Tabuu Wrap-up: It’s no secret the ladies love foreplay so let’s explore this a little more…

Foreplay is one of the most debated, under-appreciated, and often misunderstood aspects of sex. Many people think of it as a formality they need to get through, but great foreplay makes a difference and it sets the stage for better, more rewarding sex. Think about it like this: if you start your meal off with an awful appetizer, will you feel excited about the next dish?

This is why you need to make an effort to understand foreplay and change your perspective of it. Look at it not as a formality or a hurdle you need to jump through, but an enjoyable part of sex. To help you do that, here are 10 things everyone should know about foreplay!

1. Foreplay Is Crucial to Sex

The point of foreplay is preparing your mind and your body for sex. It’s about building desire, anticipation, excitement; all this will make you more comfortable, which will lead to better, more enjoyable sex. Not to mention foreplay is a very intimate thing, it will help solidify your relationship, make each other feel more loved and desired, so there’s a higher chance of passionate, mind-blowing sex. Foreplay even helps you burn calories, up to 7.5 per minute! There’s literally nothing wrong with it, so why not learn to do it better?

2. Women Need Foreplay

Many people think foreplay is optional and it’s something you do only when you have time for it. But that’s not the case at all. Most women actually need it, it doesn’t only help get her engines running (if you know what I mean), but also gives her the opportunity to get in the right mindset. So, instead of going right to penetration, which is not the best way to initiate sex, spend time touching her, kissing her, building her desire and anticipation.

3. Most Women Have a Better Time with Foreplay than with Sex

Yes, this one may seem shocking, but it’s true! Most women prefer those sexual encounters where they connect with their partners not just physically, but also with their minds and hearts. This connection is created through foreplay most of all. When you learn to touch them, feel their entire body, and connect with who they are on a deeper level, instead of just focusing on penetration, your sex life will improve.

4. Foreplay Means You Care

When you rush to penetration, you’re sending a clear message: “I don’t care enough about you to make you feel good, I care only about my own pleasure.” Even if you don’t mean to send that message, that’s what women are making of it. Show her you’re the kind of partner who cares about her pleasure as much as you care about yours. Tend to her desires, make her feel wanted and loved, and she will respond to that much better than to anything else. It will lead to better sex and you will both feel better about your sexual relationship.

5. It Helps Women Reach Orgasm

A lack of foreplay is one of the biggest reasons women don’t reach orgasm. So, if you’re the kind of partner who cares about her pleasure and wants to get her to the finish line every time, foreplay is a great way to encourage orgasm.

6. Foreplay Is a Standalone Activity

Its name suggests that it’s something you do only prior to something else. But when you make a routine out of it, it makes it predictable and boring. Foreplay can be a standalone activity and it can be very pleasurable on its own. So instead of engaging in foreplay only before intercourse, try leaving intercourse out of it and have a night of foreplay, oral sex, and other pleasurable activities. When you reduce your sexual repertoire only to intercourse, your sex life will suffer and it won’t be as fulfilling as it can be.

7. People Neglect It Over Time

Everyone loves foreplay at the beginning of a relationship and you pay a lot of attention to it. In fact, you spend more time engaged in it that in intercourse. However, over time, that interest in foreplay and connection dies out. The pleasures of foreplay are neglected and forgotten as you settle into a routine as a couple, which is a big mistake.

8. It Can Lead to More Sex

When your lady knows you don’t pay attention to foreplay, she’s less likely to desire sex. She knows what to expect and it doesn’t excite her. That’s something you need to work on by paying more attention to her pleasure and surprising her.

9. She’ll Orgasm More Often

According to studies, dedicating 21 minutes or more to foreplay leads 92.3% of women to orgasm. This means you will both benefit greatly from foreplay. She will be more into sex, you will both enjoy each other a lot more than when you don’t engage in foreplay, and the sex will be better, more passionate, exciting, and enjoyable.

10. Foreplay Can Take Any Form You’d Like

Perhaps the best thing about foreplay is that the sky is the limit. You can be as creative as you want to be and play with each other’s desires. Foreplay can take many forms and it can start long before you get to the bedroom. It’s about being playful, teasing each other, and having fun!


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