“This is Jarryd reporting in on day eleven of my investigation,” I said, speaking into a recording device while I looked up into the starry night sky., “Over the past eleven days, I’ve seen little more than a handful of bizarre, flashing lights in the sky,” I finished before turning off the recording device. I was a member of a research team that was hired by the government to conduct covert operations in order to find evidence of extraterrestrial life visiting earth. Over the past decade, the number of UFO and alien sightings being reported in rural America had grown exponentially, prompting a secretive governmental investigation. I now found myself entrenched in a remote and mountainous area that was known to be a hotbed of activity and reports. The rest of my team was scattered all over the mountainside but were so far apart that we would most likely never come across one another during the course of this night. I had been camped out in these mountains for eleven days, and I was supposed to stay there for fourteen days. Life in the mountains was rough, to be sure. The internet access was shoddy, and the cellular service was even less reliable. This meant that if I ever found myself in an emergency where I needed one of my team members to come to my aid, I would most likely not be heard by anybody. This meant that I needed to be almost entirely self-sufficient while I was out here. I had been given fourteen days’ worth of food to ration out, but this would not be enough, but the rations were meager and not enough to satisfy a tall, muscular man like myself. To compensate for the lack of nutrients in my rations, I had been forced to become an expert in the local ecology of the area. I knew about all the edible plants, fungi, and animals that I might come across while I was out here, and I had even gone foraging a few times, coming back with a handful of berries, some edible flowers, and crawfish that I found in a nearby stream. I was perhaps the best-prepared survivalist on my team, but I was still wholly unprepared for what I happened across that night.

It all happened at around two in the morning. I was making my way through a swath of land, examining the sky and the ground for any signs of extraterrestrial life. For exome inexplicable reason, the hairs on my arms and legs were standing up, and it felt like my body was on high alert, even though there was no reason to be. I was making my way through the dense, untouched foliage when a sound caught my attention. It sounded as though it was coming from far off in the distance. The sound was similar to a generator or something like that and, at first, I thought that I had accidentally stumbled across some campers. Just to be safe, though, I jotted down the event in my field journal and attempted to follow the sound to its source. I followed the sound for another few minutes, listening to it grow louder and louder. Finally, I came across a clearing in the woods, and I found the source of the sound. When I saw what it was, I hurriedly crouched down in a nearby bush and attempted to document it without being noticed. In front of me was a medium-sized spacecraft. It was oval-shaped, and lined with bright lights. The spacecraft was making the humming noise. Standing outside of the spacecraft were three figures who appeared to be nearly four feet tall. They were looking at the spacecraft intently, and I got the impression that they were inspecting it for some reason. I got out my camera and took a picture of the craft for documentation purposes. The flash was off and the camera was silent, but as soon as I snapped a photo, everything changed.

A blinding beam of light shot out at me, and the bush seemed to just disappear. I was now exposed, and the three beings turned to regard me. In the blink of an eye, I was suddenly inside of the ship with the other beings. It felt like I had teleported inside of the craft or something like that. One of the beings started to approach me and I slowly backed away from it until my back was against the wall of the craft. That was when I noticed that the interior of the ship was much bigger than the exterior made it look. Another being approached me, and this one had some sort of apparatus in its hand. I tried to back away from this one, but I could not. It felt like my feet were glued to the ground. That was when I noticed that I was completely naked. The being attached the apparatus to my dick, which was somehow fully erect, and flipped a switch located on the apparatus.

The apparatus tightened around my cock to feel like the tightest pussy that I had ever been inside of. The apparatus moved and gyrated in a way that was more pleasurable than any sex I had ever had before. The machine felt so good, that I was orgasming within seconds. My ball sack tightened up and I drained the entirety of my load inside the apparatus. Afterward, one of the beings removed the apparatus from me and pressed a button located on its side. The apparatus dispensed a vial containing my load, and the beings inspected it for a few moments. Satisfied with my sample, they all looked at me, their black eyes piercing directly into my soul. I blinked and when my eyes opened, I was laying on the ground of the clearing. It was noon, now, and there was no sign of the ship. My recording device, field journal, and other equipment were nowhere to be found.

Rosanna the Elf Queen looked up at the rising blood moon. She communed with the gods and goddesses of her tribe while the Court of Divine Elves watched intently. The gods and the goddesses told her everything she needed to know about tonight’s blood moon. After several minutes of whispering in a long-forgotten tongue, Rosanna’s eyes began to shift from their normal green color to red. This was a sign that the gods and goddesses were imparting unto her visions of the future, as well as visions of the ritual she must conduct in order to complete the ceremony of the blood moon tonight. The Court of Divine Elves continued to watch her closely, whispering amongst each other about what visions she might be receiving. It took a long time before the color of her eyes returned back to their normal green color. “Oh Great Queen, what visions have the gods and goddesses imparted unto you?” One of the members of the Council of Divine Elves asked Rosanna immediately after her eyes reverted back to their normal color.

“There is a great and plentiful harvest on the horizon, but in order to secure it, I must conduct the Ritual of the Ancient Winds of Verigstein” Rosanna the Elf Queen announced, stirring up quite the controversial reaction within the Court of Divine Elves. The Ritual of the Ancient Winds of Verigstein was a very old and arcane ritual. It had all but been abandoned because it was rarely ever used and there were many other rites and rituals which could effectuate the same end goal. According to Rosanna, though, the gods and goddesses insisted that she perform this ritual on the night of the blood moon in order to secure bountiful agricultural reaping for her tribe. Thus, seeing no other option, Rosanna the Elf Queen and the Council of Divine Elves moved forward with the ritual.

