Tabuu Wrap-up: Many women out there make it a goal to experience multiple orgasms. The journey is all about acceptance and curiosity, so here’s how you can get there!

The idea of reaching our orgasms at the same time as our partners, as they do in movies, is very appealing to many. When it happens, it’s a great way to enjoy our sexual experience. However, people who feel this way often believe that sex is over once their male partner reaches climax. It’s just easier and it seems better for everyone and many people’s bodies allow them to do that.

The problem is that getting your body used to orgasming at the same time as someone else may convince you you can’t have multiple orgasms. You’ve never really tried having multiple orgasms, so you assume it’s not something you can physically accomplish. But it’s wrong to pin yourself down like that. You must be open to new experiences!

My Personal Experience with Multiple Orgasms

At the beginning of the year, I found an article about how women have an innate ability to experience multiple orgasms. According to the article, every woman has this built-in ability even if they haven’t decided to explore it.

I don’t jump into generalizations and I rarely make them myself, but this article certainly piqued my interest. Had I spent my entire life believing multiple orgasms were physically impossible for me? If so, the time had come to figure out if I’ve been wrong.

This is how I started my journey and I decided to do this on my own. My partner agreed to this and he pointed out it was probably going to be easier if I learned by myself. If I accomplished my goal, then we could enjoy the benefits together later on.

To give you some perspective on what the journey may look like for you, I will walk you through my progress week by week. Hopefully, this can give you an idea of what it takes to reach multiple orgasms.

Week 1: Trial and Error

When I decided to get into this, I didn’t realize it was going to take as much effort as it did. Trial and error is a big part of the process and it will take time. That means you will get frustrated and it won’t be easy. I soon realized that going into this on my own was the right decision because it made it easier to give up when necessary.

The first week was the most frustrating of all because even though my mind was on board, my body didn’t know how to get there. It just wasn’t cooperating at all. I spent a long time trying to get another orgasm after reaching my first one but I wasn’t getting close. The frustration just made it more difficult to experience pleasure.

Week 2: Finally, Progress!

After that first week, which was tough, I finally started to feel that my body was waking up to a second orgasm. I was nowhere near peaking or climaxing, but I was closer. The problem is I just couldn’t get there. However frustrating it still was, I still noticed that I was getting somewhere with my experimentation. The progress was small, but it was happening and that was motivation enough to continue.

Week 3: Reaching Multiple Orgasms

It took me a couple of weeks, but all of a sudden, one day I finally reached a second orgasm. Then a third one, and a fourth one. Oh boy, was I happy! I finally made it! It felt like I had torn down a wall and everything just came out. I was really excited about it and I think I even texted someone to share my accomplishment.

I was worried it was a one-time thing, so I had to try it again, and it just kept happening! Some days it came easily, other days it was a little harder, and sometimes it didn’t happen at all. But it seemed like I could rely on it to happen, sort of. What mattered most to me is that I had discovered something about my body and my experiment was successful.

Multiple orgasms are still new to me. I’ve read that people’s orgasms grow more intense the more they practice, but it hasn’t been like that for me. After the first orgasm, the ones that follow are less intense and pleasurable. For this reason, multiple orgasms are still not integrated into my sex life.

During my journey, I noticed there aren’t many resources that can help women reach multiple orgasms. It seemed like everyone was getting there naturally and they didn’t have to try that hard. So there wasn’t much information about how to train your body unless it was focused on the spiritual aspect of it. And yes, spirituality is a big part of it, but it’s also very physical. That’s why I put together a list of the 6 tips that really worked for me, in the hopes that it can help you on your journey!

6 Tips to Enjoy Multiple Orgasms

1. Train Your Body

If you think about it, we can train almost everything in our bodies. If we make a point to eat less, our metabolism will adjust to make up for that. If we decide to drink alcohol every day, our body will build up its tolerance and we would have to drink more and more alcohol to feel anything.

Well, it’s the same with orgasms. If you’ve trained your body to only have one orgasm, your brain will reject the possibility of experiencing more than one. If you want to enjoy multiple orgasms, you need to train your body so it can experience arousal and pleasure after the first orgasm.

So, after your first orgasm, you need to continue stimulating yourself. This will help your mind and body realize the party can go on. It may take time, but the more you practice, the more arousal you’ll be able to experience after your first orgasm. And that arousal will gradually increase over time.

2. Continue the Stimulation

Most of the guides to multiple orgasms out there will talk about how important it is to continue stimulation after your first orgasm. And that’s a very useful tip. The problem is that after you orgasm, your clitoris will be too sensitive, so you need to continue stimulation in areas that are not as sensitive but are still erogenous. The trick is to touch yourself in other hotspots in your body to keep the stimulation going.

3. Increase Your Stimulation

Reaching multiple orgasms is not just about continuing stimulation after the first one, it’s also about finding the right kind of stimulation. This is where toys can make a big difference! Personally, I enjoy powerful vibrators, but when the vibration is too much, it can actually make me numb. You need to find what works best for you without overstimulating your body to the point it doesn’t respond to anything.

4. Accept That You’ll Fail

Multiple orgasms, heck, orgasms, in general, might not always happen, and you need to accept that. Failure is bound to happen, but that’s okay. Reaching multiple orgasms is a process and it takes practice to get there. What works today, might not have the same effect tomorrow. You need to remember that’s okay! Don’t put pressure on yourself. If you do, you’ll mentally block yourself from reaching your orgasmic goal.

5. Seek for Arousal

The process of reaching multiple orgasms will depend a lot on finding arousal. If you don’t know what causes a positive reaction, it will be an uphill battle with your own mind and body. Give yourself the time and opportunity to explore what makes you feel pleasure and find the methods that work best for you. Whether that’s reading erotic fiction, watching porn, fantasizing, it doesn’t matter. What matters is you know what to do when you need to keep your stimulation going.

6. Remember to Relax

At first, this may seem a bit counterproductive, but it’s not. When I was having a hard time reaching multiple orgasms, it was because I was too tense. I was so tense and so intent on making it happen, that I just made it more difficult for myself. Eventually, I became so frustrated I truly believed it wasn’t going to happen, so I unknowingly took a great load off my shoulders. And then it happened! This means relaxing your body and the muscles at play is very important, but you also need to know when to tighten them and the climb will be much easier.

When you’re on a journey to achieve multiple orgasms, you must remember to be curious about your body, to accept yourself, and to let go of whatever burden you’re bringing into it. Free your mind, and the rest will follow. Enjoy the process and I promise you will get there a lot easier!


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