Tabuu Wrap-up: Boobs are more than just a pleasure for the eyes, they’re an important erogenous zone that demands attention.

Boobs. Tits. Breasts. Melons. Lemons. Tatas. It doesn’t matter what we call them or what size they are, we sure love them! They’re an amazing feature of the female body and more often than not, it’s what attracts the most attention. I mean, they’re spectacular, so it’s no surprise. However, we must remember boobs are not there just for your viewing pleasure. They’re an important erogenous zone that demands attention.

Breasts are an essential part of female sexual expression, not to mention they play a big part in how women feel before, during, and after sex. When breast play is done right, they will feel instant arousal and it’s also a wonderful way of teasing and pleasing them. That’s why today I bring you 8 different tips to bring your breast play to the next level.

1. Read Your Audience

All women and all boobs are different and they respond to different things. This is why important to read your partner. Just because you have one move that has worked on another woman before, doesn’t mean it will work for your current partner. Some women prefer soft stimulation and they enjoy being teased more than anything, but others will like it rough. Allow them to guide you at first and then base your approach to breast play on that.

2. Make Them Perk Up

One of the many great things about breasts is that they don’t need much stimulation to perk up. The suggestion of sensual contact will be enough to make them stand at attention, which increases sensation. To cause that effect on the breasts, touch your partner lightly with your fingertips and gently touch her breasts or bring her closer to your chest so she can be gently tickled by your hairs. The point is to make her shiver with the slightest of contact!

3. Tickles Are Not Just for Laughs

Giving your partner some tickles, whether they’re male or female, is a must. I explained above what you can do for women. But women can also give a new meaning to breast play. Use your breasts to rub his entire body and you’ll render him helpless. You can use your nipples to caress his lips, press your boobs against his chest, or caress his penis with your breasts. There are so many things you can do, it’s not even funny! Play with your breasts around his erogenous zones and he will go nuts.

4. Pay Attention to More than the Nipple

When it comes to breast play, nipples are usually the star and they get a ton of attention. A ton. Which is funny, because it’s not the most sensitive region. That title goes the skin that’s directly above the areola. And the areola itself is the second most sensitive area. So, if you’re all about the nipple, it’s time to change your approach.

You can cause your partner a lot of pleasure by rubbing an ice cube on the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock zones above the areola or you can lick circles around the same area while slowly playing with the nipple and the areola. The pressure that your tongue provides in that area will activate the small muscles under the surface and a light will be turned on.

5. The Wetter the Better

If you want to mix things up during breast play, you can start the action under a steamy shower. The heat will make the skin more sensitive and the body temperature rises. While you’re there, grab a nice-scented soap and massage her breasts. The feelings of your hands sliding and slipping all over their chest combined with the warm water will do wonders. When you’re in the shower, you can also play with the showerhead settings to create different sensations. If you don’t want to jump in the shower at the moment, you could cause a similar effect by massaging their breasts with a steamy wet towel. You’re welcome!

6. Tailor Your Touch to Their Size

Men really like breasts and they go straight to them when the action starts. What’s fun about boobs is that, no matter what size they are, they can swell up by 25% when they’re aroused. What you need to do is tailor your touch to their size. If a woman has larger breasts, a firmer grip is the way to go because there’s more fatty tissue. So remember to lift them, cup them, and squeeze them too. If you’re working with a smaller set of tatas, what you want to do is push them together using the sides of your arms or simply feel them. I encourage women to try these tips on themselves as well. Whether when you’re having sex or during masturbation, just make a habit of playing with your own boobs!

7. Pay Attention the Entire Time

For some people, breast play is something they only focus on at the beginning. Once they start going at it, they focus more on other things. And that’s alright, but you should always remember to pay attention to breasts the entire time. Plus, they can make for a great finish. Have you ever tried squeezing their penis between your amazing pair of breasts? It’s exciting and incredibly sexy. To try this out, make them lie back and apply a bit of lube on your chest. Cup your boobs together, and slide his penis back and forth. Begin slowly, but increase the speed as you go. The lube and the friction of your breasts will be an entirely new sensation for them and they will love it.

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that boobs are amazing. We just need to remind ourselves they are a sexual organ and they deserve our special attention when we’re engaged in sexual activities. Boobs are not just about sex appeal, beauty, and functionality (when you have children), they’re also about pleasure. Whether you’re looking for ways to surprise your partner or you simply want to enjoy your breasts on your own, these tips will help you.

Breast play should be a priority and it can be a great addition to the sexual repertoire of any couple. To maximize the potential breasts bring to the table, you need to get to know them on a personal level. Find out what they respond to, what your partner enjoys, and learn how to touch and play with them based on their size.


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