The Council of Divine Elves formed a circle around Rosanna the Elf Queen, who was seated at one end of a ritualistic altar that was shaped like a table. In the middle of the stone altar was a pit, and inside the pit was a cleansing fire that was burning away any of the evil spirits that would try to interrupt the ritual. Surrounding the altar were various berries, tinctures, potions, and scrolls that were meant to gain the favor of different gods and goddesses. Suddenly, the Grand Chief Shaman of the great elven tribe stepped forth, approaching Rosanna the Elf Queen. He wore a typical shamanistic mask that worked to conceal his face from any of the gods or goddesses so that they could not spite him at a later date. “Heavenly Queen Rosanna of the Elves, who did the gods and goddesses of this tribe assign to be your partner for this ritual?” asked the shaman.

“It is a virile, but a virgin, elf named Hagganoph” Rosanna the elf queen said in a quiet voice. It seemed as though the events of the upcoming ritual were moving her emotions immensely. A rush of whispers spread through the crowd as they attempted to identify Hagganoph the virile, but a virgin, elf. Finally, they found him. He was but a common foot soldier among the ranks of the elven army, yet he was chosen to be the queen’s ritual mate. Hagganoph stepped forward and sat at the other side of the altar. The Great Chief Shaman and his chorus of singing vice-shamans began to chant low, growling hymns.

The Great Chief Shaman dipped his fingers into a bowl of red paint that was only used for rituals like these. He used his paint-coated fingers to mark symbols and runes on the skin of both Hagganoph and Rosanna. Suddenly, Rosanna the Elf Queen’s irises turned crimson red once more, a sign that she was receiving more visions. The Great Chief Shaman knew what visions she was receiving and he handed her his field grimoire. As per the instructions of the Ritual of the Ancient Winds of Verigstein, Rosanna the Elf Queen was now receiving visions of runes and rites that she had to inscribe inside of the grimoire for the ritual to officially start. Upon inscribing these symbols, the runes and rights began to glow in the night, and the smell of burning paper filled the air, yet the grimoire remained fully intact. The ritual was started.

Rosanna the Elf Queen shed her clothing, getting completely naked in front Hagganoph, who remained rather perplexed as to what was going on. Rosanna the elf queen removed Hagganoph’s clothes from his body, tossing them into the cleansing fire. Underneath the deep red glow of the blood moon, and with the hymns of the Ancient Winds of Verigstein being chanted all around them, Rosanna and Hagganoph began to make love on the altar. Their love was intense and carnal. Hagganoph thrust himself powerfully in and out of the Elf Queen, her moans competing with the chanted hymns for sonic supremacy of the area. After a few minutes, Hagganoph grunted loudly, filling his queen up with his potent seed. The fertility of his seed in her womb was meant to reflect the fertility of the land and the bountiful harvest that they were about to experience.

After Hagganoph spilled his seed deep inside of his queen, the ritual needed to be finished, and there was only one way to do this. The shaman handed Rosanna the Elf Queen a ceremonial dagger and, before Hagganoph could react, Rosanna had killed her lover by plunging the blade deep into his heart. His lifeblood spilled down onto the altar, staining it a deep red color. It was a sacrifice demanded by the blood moon, Verigstein, and the gods and goddesses of the tribe. Rosanna the Elf Queen removed the blade from her lover, pushing his lifeless body into the cleansing fire to ensure that his spirit would not come back to harm the tribe. With that, the ritual was completed.

I yawned groggily and turned my phone on to check the time. It was nearing midnight and I was still in the university library with Scarlet, who was my group member for a group project that had been assigned to us. Scarlet seemed to prioritize parties and hooking up with random guys over getting a good grade because that was exactly what she did while I was toiling to complete my end of the project. While I was staying up late at night to complete my part of the project, Scarlet was in some stranger’s house chugging beer after beer. Because of this, Scarlet had gotten on my nerves and I did not want to be in this library with her any longer than I had to. The only reason I was here in the library with her in the first place was to make sure that she actually did her share of the work.

To make matters even worse, the professor for this class was very strict with her grading policy and insisted that we receive a group grade for this project instead of an individual one. This meant that if the quality of the project suffered due to Scarlet’s incompetence, then I was going to get a bad grade as well. This was opposed to the individual grading system, in which I would only be graded for the quality of the work that I did, and Scarlet would only be graded on the quality of work that she did. I far preferred the individual grading system over the group grading system as it just seemed more equitable that way but, unfortunately for me, the professor preferred the group grading system.

I took a sip of tea and looked over Scarlet’s shoulder to see how much work she had gotten done. Throughout the entire afternoon, evening, and now night that we had spent in the library, Scarlet had managed to type up a whopping three paragraphs for a report that was supposed to contain a minimum of fifty paragraphs. I always thought that the youth undoubtedly typed faster than their counterparts in the older generation, but Scarlet was doing a fantastic job at convincing me otherwise. I could have sworn that I have seen my grandmother type at a faster pace than her. It took her multiple seconds to type out single-syllable words, and she often made spelling and grammatical errors that had to be corrected. On top of all this, every few minutes, she would check her social media and spend another ten minutes scrolling through all of the posts that her friends had made.

