When I met Bridget on a dating app, I knew that there was a spark of connection between us. We started talking to each other just a few hours after initially and discovered we had the same taste in movies and books. I was quick to ask her out on a date, and she was quick to accept. We met up at a local bar. She was wearing a purple dress that highlighted her curves accentuated the beautiful darkness of her skin. In all honesty, the most surprising thing about our date together was seeing the reactions of some of the other patrons of the bar. I did not expect to receive such disdainful glares and looks of contempt, but some of the bar patrons seemed extremely upset to see two people of a different race going out and enjoying each other’s company.

I guess Bridget saw me looking around at the other people in the bar with us, because she advised me “Do not even pay them any mind, Luke. The people who are so angry with us dating each other just have a close-minded view of the world. They see the world through hate-filled goggles and nobody is going to be able to take those goggles off other than them,” she told me. I nodded in agreement and took her advice. After all, she was right. At the end of the day, what other people thought of my relationship with Bridget did not matter to me. What really mattered to me was how I felt about Bridget, and I felt nothing but love for her. After she gave me that piece of advice, I found myself enjoying the date much more because I was just focused on Bridget and spending time with her.

Going on the date to the bar proved that were compatible in real life as well as online. Toward the end of the date, Bridget checked her phone and lamented “Oh, it is nearly one o’clock in the morning! I should probably be getting home because I have work tomorrow. I really enjoyed my time with you tonight, though, and I would love to go out on another date with you sometime in the future,” She told me. I was about to agree with her and tell her that I felt the exact same way, but it looked like Bridget was going to say something, so I paused and let her speak. “Actually, if you want to this date, we can go back to my place and maybe have a few more drinks or something like that,” she suggested, a coy smile making its way across her face.

I did not expect the date to go this well, but I was also not going to question it. I truly loved Bridget and the thought of spending even more time with her made my heart flutter with joy. I excitedly accepted her invitation. She took me by the hand, and we walked to her apartment. As we made the journey to her apartment, I felt as though we were a real couple after only the first date. Our arms were locked and we stood close-by each other, continuing our conversation and laughing at each other’s jokes as we traveled to her apartment. When we arrived at her place and the front door closed behind us, it became immediately evident to me that we were not there to have a few drinks. Bridget initially caught me off guard when she pushed me up against her front door and pressed her soft lips against mine, but I quickly settled into the lust-filled kiss. We continued to make out with each other for quite some time. I felt her hands all over my body, exploring my skin with her delicate, purposeful touch. My hands were gripping the side of her face. This kiss was like the ultimate expression of our passion and our lust for each other.

Bridget led me to her bedroom, and the next few minutes felt like a blur of carnal desires and primal urges. It felt like in one moment, we were both fully clothed and she was giving me a teasing smile as he gestured for me to come inside her bedroom, and the next moment we were both naked, lost in the euphoria and the ecstasy of our desire for each other. I grabbed ahold of her thick, curvy hips and was thrusting myself deep inside of her. Soft moans were escaping her lips, filling my ears like a beautiful symphony that I never wanted to forget. It was clear just how much Bridget wanted me by how wet she was. Within seconds, my entire shaft was glistening wet from the thick coating of her juices. Her cunt was so tight and so desperate for me. As I pounded her hard and deep, I used my hands to play with her rock-hard, sensitive nipples. I pinched and rolled them between my thumb and index fingers, and the combination of pain and pleasure only made her wetter. I grunted that I was going to cum soon. I planned on simply pulling out and shooting my load all over her gorgeous chest, but she had something else in mind. “Please cum inside me, Luke! I want to feel you pulsating and twitching as you cum balls-deep inside of me!” She begged, and I did not need to be told twice.

I thrust myself balls-deep inside of her, my cock quivering as it emptied a thick load inside of her cunt. I must have shot a dozen ropes of cum before finally collapsing on top of her, utterly exhausted. We spent the rest of the night cuddling and whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears. I mentioned to her that this was the best first date had ever been on, and we both laughed heartily. She kissed me deeply on the lips and told me that she could not help but agree.

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