The loud music and flashing lights kept me dancing. I was surrounded by hundreds of other strangers. It was my birthday and my friends decided to celebrate with me by going to the local club, which is where I found myself. I had lost my group of friends in the frenzy of dancing and celebrating, though, which meant that I was all alone on the dance floor. I was not bothered by this, though, and I continued dancing even though I did not have any friends there to hype me up. I did hope that one of them would find me, though, because dancing with a partner was always better than dancing with a friend.

As I danced the night away on the dance floor, another woman made her way through the crowd and started to dance with me. We shared the same energetic moves and we happily danced with each other for quite some time. The dim lighting of the club, mixed with the strobing lights that were constantly shooting everywhere, meant that I was unable to get a good look at who I was dancing with. Even though I was not able to get a good look at her, though, I was able to see enough to know that she was absolutely gorgeous. She was wearing a silken black dress that looked like a loose collection of fabric straps because it showed off so much skin. She had a beautifully curvy body, with perky tits that immediately caught my attention. Her ass was round and full and, as we continued to dance, she got in a doubled-over position and started to shake her butt in my direction, drawing my attention to her thick ass. I playfully smacked her ass cheeks as she danced in front of and we both broke down into a fit of laughter.

After we had regained our composure, The stranger brushed her thick locks of wavy, blonde hair to the side and moved close to me so that her mouth was close to my ear. “Hi, I think you look really sexy, what is your name?” She shouted at me in an attempt to be heard over the blaring music. I told her that my name Carolyn before asking her what her name was. “I am Giselle!” She exclaimed, extending her hand for me to shake. I shook her hand and we continued to dance with each other for a considerable amount of time. As the night wore on, though, our dance moves became more and more suggestive and it was becoming clear that she was sexually interested in me, and I was sexually interested in her. She was grinding up against me, rubbing her big, juice ass against my body. I was eager to grab and smack her ass cheeks, which she seemed to enjoy quite a bit. I let her run her hands all over my body. She explored every inch of my skin, grabbing at and groping my breasts and running her hands all along my inner thighs. She seemed to know what she was doing, which was a welcome surprise. Eventually, she took me by the hand and led me off of the dance floor and to a more secluded area of the club.

I followed Giselle’s lead and watched her as she felt around in the dimly lit building for something. Finally, she seemed to find what she was looking for. It was a door handle. She turned the door handle and opened a door that was painted to be the same color as the rest of the walls in the building. With the poor lighting of the club, I would have never been able to see that there was a door there. The door opened up to a room that appeared to be a custodial closet. The room was lined with shelves that contained things like garbage bags, paper toilet paper, and chemical cleaner. There were even a bucket and the mop. She motioned me to follow her inside by curling her finger into the “come hither” gesture and beckoning me inside.

“Woah, how do you know about this place,” I asked her, shocked at how easily she was able to find it. She told me that she had been coming to this dance club for years, now, and that she had discovered the custodial closet a long time ago. She informed me that the owners of the dance club never locked the door to the closet because nobody ever bothered to come in here anyway. “What about you?” I asked her pointedly since clearly, she had bothered to come in here.

Giselle held her finger to her lips and told me to hush in a playfully seductive tone of voice. “We do not need to worry about that right now. In fact, I just want to worry about getting you naked,
She told me before pinning me up against the door and pressing her lips against mine. Her fingers made their way up underneath the hem of my dress where they toyed and played with my sensitive clit. I moaned into her mouth, sinking deep into the blissful pleasure that she was providing me.

Minutes later, I was fully naked and Giselle was on her knees with her mouth on my cunt. She swirled her tongue all around my clit while her fingers fucked my tight, needy pussy. Giselle seemed to be an expert at this and it took only a few minutes before my body was convulsing and quivering with euphoric orgasm. My cunt gushed with its juices, dripping all onto her face, and she eagerly lapped it all up. Afterward, Giselle suggested that I should get dressed and try not to make it obvious what had happened in the custodial closet. Before I could respond, Giselle left the closet, disappearing into the throng of oblivious dancers, leaving me to wonder if that was the best birthday present that I had ever received.

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