“Holy shit, is it possible for a person to type any slower?” I asked, my frustration and anger reaching a boiling point. I was so thoroughly annoyed with Scarlet, and with the situation that I found myself in, that I just could not hold my tongue any longer. Immediately, I regretted letting my anger show because all that did was incentivize Scarlet to respond, and the time we spent bickering with each other could be spend on completing this project.

Scarlet gave me a side-eyed glare. I could see her clenching her teeth and, just to spite me, she began to purposely type slower than ever before, which only furthered my frustration. I felt like I was so close to just tearing the hair out of my head at that point. “There, how is that for slow, loser?” She asked, venom dripping off of every syllable that left her mouth. Scarlet could see that I was getting even more frustrated, so she decided to capitalize on this and really dig into my nerves. “God, Bobby, you are such a pathetic loser. Do you even know how to have fun?” She asked me rhetorically. Now she was not even typing on the keyboard at all.

I rubbed my temples and told her “Yes, dumbass, I know how to have fun, but I also know how to balance my schoolwork and my social, which is something that nobody has ever taught you, or if they did, it certainly did not get through your thick fucking caveman skull”. I recognized that I was being extremely harsh, but it just felt so good to be harsh toward the person who was endangering my grade.

“Oh yeah? Well since you know so much about having fun, show me. Fuck me right here in this library and prove to me that you know anything about having fun,” She told me. My jaw dropped to the ground with the surprise. Before I could even ask her what she was talking about, she spread her legs for me. She was wearing a skirt, but with her legs spread like this, I could see that she was not wearing any underwear. Her cunt was glistening wet, and it looked too good to resist. There was nobody else in the library with us, so I figured that we could get away with it if we were quiet.

I pulled my dick out and positioned myself between her legs as inconspicuously as possible. I really wanted to hate-fuck her at that moment, so this was the perfect outlet for both of us. I thrust into her hard and deep, my balls smacking against her skin as we fucked passionately and roughly in the library. Her cunt was so tight, and I was already so desperate for some sort of stress relief, so I was quick to cum. I pulled out at the lost moment and shot my load all over her skirt. That was when Scarlet gave me a devilish smile and said “Oh my god, you just made a mess of my skirt! Now I have to go home and change because I can’t look like this in the library,” and before I could protest, she was packing up and leaving. There was no way we were going to finish this project on time.



I was sitting in my office I heard someone knocking at my door. It was Sebastian, a student of mine. “Hi Professor Sasha, I’m here because I emailed you about my grades,” Sebastian greeted me.

“Well, Sebastian, you just missed my office hours, but I suppose I can still squeeze you in. Take a seat,” I instructed the young, athletically-built man. I gestured for him to take a seat in one of the chairs in my office and he did. Once he was seated, I turned my attention back to my computer and pulled up Sebastian’s grades. He had emailed me about his grades earlier the week, essentially lamenting that his grades were very low in this class. He told me that he wanted to meet with me during my office hours to discuss how he could possibly raise his grade in my class in the weeks before the end of the semester. “So, Sebastian, tell me about why you disagree with the grade you have in this class,” I suggested to him, expecting to hear the normal student spiel about how he felt that he had worked hard all semester long and how he thought he that his hard work should be reflected in his grade. However, he did not say this. In fact, he surprised me by expressing genuine remorse for his poor academic performance and owning up to his mistakes.

“I think that the grade that I have in this class is correct, I am just wondering if there something I can do to raise the grade since it is so low. I know that I have been a lousy student all semester long and I know that I barely did any work for this class, but I am sorry and I promise that those habits and that work ethic are more representative of the old me. Moving forward, I vow to be a more attentive and engaged student. The problem is, I have failed so many classes this year that my parents are threatening to pull me out of this college entirely if I fail just one more class. I am currently failing all of my other classes, but I am speaking with the professors in those classes to raise my grade in their classes, and this is the only class I have left that I need to raise my grade in. I am begging you, Professor Sasha, please give me a second chance and allow me to show you what I can achieve when I really put my mind to something,” Sebastian groveled. I could tell that he was being serious, and I felt bad for him. His eyes were welling up with tears and his upper lip was shaking with nervousness. Clearly, going to this university meant a lot to the young man, and I did not want to be the one to ruin that opportunity for him. On the other hand, though, it was clear that he still needed to learn that his actions had serious consequences, and sometimes those types of lessons are best learned the hard way.

“Why are you failing my class? I know you admitted just now that you have not done any work for this class, and I see you sleeping all the time during my lectures, but why? What else is taking up so much of your time that you have to sleep in my class?” I asked him, trying to figure out if I could offer him any form of help. He did not respond, and it took me quite some to figure out why. I finally realized why he was not answering me when I followed his line of sight. He was staring directly at my cleavage. He seemed ashamed to be ogling me like this, but another part of him acted as though he could not help himself. I regarded him with surprise, especially because my cleavage was not even that obvious at the moment. I was wearing a button-up shirt that I thought did a good job at concealing my ample bust, but apparently not. “Are you serious, Sebastian?” I asked him incredulously.

The young man shook his head and a look of disgust washed over his face. “I am sorry, Professor Sasha, but I just find myself daydreaming about your breasts so often. It is like I can’t even focus on anything else because all I can think about is your boobs!” He blurted out, his cheeks flush with embarrassment.

