Alana nursed her coffee at the 24-hour diner. She tried not to squirm too much in the chair. It was definitely made for skinny girls, the way it bit into her ass. She felt like she dwarfed the bar itself. Her curves bulged through her pink sweater and matching leggings. Her dyed lavender hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

She wore make-up but only enough to add flare to her simple outfit. Black eyeliner pulled up into fins at the edge of her eyes. Mauve lipstick. She took another sip of her coffee before looking up. He was standing at the doorway, looking around. Tall, thin. He wore a grey t-shirt and tight black jeans.

He caught her eyes and smiled. He looked like the picture. ‘Good,’ she thought. He approached and leaned on the counter beside her.

“Hi, I’m -”

“Jeremy,” she finished for him, smiling over her coffee cup. The bitter black coffee tainted her lips.

“Yes, yea. Um. Alana, right?” He was looking her over with interest with those bright twenty-something eyes. She used to date older, but once she gave up on relationships, age seemed inconsequential.

“That’s Kinky-Allie to you,” she said, winking. He laughed, recognizing her username.

“I wouldn’t mind calling you that. As for mine. Well, it’s probably best to just call me by my name, at least in here.” He had already passed her not-a-murderer test. It was his energy. He radiated a sweet, easy vibe that comforted and excited her simultaneously.

“Well, should we get out of here?”

“I’ll follow you,” he said. He brushed her juicy hip with his fingers. A mere graze, but it ignited her none the less.

She left cash on the bar for the coffee and tip before grabbing her purse. He held the door open and she rushed out into the night. The air was smoky and sharp. She felt his eyes on her hefty ass, as she led them through the street.

A quick random fuck. That was her offer. She was surprised how quick her phone dinged. For a big girl, she was getting a lot of grabs on the app. It was giving her the confidence boost that she craved. She swept around a corner, leading with her hips into a parking lot. It was dark and secluded. Few people were on the streets.

She never brought people home. Too risky, so this would have to do. She remembered the last time vividly. Getting frisky and rocking her date’s car by the beach. He was an asshole, but she fucked him anyway. Sometimes, it was hotter when you were angry at someone, and getting them to stop talking was the sexiest game.

That wouldn’t be necessary with Jeremy, though. He stopped when she did and approached her from behind. She leaned into him, letting out a sigh of relief. She could tell he was genuinely into her, and not deterred by her size. He said as much on the app, that it was actually kinky for him. But, many people had said that before only to change their mind.

He reached around her waist, grinding against her ass through his jeans. He directed her hips and she responded in kind.

“Your ass is fucking incredible,” he said as he jolted and bumped against her.

“Oh, are you an ass play kind of guy?” She was putting more effort into it now, tilting her hips to join in on the action.

“Well, I haven’t fucked one if that’s what you mean, but the view is something else. I could jack off to the sight of your ass any day,” he said.

“Show me.” He hesitated a moment, before peeling her leggings down. She wore pink lace panties, the kind that squeezed her ass so much, it almost looked like bondage.

The alley by the parking lot was cluttered with wood pallets on the ground and a couple dumpsters. Graffiti-covered doors flanked both sides. She wondered what the chances were of someone coming through to throw out their trash. Windows stretched up the building. All of them were dark but she liked to think there was maybe one peeping tom whose night would be made.

He guided her over to a wall. She pressed her hands against the cold gritty brick. He pulled her panties down to her knees. He rubbed her ass for a second, taking two heaping hand full and massaging. She heard his zipper. Then, nothing. She waited but grew impatient.

“What’s going on?”

“Sorry, just trying to get my dick hard. It’s a bit limp.”

“Press it into my ass. I don’t mind.” He spread her ass cheeks and buried his limp cock between them. Her ass folds smothered his cock. His breath caught as he watched it disappear from sight. He played with her, then, delighting in the ability to play peek-a-boo with his own dick.

She felt it inflate as he wiggled and crashed her ass against it. When it gained some shape, he rescued it from her soft cheeks and threaded his fingers down the shaft with urgency. He tightened his grip, prompting it to harden more in response. Pre-cum iced her creases as he pumped.

Her pussy was starting to tingle from neglect. She felt herself get wet at the idea of being his cock bench. His cock slid into her ass gap for a couple more strokes. He backed off and scrambled through his pockets. The condom was out and snapped onto his cock with extreme urgency. She arched her back a bit more to put her pussy on display.

Jeremy spread her thick pussy lips wide and stared it down before charging in. It was a luscious and ripe. His cock was still a bit soft so shoving it in was a process. It clogged her entry way, one-fold at a time, and he smacked against her with desperation.

Her pussy did the trick, dragging it in deeper until it was full length. It was a skinny dick, not much girth to it but he tried his best to make it work. She felt like she was being stabbed with a very long finger. It wasn’t going to get her off. She grunted at she shifted her weight, leaning against one hand and using the other to harass her clit.

His hands governed her ass, and he panted in abandon at the sight of it clashing with his balls. Her clit tingled at her prodding but there was a lack of momentum. He clutched her and heaved until the smacking sounds were echoing against the brick and plaster.

The sound of plastic against concrete rattled in Alana’s ears. Her head jerked over and she saw a homeless man at the mouth of the alley. He looked wasted and was unaware of their fuck session so they continued. Even if he was sober this moment was not going to end abruptly.

“Hurry up,” she hissed. Jeremy pounded and writhed. Anxiety prickled through her skin as the homeless man lingered. Jeremy’s cock twitched and bulged inside her for a moment as she could feel his orgasm filling inside her. His groans continued but he was trying his best to hold it in.

Her fingers ceased its explorations. Jeremy gave her one more stroke before his cock went still. He pulled out and leaned next to her on the wall.

“Fuck,” he said, as he pinched and wrenched it off. He tied it off and chucked it before turning to her again. “Did you come?”

“No, but it alrigh-” Before she could finish, he was down on his knees ready to tongue fuck her pussy. She looked back to the alley’s entrance but the homeless man had vanished.

“May I?” He looked up at her.

“Please… I want to cum too baby.” Her cavernous thighs threatened to suffocate him as he licked her down. His fingers started to roan inside her, while his tongue was busy working her clit. “Don’t stop… I’m close” she whispered as his tempo increased with every thrust inside her.

Within seconds, Alana bucked her hips towards him and let out a rather loud scream. The orgasm filled her deep inside as her juices began to flow down across his chin.

“Thank you…” she gasped, holding his face to her tummy. “I needed that more than you know!”







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