Tabuu Wrap-up: When it comes to your most erogenous zones, there are no Xs that mark the hotspots. The only way to find them is by exploring, so here’s a guide to get you started!

There’s only one hidden treasure map we are all interested in finding, and that’s the body’s pleasure map. We all want to know where the right spots are, not just on ourselves, but on our partner. We really want to know. Like, we want the exact location.

Alas, there are no Xs that mark the hotspots. Why? Because everyone is different and sometimes our preferences change by the day. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few general starting points you should try. Of course, not all of these starting points will produce pleasure because, again, we’re all different, but it’s worth giving them a shot.

Erogenous zones are those areas of the body that are super sensitive and provide a lot of erotic pleasure. These areas are made up of a high concentration of nerves, such as the head of the penis and the clit. But other areas are often overlooked, such as the earlobes. Erogenous zones can also be areas that are conditioned to turn you on. So, in other words, they are areas that become erogenous thanks to a partner’s sensual stimulation.

Today we will be focusing on the most essential erogenous zones and we’ll show you not only where they are, but also how they work. Most importantly, we’ll show you how you can stimulate them and play with them!

1.     The Famous G-Spot

I hate to break it to you, but the G-spot is not really a spot. It’s an area that can be found at the front of the vaginal wall but it can be a bit different in everyone. Another fun fact about the G-spot is that it’s what allows some women to experience squirting orgasms. Now, not everyone can squirt, but if you can, G-spot stimulation will get you there. The G-spot is also known as the G-area, the paraurethral glands, urethral sponge, and the Gräfenberg spot.

Where’s the G-Spot?

If you want to find the G-spot more easily, you want to make sure you’re aroused. As aroused as you can be. The spongy tissue becomes enlarged, so it’s less elusive that way. To locate it, insert your fingers, facing the belly button, into the vagina. Usually, the G-spot is located three inches into the front wall of the vagina. The vaginal wall is smooth, but the G-spot will feel like a bump and it will have the size of an almond. Once you feel that, you’re in the right spot!

How Does the G-Spot Work?

Once you find the G-spot, working it is not very difficult. It goes like this: warming up to increase arousal, introducing gentle G-spot stimulation, so you can move onto the preferred stimulation technique. Some people decide to skip one of these steps while others prefer to spend more time on them.

It all depends on how she experiences pleasure and what she likes. It also depends on the way her body works. Some people experience extreme pleasure, can have multiple orgasms, or even ejaculate, but others can’t. In fact, some people don’t even reach orgasm this way, and that’s fine.

How to Stimulate the G-Spot

G-spot stimulation will vary according to each G-spot owner and what they enjoy the most. Let’s say you’ve engaged in foreplay for a little bit and you still can’t feel the spot. That’s because our blood flow is different, so the tissue will engorge at different rates depending on the person. But if it’s not fully engorged and she’s enjoying stimulation, keep it up!

The best position to try so you can find the G-spot is lying on the bed, bringing your knees to your chest, inserting your fingers in the vagina, and moving them in a “come here” motion. This technique provides pressure, which is the kind of stimulation that works best on the G-spot.

You can provide that pressure with your fingers, a sex toy, or a penis, just make sure you always use lube and you choose a position that allows you to feel the most pleasure while still being comfortable. It’s better if whatever you use to apply the pressure has curved and firm design, and you also want to be rhythmic with your movement.

2. The P-Spot

The P-spot is a little less known and it’s located in the prostate, which is the muscular gland found around the neck of the male bladder. It’s like the G-spot in the sense that it’s not a spot, it’s also an area. Stimulating can cause powerful orgasms and to do that, you need to insert your fingers in the anus and push toward your belly button gently and softly.

Where’s the P-Spot?

Just like the G-spot, the P-spot is easier to find when you’re excited and aroused. When you are, put your finger gently into the anus until you feel a small, bumpy area with a rough texture. You will find this area two inches into the rectum and up, close to the roof of the penis. The area is spongy and it’s roughly the size of a walnut, which are also things in common with the G-spot. They can become larger with age, so keep that in mind.

How Does the P-Spot Work?

When the P-spot is massaged and stimulated, it can be incredibly pleasurable. Once you get over the hump of stigma that usually surrounds anal play, you will be able to relax and it will feel amazing. The more open-minded you are about it, the more you’ll enjoy P-spot stimulation. Just don’t neglect foreplay! Arousal is extremely important and it will make a huge difference, so pay as much attention as you need to foreplay and truly engage in it. Stop treating it like a chore and you’ll have much more fun!

How to Stimulate the P-Spot

First of all, you can’t forget the lube. Lube won’t only make things a lot more pleasurable, but also more comfortable. For anal play, it’s always recommended you use a thick lube. It can be water-based or silicone-based, but silicone-based lubes are highly recommended because they last longer. However, if you’re using a toy that’s made of silicone, you want to stick to water-based lubes because they won’t damage your toy.

Once you’ve found the perfect lube, you can use your fingers or a sex toy to stimulate the P-spot. Lubricant is extremely important because the anus is not a very elastic area and it doesn’t produce lubricant, so it will facilitate insertion.

If you really want to use a sex toy to stimulate the P-spot but you have no idea how to choose one, look for something that has a firm curve. You want the curve to be able to bend towards the belly button once it’s inserted in the anus. Remember that’s how you can reach the P-spot!

When you do this right, P-spot stimulation shouldn’t cause pain. If you’re doing it for the first time, remember to relax. The more relaxed you are, the better because your muscles will be relaxed as well. When we’re nervous or anxious, our muscles instinctively get tense. We also forget to breathe and we spend a lot more energy, which means the anus won’t open up.

If you’re feeling a bit nervous, remember to take deep breaths. Calm yourself, release the tension in your muscles, and relax your entire body. This is what will lead to pleasure! Give yourself the chance to really enjoy this by getting in the right mindset and using all the lube you need. Leave your misconceptions and your shame at the door. If anal play is something you think about often, it means you want it. So stop denying yourself that pleasure simply because you’ve been conditioned to believe it’s shameful!

3. The Forgotten and Ignored Erogenous Zones

Do you want to know what the biggest sex organ is? Do you wish to discover the most erogenous zone ever? I’ll give you a hint: we all have it and we don’t even realize it. Ready? The biggest sex organ is… the brain!

We never really think about the brain as a sex organ, but it is, for everyone! When you’re in the mood and you’re in the right mindset, you will be turned on and a lot more stimulated. Erogenous zones are basically any zone in your body that shows sensitivity to sexual stimulation. So it’s not just the genitals!

Finding your erogenous zones consists of finding those spots in your body that are often forgotten and ignored and eroticizing them. In other words, you can condition some zones of your body to become erogenous.

An amazing way to see what zones are erogenous for you is to experiment with sensation play. Sensation play is when you experiment with different sensations to see what works. So, use feathers, temperature, tickling, sucking, pressure, and vibration all over your body to see what areas respond to this kind of stimulation the most. Once you start playing with yourself this way, you’ll find that areas such as your forearms, your earlobes, the back of your knees, etc., are all erogenous zones that feel amazing when stimulated.

As you play with yourself, make note of the areas that provide the most and the least sensation. Remember it’s all about having fun with your body! Discovering your pleasure map is supposed to be a fun process, so get creative, try different things, and enjoy the process of pushing the limits of your body’s ability to experience pleasure!

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