I thought about it for a moment before coming to a risky conclusion. “Listen, if you do not tell anybody about this encounter between us, I will let you fuck my tits, since you fantasize about them so intensely,” I told him, hastily taking off my shirt and bra. Sebastian’s face lit up with excitement and he made sure the door to my office was locked before proceeding.

Just a few moments later, I was lying on my back on my desk with my pillowy, soft tits hanging out for Sebastian to enjoy. He was straddling my chest, and his cock was positioned between my boobs. He squeezed my tits together to create some friction while he bucked and thrust his hips. He seemed to be experiencing an intense euphoria judging by his moans, and I enjoyed that he was so captivated by my tits. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Sebastian was quick to cum, but he surprised me with the sheer volume of his load. He plastered my chest with his cum, sighing with satisfaction as he looked at the mess he had helped make. “Alright, now, Sebastian, get yourself cleaned up and if you manage to stay awake for my lectures for the rest of the semester, I will consider raising your grade,” I told him. He was beaming with happiness when he left my office. I, on the other hand, had a thick, creamy load that I had to clean off of my chest.

“Well, Natasha, I do not know about you, but I thought that the food was quite lovely,” Josh remarked to his beautiful wife, who could not help but agree. The couple was seated at one of the fanciest restaurants in town, enjoying a special date night between the two of them. As Natasha looked around the restaurant, she noticed that there were not that many other people dining with them. This gave her an idea. A coy smile spread across her face as she fleshed out the details of this plan in her head. Josh could see the smile spreading across her face. “What is it, babe?” He asked her quizzically, wondering what she found so amusing.

“Oh, it is nothing, darling,” Natasha reassured him, “I was just thinking about how I had such a wonderful evening with you tonight, and how much I want to repay you for your thoughtfulness,” she said with a wink. Now, it was Josh’s turn to smile. He thought that when his wife suggested repaying him for his thoughtfulness, that meant that they were going to have sex when they got home. Although Natasha’s idea of repayment did include sex, she had a slightly different idea in mind of the setting in which the repayment would occur.

Natasha and Josh spent the next few minutes making small talk and admiring the decorations that lined the luxuriously decorated restaurant. Suddenly, the sound of metal hitting the ground rang out in the restaurant, and Natasha remarked “Oh, I think I dropped my fork on the ground.”

Josh watched with curiosity as his wife got down on all fours and disappeared underneath the tablecloth to pick up the fork that she had dropped on the ground. His eyes widened with surprise, though, when he felt the sensation of her hands moving up his inner thighs. Josh looked down and lifted up the tablecloth. He saw his wife looking back at him, a coy grin plastered across her face. She held her finger up to her lips, signalling Josh to keep quiet while she repaid him for his thoughtfulness this evening.

Initially, Josh was hesitant about the idea of getting pleasured by his wife in public like this. After all, this was one of the fanciest restaurants in town, and he did not want to get banned all because his wife thought it would be a good idea to suck him off. However, the more he thought about it, the more the idea of getting sucked off in public like this turned him on. Josh looked around the restaurant and, like his wife, he noticed that it was uncharacteristically empty this evening. He reassured himself that, because the restaurant was less busy than usual, the chances of him and his wife getting caught were lower and that he had nothing to worry about.

Josh ate the food that was on his plate and acted like nothing was amiss, meanwhile, his wife was below the table, getting ready to use her mouth to bring him immense amounts of pleasure. Natasha unzipped and unbuttoned Josh’s pants, revealing the pair of underwear he was wearing underneath. Even though the underwear, Natasha could see the outline of her husband’s growing erection. She licked her lips with desire and started to jerk Josh off at a tantalizingly slow pace. For Josh, there was something that was so arousing about the fact that he had to maintain a straight face and act like nothing was going on while his wife was jerking him off underneath the table of one of the fanciest restaurants in town. At one point, their server stopped by the table and asked if either or he or his wife would like their glasses of water refilled. “Oh, no thank you,” said Josh, “My wife and I are almost finished eating, she is just using the bathroom before we go,” he explained. The server nodded his understanding and walked off, meanwhile Natasha was pulling her husband’s erection out of his underwear.

The sight of Josh’s throbbing, veiny cock never ceased to arouse and amaze Natasha. She regarded his dick with wonder and delight. Her mouth watered with desire. She wanted to do nothing more than to wrap her plump full lips around his shaft and bring him so much euphoria. First, though, she wanted to tease him so that the pleasure would feel that much better.

Natasha gently flickered her tongue at Josh’s sensitive frenulum. His cock twitched and jumped every time she did this, and Josh found it increasingly difficult to maintain a straight face. He wanted to moan so badly, but he knew that the other patrons of the restaurant would look and stare if he did. Instead, he continued to chew his food. He figured that, as long as his mouth was closed and chewing food, we would not be able to moan.

When Natasha finally wrapped her soft and plump lips around the head of his cock, Josh had to bite down on his tongue to forcibly stop himself from moaning out loud. Natasha bobbed her mouth up and down his shaft, taking him deeper and deeper down her throat. The sensation of his wife’s tight, wet throat around his cock felt heavenly to Josh, and it quickly became too much to bear. Josh knew that he was going to cum soon, and he panicked as he tried to make his orgasm quiet. He placed his hand over his mouth and pretended to cough in order to mask his grunts and groans as ribbons of sticky, salty cum shot out of the tip of his dick and coated his wife’s throat. Natasha made sure to put Josh’s dick back in his underwear and pants before coming out from underneath the tablecloth a moment later. Now, she had the dropped fork in her hand, and she pretended as though nothing had happened between them, continuing to eat like normal.

