Tabuu Wrap-up: The wetter, the better! So make a point to choose the right lube for what you’re doing.

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If you’re looking for a super simple way to bring your sexual experience to the next level, look no further than your local drugstore. Why? Because that’s where you’ll find lubricant! In case you didn’t know, lubrication makes any sexual activity a lot more pleasurable and comfortable, so everything feels a lot more enjoyable.

Many studies support the benefits of lube and surveys also show that at least 50% of the population makes use of lube during sex. Lubrication brings additional sensations to the table and it takes away any discomfort, which means you’ll be able to lean further into your pleasure. The wetter, the better!

Even though the benefits of lubricants are so well-known, there’s a lot of misconceptions about women who use lube. The belief is that lubrication is only something old ladies or very bad girls use. But that’s not true. Literally everyone can benefit from a little squeeze of lube! It makes sex more fun, more intense, and more pleasurable no matter how old or kinky you are.

So even if you don’t need lubrication because you naturally produce enough of it on your own, you’ll find that you still like to use it. The fact is that lube makes any kind of sexual practice 10 times better. Not only does it allow you to explore a wider array of techniques and positions, but studies also suggest you’ll experience more pleasure and better orgasms.

However, that doesn’t mean all lubricants are the same. The fact is that finding the right one for you can be quite a challenge. Just like with any other product that goes on your skin, you will have to go through some trial and error to find a lubricant that feels good and doesn’t cause any side effects.

What you want to do is go to your local sex shop, see how different lube options feel on your fingers, and take some samples home. If you don’t want to go out, you can order sample packs online! What matters is that you start trying different lubes until you find the perfect one for you. And remember, you can have more than one lube for different purposes!

If you want to know what kind of lube will work best depending on the sexual activity you want to engage in, just continue reading!

1. Lubricant for External Anal Play

When it comes to external anal play, personal preference matters most when you’re looking for the right lubricant. For most people, water-based lubes or gels make things a lot better and provide more texture.

2. Lubricant for Penetrative Anal Play

The right kind of lube for penetrative anal play is a silicone-based lubricant because these lubes are a lot thicker than water-based lubricants. That means they’re long-lasting and slicker, so they will make things a lot more comfortable and pleasurable.

3. Lubricant for Shower Sex

If you’re into shower sex or any kind of sexual activity underwater, you won’t be able to use water-based lubes. Silicone-based lubes are a way better option whether you’re playing alone or with someone else. For example, the Astroglide Diamond Silicone Gel is waterproof and compatible with condoms.

4. Lubricant for Handjobs

Your hands don’t produce lubrication, unfortunately, so you will need a lubricant if you’re playing with your hands in any way. The best option for handjobs and other hand play would be a silicone-based lube.

5. Lubricant for Oral Sex

When you think of oral sex, you might not think lubricant is necessary for that. However, many people report that oral sex is a lot more pleasurable and comfortable when they add a little bit of lube. Lubricant is particularly useful during oral sex if you want to have a better grip as you suck, lick, slide, twist, etc. If you’re performing oral sex on a man, add a drop of lube to your lips. In this scenario, you could give flavored lubes a try, just make sure they’re body-safe. If you can find organic lubes, that would be best!

6. Lubricant for Sex toys

if your sex toys are made of silicone, you want to use water-based lubricants because silicone-based lubes will damage your toys after a while. If your sex toys are made of steel, glass, or wood, you can use basically any type of lube, just make sure it’s one you enjoy.

7. Lubricants Safe for Condoms

If you use condoms during sex, you want to choose a lubricant that’s tested for condom use. Astroglide’s lubes follow the ASTM condom compatibility guidelines determined by the FDA and they make lubes that are compatible with different types of condoms. Water-based lubricants are also compatible with latex, so you could just grab one of those. Just make sure you do your research! After all, you don’t want your lube to compromise your condoms.

8. Oil-Based Lubricants

Vaseline, body lotions, coconut oil, baby oil, and other products that contain oil shouldn’t be used as lubricants, especially if you’re using latex condoms, gloves, or dams. Oil-based lubricants don’t work with latex condoms because they weaken the latex and cause it to break. Plus, this type of lube is not safe for penetrative activities because it can attract bacteria. However, oil-based lubes can work well for massages and external play.

9. Lubricant for Slow Sex

If you want to drag out your sexual experience, you want a lubricant that will stay slippery and slick for longer. Silicone-based lubes work perfectly for slow sex because they’re long-lasting. But whatever lube you use, remember to reapply lube as necessary!

Final Words on Lubricants

There’s a wide variety of lubricants available on the market, so make sure whichever lube you choose is made of high-quality ingredients. You want your lube to be effective, body-safe, and appropriate for the sexual experience you’ll be having. It’s always a good idea to have more than one alternative at hand. You’ll definitely need to try different ones until you find the perfect lube for you, so have fun with the process!


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