Tabuu Wrap-up: Worried about how messy anal sex can get? Here’s how you can put your mind at ease!

One of the most common questions about anal sex is: “What can I do to keep things from getting messy?” Many people are afraid of how messy it can get, which is why they shy away from it even though they want to try it. If you’re so worried about having an embarrassing moment that you can’t bring yourself to give it a try, here’s what you can do to try to avoid a mess.

When it comes to anal sex, the fear of pooping yourself in the act is intense and it’s crippling. It’s what keeps many people from enjoying the pleasure of anal play in any way. This is why it’s so important to understand how your butt actually works. So, that’s where I’ll start today.

The first thing you encounter when you’re inside the anus are the sphincter muscles. They make up the exit, or in the case of anal play, the entrance to your anus.  The great thing about the sphincter is that is full of nerve endings, which means there’s a ton of potential for pleasure. It’s a tight ring of muscles around the anus and these muscles contract when you have an orgasm. They’re the reason anal play is so pleasurable and intriguing.

Past the sphincter, we’ll find the rectum, which is a 6 to 8-inch tube that connects directly to our colon. To be clear: the rectum is where your poop passes through, it’s not where it’s stored. There’s zero poop in your rectum. Let me say that again: there’s absolutely no poop in there. It’s all in the colon and it doesn’t move through the rectum until you have the urge to poop.

If you enjoy healthy and solid bowel movements, your partner won’t be bumping into anything when he’s in there. At most, there may be some residual poop in there, especially if you don’t like enemas before anal, but that’s not something that should ruin your fun. In fact, there’s always the possibility of encountering some poop and that’s something you need to come to terms with as a couple. If you do, you won’t make a big deal out of it when it happens because it won’t take you by surprise.

If your bowel movements are not great and you have digestive issues in general, then this sexual activity may not be for you. If it’s only something you’re experiencing on a given day, then you can always wait for your bowel movements to go back to normal. But if that’s not the case, anal sex may not be for you.

I mentioned enemas earlier and it’s worth noting that many people do this as a part of their preparation process. Warm water enemas give you a bit more confident and you’ll feel super clean. However, not everyone is up for an enema. And that’s okay, it’s not a requirement.

If you’re playing with sex toys, I recommend you buy them in black because this will make you feel a lot less embarrassed if there happens to be some residual poop. It will be less noticeable.

Because of the way butts work, no one can guarantee you’ll never see any poop during anal sex. It’s a fact of life that poop makes its exit through the rectum and there’s no working around that. You’re bound to find some poop in there at one point or another, so you need to be at peace with that possibility and simply be prepared for when it happens. Always have baby wipes at the ready! Hope you won’t have to use them, but don’t be discouraged if you do.

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