I wiped the sweat from my brow and trudged along the nature trail. I stopped to take a swig of water before continuing. Ahead of me was my girlfriend, Ava. “Are you doing okay?” she asked me as she made easy work of the rocky, uneven terrain. I told her that I was doing fine, but that I was ready for us to finally get to the end destination. “Yeah, I could not agree more,” She remarked.

We continued to traverse the trail, ducking to avoid low-hanging branches and pushing the dense, lush foliage out of our way. There were several times in which we encounter other hikers who were walking in the opposite direction as they were returning from their hike. Sometimes, the trail was wide enough to allow for us and them to tread the trail at the same time, but other times, the trail was too narrow and we had to step aside into the overgrowth in order to let them pass.

Finally, after about another twenty minutes of hiking, we came across an opening in the trail. The usually thick canopy opened up into a beautiful meadow. Vibrantly colored flowers dotted the meadow, adding to the picturesque atmosphere of the place. Ava turned around and gave me a mischievous smile. This was our final destination on the trail, but we were not here to take pictures or even rest for that matter. In fact, the whole reason we hiked to this meadow was so that we could get very active with each other. This meadow was known as “Lovers’ Point” to people who were familiar with the trail. It was where couples with a penchant for exhibitionism would go to have sex. The open meadow, the beauty of the scenery, and the proximity to a popular hiking trail where anybody could walk by at any moment only added to the area’s popularity. Ava and I were both big exhibitionists, and we had been planning on going here to have sex for quite a while, now. “Do you have the blanket?” Ava asked me as I set my backpack down on the grown. I nodded my head and fished a blanket out from the backpack I laid it out on the grass so that we would have a more comfortable, and more cleanly, surface to have sex on other than just the ground.

We knew we had to move quickly. After all, exhibitionism turned us on so much because we felt like we had to go as quickly as possible in order to avoid detection. Within seconds, Ava and I were both completely naked and embracing each other in a passioned, lust-filled kiss. The sight of her naked body illuminated by the sunlight was even more splendid than usual. “Oh fuck, Zeke, I am so fucking wet for you right now,” Ava whispered into my ear. I felt her grab my wrist and guide my hand between her legs. I plunged my fingers inside of her tight, amazing cunt and found that she was, indeed soaking wet for me. Within seconds, my fingers were completely coated in her juices. It felt so amazing to feel her cunt wrapped so tightly around my fingers, but I knew that her pussy would feel even better enveloping my cock, which was already fully erect.

Ava laid down on the blanket on her back, and spread her legs wide open, presenting her beautiful, desperately horny pussy for me. I positioned myself between her legs so that we were in the missionary position. When we were originally planning this trip out here, we agreed that the missionary position would be the best position to have sex in, because it made it so that we were both low to the ground and concealed by the tall grasses that populated the meadow. I pushed the swollen head of my rock hard, twitching cock inside of Ava and I was immediately overtaken with euphoria.

I began to buck and thrust my hips, pushing my cock deeper and deeper inside of her needy, hungry pussy. Soft moans were escaping Ava’s lips, so I placed my hand over her mouth in order to make her quiet. This turned Ava on even more and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. There was just something so indescribably sexy about having sex outside. The feelings of delinquency and recklessness made me feel like I was in college all over again. However, in college, I used to be even more reckless with my exhibitionism. I was known to fuck my girlfriend in the frat houses in front of the other frat members. The adrenaline rush that came with knowing that anybody could walk in on us at any moment made the whole thing even more pleasurable.

Suddenly, Ava took my hand off of her mouth and whispered “Holy shit, Zeke, I am going to cum!” and seconds later, she was doing exactly that. She wrapped her trembling, quivering legs around my waist in order to keep me deep inside her. The feeling of her incredibly tight cunt spasming around my cock felt heavenly and made it even more difficult to keep quiet. I gave her a look that told her that I was close to cumming. She pulled me in even closer and we both shivered with delight as I dumped my load deep inside of her. I remained inside of her for just a few moments longer. We basked in the afternoon heat and the feeling of my cock throbbing powerfully inside of her pussy before deciding to get up and leave as quickly as possible. With our veins still pumping with both adrenaline and euphoria, we quickly got dressed and made our way back down the trail. On the way down, we passed several other hikers, and every time we did, I smirked to myself knowing that Ava had a hot load dripping out of her cunt and these other hikers did not even know.

I sat in my car, wondering if I was really about to go through with this decision. It seemed reckless, but this was something that I had fantasized about for so long. The building stood before me, unassuming in its appearance. However, it was what happened on the inside of the building that made it so special.

The interior of the building was infamous, as it was nearly constantly used for some sexual purpose. Sometimes, the building was home to large orgies and gangbangs that last all night long. Other times, it hosted smaller swingers’ parties. Today, however, the building was going to be used as a glory hole destination, and I was going to participate. I found out about this place when I was going through a website that listed job openings in my area. Employers were able to post a job opening, as well as the requirements that an applicant needed to have in order to apply. Seeing as I was fresh out of college and looking for work, this job opening appealed to me greatly because of how few requirements there were. According to the user who initially posted the job opening, the only requirement for this job was that the applicant had to be female, free of any sexually transmitted diseases, and willing to be on their knees for an entire day, sucking off strangers’ cocks. I applied and got accepted pretty quickly, which excited me because of how large the payment was. For just a day’s work, I would be rewarded with nearly ten-thousand dollars in cash. I had never even had that amount of money in my bank account before, let alone in cash, so the prospect of earning such a grand amount excited me. Now, however, it was almost time for my first day on the job, and I was beginning to feel doubt in my mind.

