness of their body and how you can pleasure each other in different ways. When you’re in the role of the edger, you want to pay attention to verbal and physical signs. As the edgee, you want to communicate and speak about what’s working for you, how you’re feeling, and how close you are to climax. This way, you can explore each other while you’re on the edge.

5. Use Your Hands

When you’re edging with someone, using your hands will give you a lot more control over speed, pressure, and location of the stimulation. If penetration has been your only sexual activity for a long time, it’s time to go back to basics and become familiar once more with the good old handjob.

6. Add a Dash of BDSM

Some people incorporate BDSM into their edging adventures, which means tying your partner up as you stimulate them. When this is done right, they will be begging to orgasm, and when they finally do, it will be life-changing. Of course, this is to be done safely! Always have a pair of scissors at the ready in case the bondage gets too tight.

If you haven’t tried BDSM, start slowly. You want to discuss it beforehand and you must research. Become familiar with BDSM in theory, and then decide what you want to do in practice and how to do it. There are many resources online about this topic that will walk you through safe BDSM!


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