Tabuu Wrap-up: If you’re taking your first steps into anal play, anal beads are a great way to get started… if you find the right ones for you!

If the first bit of anal penetration is your favorite part and you find it wonderfully pleasurable, then anal beads will be the perfect sex toy for you. Anal beads consist of beads that are safe to insert in the anus. So, if you want to experience your favorite anal sensation over and over, you just have to insert the beads one at a time to have a ton of fun!

Anal beads don’t only provide pleasure going in, but also going out. They’re one of the most popular sex toys not only among experienced people but also among beginners. The minimalist design of the anal beads make them easy to use, discrete, and it will allow you to be versatile with your play.

 What Beginners Must Know

Though anal beads are simple and easy to use, many beginners don’t really know how to use their first pair of anal beads. Other sex toys, like dildos and vibrators, are very straightforward; all you need to do is insert them and thrust them. This one is different! Firm anal beads can be used for penetration and thrust, but flexible beads are used very differently.

In a nutshell, what anal beads do is allow you to enjoy the pleasure of having your anal sphincter open and close. That’s what they’re made for. So, you can either insert the beads one by one to repeatedly feel that wonderful sensation you know you love. Or you can insert them all at once and enjoy a different kind of sensation.

When it comes to pulling the beads out, some people like to do it all at once at the moment they’re climaxing so they can experience a more intense orgasm, while others like to take them out one by one. The fun thing about sex toys is there’s no right or wrong way to use them. They allow you to give different techniques a try so you can figure out what works best for you and what provides the most pleasure. After all, that’s what they’re for: exploration and adventure.

Anal Safety 101

Of course, to truly enjoy any kind of anal sex toy, you must practice anal safety. Never forget to lubricate! You want your lube to be high-quality, body-safe, and also compatible with your toy. For example, silicone-based lubes don’t work well with silicone toys. Once you have your lube, lubricate your toy and yourself.

When it comes to anal beads specifically, you want to be able to get the beads out safely by pulling the string, so don’t insert the string along with the beads. As a rule of thumb, if you feel any kind of pain, stop, breathe, and relax, then try again. If you’re still feeling discomfort after that, try again some other time. You don’t want to force any kind of play on yourself. Pay attention to your body!

Now that you understand a bit better what anal beads are for, how you can use them, and the basics of anal safety, it’s time to get your first pair of anal beads. To help you make the right choice, here are 5 simple tips you should keep in mind!

1. Safety Is a Priority

There’s an incredible variety of anal beads available on the market, which is why you must make sure you choose a pair that’s 100% safe to use. Now, your safety requirements when it comes to anal beads will depend on the use you plan on giving them For example, if you plan on giving them continuous use, make sure you choose a material that’s easy to clean, such as non-porous silicone. Make sure you clean them well after each use!

If you plan on fully inserting the beads, you need to choose a pair with a stable flared base that’s well-attached to the beads. Don’t go for the kind of anal beads that feature an O-ring that’s simply tied to the string because it can break at any moment, especially considering how strong anal muscles can be. Safety first, is what I’m saying! So do your research well and choose anal beads that are body-safe, easy to remove, and easy to clean.

2. Think of the Length

In the realm of anal sex toys, anal beads are as flexible as it gets when we’re talking about length. They allow you to insert as many beads as you’d like, so you’re in control of the length. This is precisely why anal beads are such a beginner-friendly toy; you’re in control of your pace and you can experiment with pleasure however you see fit.

As you become more experience with it, you need to determine how you want to experiment with sensations. For example, if you like the feeling of taking your toys deeper, you want anal beads with a great length to allow you to reach your innermost areas. If you don’t enjoy deep stimulation, short anal beads will be perfect for you. What you need to remember here is that you can leave some beads out if you don’t feel like you need more. But if you do need more, you can’t magically make them appear. Also, keep in mind you want to be able to remove the beads safely, so consider the length of the string as well.

3. Determine How Much Flexibility You Need

Flexibility is another important aspect to consider when you’re purchasing your first pair of anal beads. Think about it for a moment. Do you want something rigid and straight or something that adjusts to the curves of your inner world, if you know what I mean? If you’re going for rigid anal beads, they will be easier to insert. Flexible beads will require a gentle push from your finger. So, if you want to insert the beads entirely, flexible anal beads will be a lot more comfortable to insert.

4. Choose the Right Material

The material is another important aspect you can’t forget about when you’re looking at anal beads. In my opinion, silicone anal beads are the best option. Not just because they’re inexpensive, but also because they’re flexible and easy to sterilize. It’s truly the best option. Just make sure you choose a water-based lube instead of a silicone-based lube because the latter can damage your toy in the long run.

5. What About Vibration?

Last but certainly not least, you should consider whether you’d like your anal beads to feature vibration or not. If you love the idea of anal beads that vibrate, then you need to look for products with that feature. While most of the anal beads available don’t vibrate, there are a few options that do.

Some products will come with an optional vibrating bullet that you can slip into the base whenever you want vibration, and others will have a wire that runs to a remote so you can control the vibration that way. Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s body-safe, and don’t forget to consider the rest of the features we discussed so far.

Now that you have a better understanding of anal beads, you can start looking for the perfect anal beads for you. When you’re new to anal play, anal beads are the best way to get started and they will stay relevant in the long-term. They’re versatile, provide a ton of pleasure, and they allow you to explore your pleasure in many different ways. Just make sure your beads are of good quality and take good care of them so they can last you for a long while. Also, consider all the aspects we discussed above to make sure you choose a pair of anal beads you’re happy with!

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