I opened my phone and checked the time. The clock was counting down to when I would need to be in the building and on my knees, ready to suck dozens of dicks. I debated one last time whether or not I should go through with this. Ultimately, though, I decided that I was going to do it. After all, the opportunity to make nearly ten-thousand dollars in one day was too good to pass up. I stepped out of my car and walked inside the building. I had to go through the building’s back entrance so that I could get to the glory hole room without being seen by the guys who would soon be sticking their cocks through the glory hole ready to be sucked. The whole point of the glory hole was that a stranger was sucking off another stranger, so it was imperative that none of the guys ever saw who was sucking them off. I could hear them, though, as they conversed amongst themselves and made small talk. I found myself getting turned on at the thought of giving a blowjob to multiple strangers in a single day. There was something that was just so sexy to me about being used as a sex toy. I could feel the excitement building up inside of me as entered the glory hole room.

The glory hole room was a medium-sized cubicle. It was pretty compact but big enough so that I could stretch my arms out to their full wingspan in it. There were a number of holes in the walls of the cubicle. The guys were going to stick their dicks through the hole, allowing me easy access to them. There were multiple holes so that I could please multiple customers at once, ensuring maximum efficiency. Even though none of the guys on the other side of the cubicle could see me, I still felt as though it was the right thing to do to get naked. After getting completely naked inside the cubicle, I dropped down to my knees. Now, all I had to do was wait. I was constantly checking my phone, eager for my shift to start.

As soon as my shift started, several guys pushed their dicks through the holes in the cubicles. They were all different lengths and girths, but they all looked good to me. Some of them were veinier than others, and some of them were hard while others were soft. I got to work right away, wrapping my lips around one cock and wrapping my hands around two others. I chose to suck off the longest cock that was presented to me because I really wanted to show off my deepthroating skills. With the other two cocks, I jerked them off at a tantalizingly slow pace, twisting my hand in a corkscrew motion as I moved from the base of their shafts up to the tips.

I spent a handful of hours on my knees. I tried to keep count of how many guys I had sucked off and how many I had jerked off, but I lost count when the number of dicks I had taken went into the thirties. I eagerly accepted dozens upon dozens of thick and creamy loads. Some guys emptied their balls deep down my throat, while other guys preferred to shoot their load all over my face. The guys that I jerked off came all over my hands, and the feeling of being coated with sticky, salty seed turned me on so much. At the end of the day, my body was plastered with a thick layer of cum and my knees were red from being on the ground for so long. However, it was all worth it because when I opened the door to leave the cubicle, my payment was sitting right there on the ground in the form of a hefty wad of cash. This may have been my first day on the job, but it was not going to be my last.

When Tony entered his home and found his wife, Crystal, sitting in the living room with another man, he was pleasantly surprised. Today was Tony’s birthday, and Crystal decided that she was going to make one of his greatest sexual fantasies come true. Tony had a cuckold fetish and loved to watch his wife get passed around and used by other men as though she were just some sex toy who was only there to please them. Crystal was also very submissive and loved being degraded and used, so this worked out perfectly for them. However, despite their commonalities in fetishes, they had never actually gotten the opportunity to live out Tony’s cuckold fetish until now. Crystal enlisted the help of Tony’s best friend, Kenny, to be the bull who was going to fuck Crystal while Tony watched. The fact that Tony was going to watch his best friend roughly fuck his wife on his birthday made the whole dynamic that much hotter, and Tony could feel his erection growing in his pants. Kenny and Crystal were both already naked on the couch. Kenny had his hands all over Crystal’s tits and Crystal was giving Kenny a slow, teasing handjob. She was moving her hand up and down his thick, twitching a shaft at a speed that was slow enough so that Kenny did not cum but was fast enough to keep his dick rock hard while they waited. “Hey, babe, happy birthday! How about you take a seat so we can get the festivities started,” Crystal suggested, and Tony eagerly obeyed. He sat down on a couch on the opposite side of the room and started to rub himself through his pants while Crystal and Kenny started to fuck.

Crystal got on her knees on the floor of the living room and kept her hands behind her back. She looked up expectantly at Kenny. Her tongue was sticking out and waiting for Kenny’s girthy, veiny cock. Kenny slapped Crystal’s tongue and cheek with his cock before letting Crystal suck on and play with his balls. Crystal took Kenny’s full balls in her mouth, getting them all nice and covered with spit as she used her tongue to play with them. While her mouth was filled with Kenny’s balls, she wrapped one of her hands around the thick, erect base of his cock and began jerking him off. A large bead of precum dribbled out of the head of Kenny’s cock and dripped onto Crystal’s forehead. Once Kenny’s balls were glistening wet from their thick coating of spit, Kenny pulled his balls out of her mouth and smeared them all over her face, ruining her makeup. “That is it, you like that, don’t you? You like it when I smother my spit-covered balls all over your face, don’t you? Tell me, do I have a bigger dick than your husband?” Kenny growled.

Crystal giggled and responded “Oh yes, that feels so fucking good. You have such a big cock, Kenny, I do not think Tony could ever compare to you! God, I just can’t wait to get that beautiful fucking cock deep inside of me so that I can finally know what it feels like to be fucked by a real man,” Crystal said. She then proceeded to run her tongue along the length of his shaft, getting his dick all wet and covered with spit.

