Tabuu Wrap-up: Discover your perineal sponge and your sex life will change forever!

If you’re a woman (or you are or have been with one) then you’re probably familiar with most of the basic hotspots in the female body that makes them feel really nice. Some of the most obvious ones are the clitoris. Duh. The G-spot. No doubt. The nipples. Absolutely. Oh, and there’s also the perineal sponge. Wait… What?

Okay, maybe that one is new. Also known as “PS-sponge”, the perineal sponge is not very mainstream when it comes to the female orgasm. And that’s simply because not many people even know it exists in the female body, but it does! We know a lot about what the area between the vagina and the anus is not, and very little about what it is. It turns out this spot can make the orgasm last longer and be more intense. In fact, it can cause an orgasm all on its lonesome. So today you’re learning all about it!

Introducing the Perineal Sponge

The perineal sponge is made up of erectile tissue and is found right between the vagina and the anus. In the image below, you’ll be able to see exactly where it is. The perineal sponge makes its home just under the skin between the vagina and the rectum, which is the perineum, and it becomes engorged when you’re aroused.

How Does the PS-Spot Feel Like?

Ashley Manta offers perhaps the best description of what the perineal sponge feels like. When you run your tongue through the roof of your mouth, what does it feel like? That’s exactly what the perineal sponge feels like, firm and with ridges. I know you want to double-check, so just feel the roof of your mouth with your tongue, I’ll wait.

Done? Okay, great! Now, what makes the perineal sponge a hotspot is the fact that it has a great number of nerve endings. For some women, stimulation in this area can lead to longer, quicker, and better orgasms. As mentioned earlier, PS-spot stimulation on its own can lead to an orgasm. Knowing this, you can add the perineal sponge to the list of spots that require attention. If clitoris action is going really well, head over to the perineal sponge and see what happens!

How to Stimulate the Perineal Sponge Correctly

The perineal sponge has a super convenient placement, which means you can stimulate it in many different ways and with many different toys if you like that sort of thing. You can get to the PS-spot from the vagina’s lower back wall or the anu’s front wall. You can use your fingers or curved toys, which are perfect for stimulating at that angle.

You can also use your penis or a harnessed dildo to stimulate the PS-spot. All you need to do is find a position where your penis/harnessed dildo is toward the vagina’s back wall. To do this, the woman can be on top while you bring your torsos together, you can sit facing each other, or it can even be done during missionary, which is the easiest way. You know the positions you use when you want to hit the G-spot? Well, to hit the PS-spot you’ll need to go in the opposite direction because that’s where the perineal sponge is.

Of course, the PS-spot can also be stimulated from the outside. Simply apply pressure on it with a vibrator or put your fingers to work. As you can see, there are many ways to pay attention to the perineal sponge and whatever you decide to try will depend on who you’re with and what they like or what kind of mood you’re on. You are encouraged to try different methods so you can find what works best, and then play around with that.

What If I Don’t Feel Anything?

The thing about the PS-spot is that it can lead to amazing, orgasmic fireworks and explosions. But unfortunately not for everyone. Remember we’re all different and we experience things very differently.

If you give perineal sponge stimulation a try and it doesn’t do anything for you, it doesn’t mean you’re broken, it simply means it’s not for you. And that’s perfectly fine! Knowing what doesn’t work is just as important as knowing what does work, so just keep exploring in other ways and eventually, you’ll find that one spot that makes you (or her) go BOOM! That’s the beauty of exploring, you never know how you’ll strike orgasm gold.


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