Tony was loving every minute of this. He especially liked it when they talked dirty to each other and when they disparaged him. At this point, Tony had pulled his cock out of his pants and was jerking himself off as he watched his best friend face fuck his wife. Kenny had a hold of Crystal’s face and was using his grip to hold her in place while I brutally fucked her throat. Crystal was gagging and spluttering with strands of spit mixed with precum running out of the corners of her mouth and dripping onto her tits. Kenny loved the feeling of Crystal’s wet, needy throat wrapped so tightly around his cock, but he wanted to know what her cunt felt like. After about ten minutes of pounding Crystal’s throat hard and deep, Kenny and Crystal switched positions so that he was ramming his large, veiny cock deep inside of her cunt.

Crystal was now positioned so that she was bent over, with her head in her husband’s lap. Kenny had grabbed a hold of her arms and was pulling on them while he fucked her from behind. Crystal’s mouth was so close to her husband’s dick, but she did not wrap her lips around his dick. She instead chose to humiliate him by making fun of the size of his dick and how he was unable to pleasure her sexually. This only turned Tony on even more and he found himself jerking off even faster. He loved the fact that he was so close to the action, yet he could not participate in it.

“Oh fuck yes, I am going to cum all over your best friend’s cock! This is what a real man feels like, Tony! A real man can actually make me cum, unlike you!” Crystal cried out as she careened over the edge of orgasm. Her whole body quivered as she experienced a full-body orgasm. Her cunt spasmed erratically around Kenny’s cock, and the pleasure from this sensation caused Kenny to cum deep inside of her, emptying his load inside of his best friend’s wife. After they recovered, Crystal and Kenny shared a deep and impassioned kiss, as though they were lovers or something like that.

“Put that pathetic excuse for a cock away, Tony” Crystal castigated her husband as Kenny collected his things to leave. “Do not think this is over, either,” Crystal continued, looking deep into Tony’s eyes as she informed him “You are going to be eating his load out of my cunt soon enough,” and Tony’s eyes lit up with joyous excitement.

“Please, Mistress, I need you to dominate me. I need to be your submissive pet,” my husband, Martin begged me. I chuckled to myself as I ran the tips of fingers ever-so-gently across his skin, watching the goosebumps form all over his arms. Martin was completely naked and lying on our mattress flat on his back. His arms and legs were spread so that he was laying in the starfish position. Each of his limbs was tied to one of the bedposts. In addition to all of this, he was blindfolded.

“Is that the best you can do, my pet? That does not sound like convincing begging to me,” I teased him, tracing my fingers around his nipples. I looked behind me and saw the assortment of toys that I had gathered to use on him. He had no idea what he was in for, and I so badly wanted to use those toys on him, but I wanted to hear him beg, first. I wanted to hear the desperation in his voice as he groveled pitifully.

“Please, Mistress, I am begging you to dominate me. I need you to make your submissive, slutty, pet. I will do anything you tell me, and I will do so gladly. I am just a worthless fucking toy who is only here to serve you and worship you. I will worship the ground that you walk on if you want me to, mistress. I will be your loyal, subservient pet” He said, his voice transitioning from its usual baritone timbre into a whinier sounding pitch. This was how I knew that he was transitioning into the mental headspace of a submissive. Domination and submissiveness were physical, as well as mental phenomena. I had to mentally prepare myself to dominate Martin, and he had to mentally prepare to be dominated.

Now that I was satisfied with Martin’s begging, I decided that it was time to use one of the toys on Martin. Even though the item I was about to use on my husband was not traditionally used as a toy, I was excited to use it on him and see his reaction nonetheless. All around the bedroom were scented candles that I had lit in order to set the mood. I grabbed one of the candles and held it over Martin’s torso. The candle had been burning for a few minutes, so that wax was all melted and in liquid form. Slowly, I rotated the candle on its side so that the hot, molten wax would drip onto Martin. The hot beads of molten wax fell from the candle onto Martin’s skin. I watched with delight as his muscles tensed up in surprise. The wax splashed against his skin, giving him a brief burning sensation. The burning sensation was only mildly painful, though, and the wax cooled and hardened quite quickly. I loved watching Martin’s skin turn red as I dripped the wax all over his torso. I dripped it on his stomach, his upper chest, and even his nipples. Every time a bead of wax hit his skin, he quickly sucked in his breath and tugged on his rope restraints, almost as though he was trying to get free. I knew that Martin was not trying to get free, though, because if ever I did something that made him too uncomfortable or made him want to stop, there was a safeword that he knew he could say in order to get me to stop whatever I was doing.

I continued dripping wax all along my husband’s body, making him thank me for it all the while. Eventually, though, I decided to move onto something else. There was just something that made me so wet about watching Martin’s reactions to my movements around the room. He could not see me, but he could hear me whenever I walked around. Any time he heard me walking around, he would turn his head in that direction, trying to ascertain what I was doing. Sometimes, I would just walk around the bed aimlessly, just to make his mind race with questions.

The next toy I decided to use was a flogging whip. This was a whip that had multiple leather strips attached to a handle. When I flicked my wrist, the leather strips would smack against Martin’s skin, administering unto him a stinging sensation. I liked using the flogger a lot because I did not have to flick my wrist very hard in order to deliver a considerable sting. I also liked using the flogger because I knew that this was Martin’s favorite toy.

As I flogged Martin, whipping him on the torso over and over again, he showed me just how much he liked being flogged. His cock began to grow and harden before my very eyes without anyone even touching it. It was like magic. The more I flogged Martin, the harder his dick got. Eventually, he was throbbing powerfully and his whimpers were starting to blend into moans. “Oh, do you like that, you dirty fucking slut? Do you like being whipped like this? How about I whip you even harder, would you like that?” I asked him rhetorically. I immediately started flogging him with even more force and watched with surprise as precum began to flow freely from the tip of his dick. I flogged even harder and suddenly, he announced that he was going to cum. This caught me by surprise and I did not have time to stop flogging him. Before I could react, his cock was shooting hot spurts of cum all over his stomach. Nobody was touching his cock, yet it pulsated, and rivers of cum flowed from its tip. Afterward, I remarked “You came without my permission, and that is pathetic. You will have to be punished for this,” but deep down inside me, I had a feeling that he was probably looking forward to whatever punishment I had in mind.

Gemma was an amateur boxer, hoping to one day make it to the big leagues where she could box her opponents on television. In the meantime, she had to settle for the undercard matches that she often found herself fighting in, even though they barely paid her enough money to make her rent at the end of the month. Because Gemma was an amateur, she was in the gym pretty much every day for several hours a day. She was currently under the wing of a coach, who was helping her hone her craft. They stood at opposite ends of the ring, ready to go into the second round of their sparring match. Thankfully for Gemma, it was just her and her coach, a man named Tony, in the gym today. This made Gemma feel much better because when they were the only ones in the gym, it took a lot of the pressure off of her as she felt like she did not have to perform in front of an audience.

Gemma and Tony stepped toward each other and tapped boxing gloves, signaling the start of the second round of their sparring match. Tony was an amateur boxing veteran and, even though he was over a decade older than Gemma, he danced around her and dodged her punches with ease. This frustrated Gemma and she started to get more aggressive with her punches. Instead of trying to land punchy, strategic blows, Gemma started trying to go for brute force. She swung with wild abandon, hoping to eventually catch her coach off guard and clobber him. Tony was smart enough to know this, though, so avoiding her heavy-hitting punches was quite easy for him.

“Gemma, watch out, you are getting sloppy!” Tony warned as he continued to easily move around Gemma’s punches. Because she was swinging so wildly, she often did not have her hands up to defend herself, and Tony took advantage of this. He landed two left hooks on her cheek and followed it up with a brutal uppercut to the chin. Gemma staggered backward and struggled to regain her composure. She knew she was getting sloppy, and she knew that she needed to bring her hands up to defend herself, but she was so lost in her desire to land a single hit on her coach that she did not bother to do this thing. This had been a problem that Gemma had struggled to correct for many months now. It was part of the reason why she was still competing in the amateur leagues. She knew that if she could not learn to control her rage-fueled impulses, then she would never make it out of the underground boxing scene.

Gemma took a step back, trying hard to regain her composure. However, Tony put some pressure on her with a barrage of punches. Gemma was backed up against the ropes of the ring, leaving her no choice but to absorb the full impact of his blows. Gemma tried to absorb the hits with her arms and hands, but this only worked for so long. She took several hits to the head and, by the time Tony backed up to let her get her footing again, she had a headache and a bloody nose.

Gemma rushed her coach, thinking that a quick series of strikes would surely catch him off guard. However, Tony was prepared for this, and Gemma was moving a bit slower than she thought she was because of all of the punches she had taken to the head. Tony used his leg to perform a masterful sweep on his student, knocking Gemma off of her feet. As Gemma head toward the mat, Tony pounced on her. By the time Gemma hit the mat, Tony was already on top of her, a scary reminder of just what a dangerous situation she would have been in if this were a real match.

Gemma still had some fight in her, though, so she writhed around in an attempt to get her coach off of her. This is where Gemma had a major advantage, because Tony had never been very good at pinning opponents. The tables were quickly turned and it was now Gemma who was on top of Tony. She was straddling his hips and pinning him to the ground with her full body weight. This is when Gemma noticed something quite peculiar that made a smile grow on her face. She did not know for certain where or not she was imagining things, but she could have sworn that she felt Tony’s dick twitch with excitement. She bucked and gyrated her hips, mimicking a riding motion, and felt Tony get harder and harder beneath him. Now Tony knew that Gemma knew about his erection, and the mood between them changed immediately. They both worked at a lightning-quick speed to remove their boxing gloves and sparring gear. It was just them in the gym, today, so they did not have to worry about being seen by anyone.

Now that they were naked, Gemma could take the time to admire her coach’s sexy body, and Tony could take the time to admire Gemma’s beautiful physique. Gemma was thoroughly impressed by how attractive Tony looked. For being his age, and for being in as many fights as he had been in, he still looked very sexy. Gemma lowered her dripping wet cunt down onto Tony’s cock and started to ride him in the cowgirl position. Tony grabbed a hold of her thick, curvy hips, and groaned with pleasure as she rode him. It was not long before the sensation of Gemma’s tight, wet cunt wrapped around his cock caused Tony to cum. He came deep inside of Gemma, and afterward, Gemma collapsed on top of Tony. The two cuddled on the mat until Gemma joked “By the way, I am going to chalk that up as a victory for me,” and they both laughed heartily